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If you’re just tuning in to the blog then I will preface this post by saying that I live with my parents. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong about living with your parents, but when you are 24 years old you generally don’t anticipate it to pan out this way. When I moved back to Toronto from NYC I went through a brief phase of funemployment. Banana bread with cream cheese It wasn’t the most logical decision to sign a lease when I didn’t have a job. Healthy banana blueberry bread So after 5 years of living away from home I bunked up with Mom and Dad.

It was a weird adjustment at first.

Banana blueberry bread healthy I was so used to taking care of and only worrying about myself that I wasn’t exactly the most considerate roommate. For the most part I’ve gotten better about my typical selfishness. Paleo blueberry banana bread I’m completely neurotic about the kitchen being clean so in that respect I’ve definitely been helpful. Mini banana bread recipe And my parents and siblings (who are always dropping by and generally only for food or toilet paper) often get to act as taste-testers, which can be a good or bad thing. Vegan banana bread applesauce On the downside I have two very curious people watching me and asking me questions incessantly, but this is ultimately the price you pay for free rent.

One of the best parts about living with your parents is getting phone calls along these lines “Davida, I’m at Bulk Bar, do you need anything?”, “Davida, I’m stopping for dinner, what do you want?, and “Davida, what did you want from costco again?”. Gluten free banana bread recipe Yeah, I’m seriously going to miss those calls. Dairy free banana bread recipe But I’m also incredibly picky about my food and have learned what things not to ask for. Best vegan banana bread For example, my Dad was going grocery shopping and asked me if I needed anything. Simple vegan banana bread I knew better than to tell him to pick up a carton of Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, but I did anyway. How to freeze banana bread And of course he came home with 3 litres of soy milk. How to store banana bread Whomp whomp #firstworldproblems. Banana cake recipe nz On the bright side it turns out that chia pudding tastes awesome with soy milk! And yes this is how my story connects to this recipe. Banana bread with olive oil It was a long shot, I know.

In other news, I have a plan in the works to move out, but you’ll need to stay tuned for that ??

Haha you know I can completely relate about living at home – we should start a club! You’re right that it definitely has its perks though. Dairy free banana cake recipe I love having my mom do my laundry sometimes and when my dad cooks dinner!

Also this chia pudding looks fabulous. South african banana bread recipe I flipping love gingerbread!

I live at home with my parents too, and definitely don’t take for granted everything they do for me (and the groceries they buy!).

I’ve actually never had chia pudding before (I know, I know), but I love gingerbread and this looks absolutely delicious. Quick banana cake recipe I’m thinking breakfast in the near future!

Fellow 24 year old just moved back in with her parents right here!! I moved back in after my last lease was up and I decided I was going to be overly picky with my next apartment. Moist banana walnut bread Turns out my next apartment would be my old bedroom…whoops. Allrecipes com banana bread Having someone looking out for you is a nice plus, but there have been a few battles over ‘the right kind of whole wheat bread’…not joking. Banana bread with peanut butter Bread has caused a lot of sleepless nights around here. Banana nut loaf recipe haha

Funemployment should totally be a word! How awesome is it when your parents come home with your fave foods? Whenever I visit home, my mom had the kitchen stocked with Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups and hummus. Banana bread no butter What a dream. Fluffy banana bread recipe This chia pudding looks delish, especially with that molasses!

girlfriend. Banana muffins with buttermilk i totally don’t diss living with moms and dad. Banana cake no butter in my culture, it’s totally normal for you to be with your parents until 1) you can’t stand it anymore and one of you leave or 2) you get married and move out with your husband/wife. Banana bread recipe jamie oliver in a lot of cases, they end up moving into the parents house or buying a bigger house and moving the parents in with them.

my mom lives with us. Super healthy banana bread she totally ditched us and took off to hong kong FOR TWO MONTHS so my family will now be subjected to my cooking. Banana loaf recipe jamie oliver feel sorry for them. Banana cake recipe jamie oliver so this recipe is perfect because i’ve been looking for recipes to cook.

