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Unfortunately, this restaurant is not on the OpenTable reservation network. Naples pizza hours To see if they take reservations and have availability, you will need to call the restaurant directly or visit their website. Naples pizza in san antonio Find a similar spot.

Gjelina is a trendy restaurant that specializes in New American cuisine.

Naples pizza phone number It?s open every day from 8 a.m. Miami pizza phone number until midnight, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks. Jacksonville florida pizza hut The dining area at Gjelina is spacious and rustic with chic d?cor elements and large wooden tables. Venice pizza in chesapeake va During the day, the restaurant is flooded with natural light. Rome pizza delivery In the evening, its dimly lit to provide a cozy and relaxed ambiance.

For breakfast, try 9 grain pancakes with butter and maple syrup or warm banana buckwheat loaf with butter and jam of the day. Orlando fl pizza delivery Brunch options include lemon buckwheat ricotta pancakes and duck confit-potato hash with a sunny duck egg and grainy mustard. Naples fl pizza delivery Gjelina offers a variety of oysters, crudo, charcuterie and salad options to start lunch and dinner. Naples pizza san francisco ca Main courses include gourmet pizzas and entr?es like fisherman?s stew, crispy pork belly, roasted organic half chicken and Aspen Ridge prime ribeye steak.

It is impossible to get a table at gjlena so when I finally did I was so excited. Rome italian pizza high point nc However, upon our reservation we had to wait inside in the corner for about 20 minutes before our table was ready. Venice pizza and restaurant linden nj There was no room to hold their guests while they waited for their table. Johnnies new york pizza venice Upon being seated our server never introduced himself. Chicago italian pizza The lighting was bad so you can’t see the menu which is in small print many people were taking out their cell phones to read it. Houston pizza delivery We ordered a pizza for the table and each ordered a dish. Houston pizza restaurants The food was good, but not worth everything else

We ate there on Friday July 1st, 2016. Houston pizza The terrace was dark and badly lit, we all had to use our cell phone flashlights to read the menu which seemed to bother other diners.

Service was appalling. Chicago italian beef & pizza Rarely seen such careless waiters. Chicago italian beef and pizza They seemed to purposely ignore us while they were chatting with their buddies (other diners) and we had to request the bill THREE times before it was brought to us by the manager.

The food was good, but the portions were small, left hungry. Chicago italian beef and pizza houston The side of bacon they served us was only fat, gross. Godfather’s pizza venice blvd The manager came by and even acknowledged as much, took it off the bill, but I think they could have offered more, something in place. Piece o pizza venice blvd The coffee was sour, but I barely finished mine as there was a red unexplained crumb in it (nothing we ate was red, and this was breakfast. Rome italy pizza restaurants The blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes were great and so was the atmosphere.

Great atmosphere and food was amazing. Naples italy pizza restaurants This was a date to celebrate, and Gjelina provided a great setting for it. Miami’s best pizza miami fl Small plates were fantastic (duck confit, pork belly, and great veggie options too). Miami’s best pizza coral gables Would definitely recommend, and would definitely go back.

The host wasn’t particularly friendly. Paris best pizza I didn’t catch her name, but she didn’t greet us and didn’t pull out the table that was pressing against the booth for me to sit down. London best pizza Without sounding pretentious, it was my understanding that the host is suppose to do that for you. Atlanta best pizza places I awkwardly attempted to fit into the right space with futility (no, I am not fat) before I pulled out the table myself.

