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I’m feeling nostalgic. Banana bread with nuts It hasn’t even been a week since I called it quits with This Baker Girl Blogs and I already miss it so much. Banana bread recipe with baking powder Especially when there are people in my life who actually sometimes greet me with “Heeey, it’s This Girl Blogs!”, because essentially I was the blog, but now they’ll have to be all “Heeey, it’s Yup!”. Home made banana bread Yeah, it doesn’t feel the same. Recipe for homemade banana bread Like new shoes.

How do u make banana bread The words taste weird in my mouth. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe I don’t regret my decision to rebrand, at all, but closing that chapter was a lot harder than I thought.

When I first became a food blogger and started This Baker Girl Blogs, my intention was to document the things I was learning as I worked from different cookbooks. Easy banana bread 2 bananas By then I had accumulated an entire trunkful of cookbooks, most of them unopened, and I felt so so stupid for not putting them to use. Banana bread 2 bananas As neat and beautiful as they looked under my bed, they look even better worn out and covered in cake batter and (what I think is) chocolate stains.

I think the fact that I always cringe when I look back on older posts is a good sign that I’ve been growing and improving. Ingredients to make banana bread At least I hope so. Banana bread with baking powder The very first cookbook I had worked from was The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Banana bread machine I think I tried and tested about 10 different recipes from there and it was also the first cookbook I had reviewed. Sour cream banana bread recipe The first recipe I tried never made it onto the blog because it looked bad (so so so bad, you guys), but the second recipe, the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, inspired my very first post. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Fast forward a couple of years and here we are. How to make the best banana bread (Maybe one day I’ll release photographs of that first recipe).

Over the past two odd years I’ve worked from and have been inspired by tons of different cookbooks, written many reviews and added more books to my growing collection. Banana bread re I’ve also grown in so much confidence in the kitchen (can I put ‘can crack an egg with one hand’ on my CV?) and am inspired by so many things around me that I soon started experimenting with my own recipes. The best banana bread recipe ever I want to do more of that. Banana bread reteta I’ll never stop buying or being inspired by cookbooks, nor stop working from them, but I want to focus more on taking the leap and developing more of my own recipes. How to make simple banana bread I’ll still post the occasional recipe from a cookbook (with permission, of course) and review cookbooks, just not as regularly as I used to.

But, with all these changes – new name, new site, new focus – I wanted to revisit the original purpose of the blog because it has given me so much to be thankful for. Banana bread with I am so glad I bought The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, so glad I tried so many recipes, so glad I started a blog and shared them with all of you, so glad you enjoyed them too, and so so so glad it has brought me here.

I visited the bakery for the first time last summer, one thunderstorm-y afternoon (oh, London). Best moist banana bread recipe ever I tried their red velvet cupcake, a recipe I haven’t tried from the cookbook because (to the shock of a lot of people) I don’t like red velvet cake. Bread machine banana bread recipe I wasn’t blown away by the cake, as I expected anyway, but being surrounded by other treats from the book (many of which I had tried), copies of the book, and that pink hummingbird, gave me butterflies like you wouldn’t believe.

I hope whoever receives this cookbook enjoys it as much as I have. How long to bake banana bread The Nutty Apple Loaf was my favourite, but you should try them all. Banana bread baking powder To enter the giveaway, see below.

There is ONE copy up for grabs and all you have to do to be in with a chance to WIN is simply leave a comment answering the following question. How to do banana bread Easy!

For additional entries (the more ways you enter the more chances you have!):

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The giveaway will end on Tuesday September 16th and a winner will be picked via a random generator.

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Nazia, donot expect to feel okay with the change so soon. Banana bread 3 bananas You’ll miss it, people would say they preferred the old design, or old domain. Banana bread recipe with milk Did you prefer it? Were you totally, completely happy with it? 100%? Then tell me, what does it matter. Banana bread recipe with butter You or others? Now that I’m done writing the novel I’d say I find the new design lovely, I have always been a fan of minimalism. Banana bread without brown sugar And please, count me in the giveaway. Banana bread with two bananas The Hummingbird Bakery book is one I have always wanted.

My favourite food in the whole wide world is toasted buttered bread and sometimes I eat it for every meal of the day. Banana bread with butter My second favourite food is cheese. Best banana nut bread recipe ever I’m left handed and have to use two spatulas to flip pancakes, and I can’t watch TV without subtitles. How long to cook banana bread Read More…

My favourite food in the whole wide world is toasted buttered bread and sometimes I eat it for every meal of the day. Awesome banana bread My second favourite food is cheese. Banana bread przepis I’m left handed and have to use two spatulas to flip pancakes, and I can’t watch TV without subtitles…

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