This is such a creative recipe! I definitely want to try it! I’m a big fan of chia puddings I moved in with my parents briefly when I moved back to Denver from Philly. Coconut flour banana bread recipe It was…interesting and better for all of us when I moved out. Nutella banana bread recipe I’m definitely not someone who can have roommates or spend too much time around family. Banana oat bread healthy I love them but I really need my space!

I love this story. Cream cheese banana bread recipe I too went from living on my own, then back with my parents, and then back on my own. Easy healthy banana bread Big thank you to my parents for sure. 2 banana muffin recipe And I’m making this pudding TONIGHT! You are such a genius and this pudding just makes me happy with it being all holiday spirited. Banana bread made with cake mix Woo hoo!

Haha, love how you call lit funemployment. Soft banana cake recipe I would have totally lived at home with my parents after college but they literally live in the middle of nowhere and it would have been impossible for me to find a job without having to drive an hour or more.

Oh I’m loving this recipe! Your grocery shopping story is so funny! Nothing wrong with living with the parents! I lived with them briefly after I moved back to the US from Australia. Banana date nut bread Now I just visit them and stay on weekends. Simple healthy banana bread recipe They call themselves the proprietors of my beachside B&B. Gluten free banana nut bread Yeah, we’re weird like that!

Seriously, it’s like you were reading my mind when you wrote this post. Gluten free banana bread mix As the winter season is nearing, all I can think about are gingerbread cookies, well pretty much gingerbread anything. Fluffy banana cake recipe I can’t wait to make this!

I happen to love the story leading up to the recipe! YES I live with my mom and my sister, but I haven’t even moved out yet. Best banana bread machine recipes OOPS. Banana bread in a bundt pan I don’t care much to be honest, and I help a lot with my autistic sister so that justifies my reasons for not making the move yet HAHA! This pudding..ohhh..yum.

This looks so good and filling, Please tell me those are crumbled up ginger snaps on top of this pudding?! I’m obsessed with gingersnaps. Moist banana cake recipe from scratch So delicious! I don’t live at home anymore but I did have a stint where I returned after university and it was not ideal. Gluten free banana bread My parents and I definitely have a better relationship when we’re not all under one roof. Banana muffin recipe 2 bananas I was very grateful that I did have that opportunity available to me though. Banana bread no baking powder Glad to see you’re home set up works out well. Low fat low sugar banana bread Free rent is beyond amazing, especially in Toronto.

I can’t ask my father to buy stuff for me because he always comes back with the wrong stuff haha. Good food banana bread He’s so sweet anyway, I’ll be missing his “””help””” when I move to a different town to study, yeah.

High 5 on living with the parentals! As much as I’d love the privacy, living at home has plenty of perks as you mentioned. Food network banana bread It’s almost too hard to turn down free rent & groceries ;)! Are you much of a coffee drinker? If so, you NEED to add soy milk- it adds such a creamy texture. Bbc food banana bread If I’m eating cereal or drinking a glass straight up, I prefer to use organic cows’ milk.

I think you’re going to get incessant questions as long as you live with any other human beings. Food processor banana bread Brandon is always peering over my shoulder asking me what I’m doing/making/looking at. Mini banana bread muffins But he doesn’t call me to ask what I want from the store or for dinner, unfortunately. Bread pudding with bananas That’s my job! ??

I’m just as a big gingerbread freak as you are and this looks delicious. Bbc good food banana bread Oh, and I cannot.wait. Food wishes banana bread to hear your news!!

I never knew molasses were so high in iron OR that gingers were prone to anemia. 100 days of real food banana bread Keep teaching me things Maria! And yes I’ve definitely made almond milk (and a few other nut milks) before but I just don’t have me enough time to do that always!

I’m 24 and just moved back home after living with roommates. Wholefood simply banana bread I realized it just works better for me and I like shopping and traveling too much to pay for food or rent. Vegan banana nut bread I have the same pet peeves as you – incessant questions, etc. Mini banana bread loaves but I remind myself I missed it when I was gone.

Funemployment. Banana bread with coconut flour I LOVE IT. Banana bread with wheat flour I thought I was the only person who used that term.