The 20% mandatory tip is undeserved and probably has something to do with the unkind service and miscommunication between wait staff. Atlanta best pizza First woman server totally ignored us after we asked for a few more minutes-she never returned. Atlanta best pizza restaurants Next young man was surly and abrupt in his description of food selections. North miami beach pizza delivery After a long wait for food, the last server was brutal in his delivery “No, toast doesn’t come with that” even after one sever said it was. Miami’s best pizza coupons Finally, we waited and waited for 15 minutes after finishing our meal for our $100.check. Chicago pizza hours We experienced small portions, had to remind servers for refill coffee which wasn’t forth coming, and was never even asked how happy we were with our food. Miami’s best pizza closing We made a special effort to get to this restaurant and actually get a reservation “breakfast” time slot, during a trip we made on an architectural research project with Hertz architecture, so iconic of Venice. Miami’s best pizza coral gables fl No so your restaurant and I’ll make sure to give my review to everyone. Naples florida best pizza It rates an 8 on the hipster scale but for an authentic, gracious, unpretentious dining memory it doesn’t even make the list. Dallas best pizza delivery It’s one dining experience I want to forget.

This place is an incredibly popular neighborhood restaurant. Chicago best pizza delivery Having been here once before we were looking forward to another incredible meal. Chicago best pizza restaurants But our evening was marred by inattentive service. Chicago best pizza downtown It took forever to get our cocktail order taken, then another forever for them to show-up to our table. London ontario best pizza We had 4 different people approach our table in the first hour and we never knew which one was our actual wait person. Chicago best pizza One person presented the menus (not the hostess), another took our cocktail order, a different person brought the cocktails, and yet another person took our order. Chicago best pizza places The food orders took a long time. Austin best pizza delivery I know when to expect slower service when a restaurant is busy but the longer than anticipated wait was indicative of the multi-person table service- Disorganized and overwhelmed. Nyc best pizza restaurants We might go again as the food is very good but we will hope for better service next time.

I love the food and ambiance at gjelina and have been going there once a month for years. Chicago’s best pizza 2016 My last dining experience was a surprise – gjelina has now added a 20% “tax” on all food and you cannot “opt out” like you can for the 3% healthy “tax” sometimes added on in los angeles restaurants. Nyc best pizza places This 20% is “to be distributed” among the staff. East of chicago pizza hours So, I guess, we customers are giving the staff an increase in wages…gosh, gjelina, what’s that all about???

I’m afraid Gjelina is falling into the trap that many overrated dining places in LA fall into and that is the trap where you are so talked about and ‘over rated’ you begin to get a sense of entitlement and superiority complex. Old chicago pizza hours It’s very obvious based on my last dining experience that the place was trying to hurt us out of there and get us to eat quickly so they could maximize profits at the expense of a truly great dining experience. Naples pizza lasalle phone number Yes our reservation was late (10pm) but if you aren’t going to allow us to stay and enjoy our many dishes and sip our cappuccinos and enjoy the experience that we had heard so much about and waited 4 weeks to get a reservation for and spent well over $225 for 2 people then don’t allow reservations so late or lower your exceedingly high costs or provide a much better service. Chicago pizza phone number The food was great but my main complaint is the whole ‘hurry up and leave’ attitude. Jacksonville fl pizza delivery We felt rushed and that ruined the experience.

I rarely allow myself to be pressured by waiters, but when the server said “go ahead and order your entire meal..I’ll make sure I course it for you”, we did just that..and sure enough, every single time we ordered came out at the exact same time. Johnny’s new york pizza venice We had no room for it all! The wine bucket had to move to the bench I was sitting on..

When asked what happened, the waiter shrugged….our pizza got cold while we were trying to finish our starters.

Food was good and solid, just not the wow moment I had hoped for having traveled from the east coast to eat here. Venice pizza ridley pa Desserts, including the panna cotta, were standouts

Very busy vibe, no problem with that. Old chicago pizza buffet hours Touted as “most popular” and you better get a rez a month in advance, we did. East of chicago pizza phone number We were treated like cattle, and don’t even think about asking extremely impatient waiter with eye roll if you asked for explanation. Chicago style pizza phone number It was a Tuesday, but place was PACKED. Old chicago pizza phone number Of course, Dr. East of chicago pizza buffet hours McDreamy walked In so that made it even better? not to us. Pensacola fl pizza delivery What “small plates ” we got left us hungry and 100 bucks poorer. Atlanta ga pizza delivery If you are looking to say that you ate in a cool popular place go there. Chicago 24 hour pizza delivery If you want better ambiance, understandable menu and better service, try someplace else. Venice pizza in newark tx Lots of better places nearby in Santa Monica