I live with my boyfriend now but I used to live with my parents till I was 25 as didn’t want to pay rent. Banana bread with rice flour I hated all the questions as well as that I just didn’t have my own space. Best banana cake recipe nz Since moving out I appreciate more all the cleaning and cooking they used to do for me.

Loving your recipe it looks delicious!! What is the crumble on top of the pudding?

Whoaaa this actually looks and sounds delicious! I think I’ll give it a try this week and will let you know! I’ve been super curious about chia pudding as I already love chia anyway, but never really made the “time” to try it.

And I actually lived with my parents till last year right when I got married! (24 years old) And although it was hard in many ways like my mom always talking to me and sometimes not having my own space, I truly have learned to appreciate it and gained so much love, patience, and all that good stuff because of it! The funny thing is I went to visit them today and was thinking how much I miss those days despite the challenges. Banana bread using pancake mix ?? What’s even more interesting is the fact that it’s all relevant! It has a lot to do with culture and there is NOTHING STRANGE about living with your parents if you’re Korean. How to make banana pancakes with pancake mix In fact, a lot of families end up living together even after getting married, hah! Sorry for that long comment. Banana bread with baking powder instead of baking soda I just thought it was a cool post and quite timely!

I thInk it’s great that you live with your parents and if you all get along it’s fun. Banana bread made with almond flour I lived with my parents off and on after high school and it was great to come home to a home cooked meal and when they go grocery shopping. Three ingredient banana bread There are definitely down sides to it also!

I love how you used the term funemployment. Sweet potato banana bread THat’s certainly what I called it this summer I actually enjoyed living at home in comparison to my senior year. Buttermilk banana bread martha stewart This might have been the fact that I had my mom to talk to ALL THE TIME and my roommates in college were usually with their significant others or just MIA. Gluten free sugar free banana bread Anywho, I certainly tried to do the grocery shopping so I could throw in some of my fun foodie goodies. Moist banana muffin recipe I don’t think my family would have eaten most of my recipes, but that’s just because I would throw things together at and ad hoc basis. Banana bread taste of home Nothing nearly as delicious as yours!

Technically I live at school right now, but yes, I still live with my parents. Gluten free dairy free banana bread Thankfully my dad has finally learned out to read a label for allergens (well, mostly) so that we don’t have any more cases of him buying 5 bags of frozen vegetables only to realize that they either contain salt (which is usually made with corn) or were processed with wheat and dairy. Banana muffin recipe uk My mom basically knows everything that I need as far as food goes though since right now it is very simple, meat and vegetables. Chocolate banana bread muffins It’s funny trying to describe to my dad though what squash to cook when I’m away from home because he still doesn’t know the difference between acorn and butternut, let alone delicata, sweet dumpling, hubbard, etc. Freezing bananas for banana bread ??

I made banana & coconut chia puddings few months ago – so tasty, but filling! I love that you made it into a autumn pudding with lovely “chai” spices! I live with my partner – living with my parents is probably the last thing on my list! I love almond, macadamia nut or coconut milk, mmmmmm! Hope you have a great weekend, Davida!

oh man, your description of living with your parents sounds exactly like my experience- they were always in the kitchen with me asking thousands of questions. Chocolate chip banana bread sour cream BUT I so miss getting those calls asking if there was any ingredients I needed while they were out no matter how expensive or seemingly random. Banana bran muffin recipe Goji berries? Xanthan gum? Artisana Coconut BUTTER (not the oil dad no…), no problem!

I lived with my parents and my husband’s parents for a month this summer while transitioning to our new home. Banana muffin recipe singapore I LOVED it! There’s something sweet about living together as adults.

Love this recipe too! Featuring it tomorrow at Raw Foods Thursdays. Banana bread with yellow cake mix Thanks so much for sharing it!

I’ve definitely been busy at work the last couple of weeks because I missed this.

There’s nothing wrong with living with your parents in your 20s. Banana bread with no eggs I only just moved out of home. Banana bread with pancake mix But I get what you mean about readjusting when moving back in after living away from home. Banana peanut butter recipes When I moved back home after three years away at uni it took some adjusting for both me and my folks.

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