Gjelina was highly recommended by friends, Yelp, and Open Table. Houston 24 hour pizza delivery I couldn’t get a reservation for two weeks, which further built my expectations for a delicious dinner and great overall experience. Abbot’s pizza venice menu I was disappointed on all fronts. Abbot’s habit pizza venice The day before my reservation, the restaurant called to confirm. Venice beach pizza They moved our reservation up from 10:00PM to 9:45PM. Pizza in venice We showed up promptly at 9:45PM and then had to wait 30 minutes. Pizza venice fl When we were finally seated, no one came by to walk us through the menu or asked if we would like drinks. Venice pizza delivery The first time our waiter came by he literally asked, “What do you want?” I was very taken aback by how rude our waiter was. Pizza delivery venice We ordered the cauliflower, prawns, squid, softshell crab, and pork belly. Venice fl pizza The prawns and squid were fair. Venice pizza coupons The crab had too much citrus flavor. New venice pizza The pork belly was the best thing we had, but even it was slightly bland. Pizza delivery venice beach The restaurant was very loud. Little venice pizza My husband and I hardly talked during the entire dinner, because we could not hear each other at all.

Amazing food and great service! They have some incredible tasting dishes. Venice beach pizza delivery Portions are small and the prices are high. Venice florida pizza Overall it is definitely a great spot for a special occasions. Pizza venice florida We had several items at the guidance of our server – I would call it a tapa’s style dinning. Venice pizza hours The Flavors are amazing but don’t come too hungry.

Everything we had was good although the bread was really the standout. Pizza delivery venice fl Wine list had a nice range of prices and styles although it was IMPOSSIBLE to read. Venice pizza and pasta I would have like a little more effort from the server in helping make choices and a little more guidance. Pizza venice beach She basically just showed up and asked us what we wanted. Venice pizza restaurants Was it worth not being able to make a dinner reservation for months? No. Venice pizza huntsville menu Was it a good meal and a nice environment? Yes. Venice italian pizza & subs If you want the best of this restaurant, order the pizza and anything that comes with toast!

Food was amazing. Venice pizza phone number Uni was fresh, mushrooms and veggies were great, bone marrow had wonderful presentation but nothing spectacular taste wise. Pizza in venice beach Service was mediocre and it was pretty loud on the patio at prime dinner time but nothing unfavorable. Venice pizza leeds Overall a wonderful experience and I’m definitely going back again

So happy to have been able to celebrate getting married at Gjelina. Pizza places in venice Big thank you to the amazing chefs and staff for making our night so memorable. Venice pizza menu From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left we were treated to a slice of heaven. Venice pizza indiana pa Couldn’t recommend enough!

Getting into this place is near impossible. Pizza venice Worse than Nobu Malibu. Best pizza in venice That being said, I used to go all the time when I first moved here because the ambience is great, the food is always amazing, and it’s the perfect spot to end a day hanging in Venice. Venice pizza caloundra I rarely go now because I don’t have the patience or desire to try THAT hard to get into a restaurant. Venice fl pizza delivery LA is full of amazing. Pizza delivery in venice fl Go to Nobu.

Nice enough place with decent, sometimes good food but not worth the attitude, hype or the difficulty getting a reservation. Venice pizza house They won’t even honor your request for a patio table at 5:30 pm when the place is half empty and there are empty tables available. Venice pizza shop Staff is pretty to look at but keeps switching and hard to flag down. Venice pizza and pasta menu Pizzas were good but not the best in town for all the story about how they bring the flour from Italy.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Venice pizza fallowfield Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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