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In the publications that Beck for years dismissed as an effete elite that had led the nation astray, the notion that Beck has now apologized for everything he did to make America an uglier, louder, more fractious place is just too delicious to resist. All fast food restaurants near me Now, in a moment of deep gloom for the nation’s intellectuals, life delivers a gleaming gift: Glenn Beck, godfather to the tea party, cable news rabble-rouser of the first order, a hawker of ornate and dire conspiracy theories, not only has spent the past year as a Never Trumper but also has spurned his past and is testifying to the power of love, understanding and empathy ? for liberals!

Seven years ago, Beck was the fourth most admired man in the country (just ahead of the pope). Local fast food restaurants near me He shouted, he explained, he wept, he drew intricate charts on his chalkboard to show how evil forces were conspiring against good Americans. Best fast food restaurants near me He sowed fear and gathered up his minions to form an army of righteous anger, who stormed the nation’s capital a hundred-thousand strong to stand tall for the Constitution, determined to fulfill the prophecy that Beck, a Mormon, had described to them: a stirring tale of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith’s followers parading through the streets of Utah, with only the Constitution to protect them.

Now, at 53, Beck sees a nation of people who are at one another’s throats, and he blames his language, his meanness and his assaults, his constant selling of the idea that the other side was evil and that his side had the one true answer. Healthy fast food restaurants near me He believes that his radio show and his TV shows and his rallies on the Mall paved the way for the incivility, intolerance and general indigestion that now plagues the body politic.

“I did and said terrible things,” Beck says. Top 10 fast food restaurants in the world “I did my thinking out loud and it’s one of my worst aspects. Chinese food restaurants near my location But I haven’t changed my principles. Exotic food restaurants near me I’ve changed the way I phrase things ? for example, I’m trying to ban the word ‘evil’ from my lexicon. Food restaurants I didn’t notice how my language could be interpreted by half the country as racist. Fast food and restaurants near me I lacked humility. Fast food restaurants near me open now I was the height of arrogance.”

And if you want to blame the existence of President Trump on him, he will not squawk. Fast food restaurants near me open 24 hours No, he will instead bat his tropical blue doe eyes, and he will tell you in the most earnest and gentle tones that he is determined to be a better person and teach people on the right to love and to hug.

He says this kind of thing on the air these days, and his audience, on 400 radio stations and on, his news and talk site, frankly doesn’t know what to make of it. Fast food restaurants near me now He thinks a fair number of them are tuning away.

Every morning on “The Glenn Beck Program,” he calls upon his flock to go back to those defriended Facebook friends, to sit down with those spurned neighbors and above all, to put the dirty business of politics aside and listen to one another.

And then, at the appointed minutes, Beck breaks from his new hymnal and reads the commercials that pay for his vast and beautiful Mercury Studios, a former movie soundstage outside of Dallas. Fast food restaurants near me that deliver Reading from a loose-leaf binder, he once again becomes the Beck character his sponsors have paid for, the Fearmonger. Food restaurants near me that deliver He sells a home security system, a home safe that “protects my family and my guns,” a defense against identity theft, a four-week survivalist food supply (, and a company that urges people to buy gold because, as Beck says, “I don’t know what the future will bring, but massive change is coming.”

Riaz Patel is secular, liberal, gay, Muslim and an immigrant. Fast food restaurants open now He was, until recently, no fan of “The Glenn Beck Program.” But he has become Beck’s partner and friend. Fast food restaurants open today They do broadcasts together. Fast food restaurants open late They have family dinners together.

Soon, Beck and Patel will travel together to America’s small towns, to places where Trump won handily, and there, the two new friends will meet with people, listen to them and then confront them with Beck’s new message: They must lay down the arms he once urged them to take up, and they must learn once again to love their neighbors, yea, even their secular, liberal, gay, Muslim, immigrant neighbors.

Patel, a TV producer who made reality shows such as “How to Look Good” and “How to Look Good Naked,” was in Orlando last year to attend a Pakistani-American wedding when an American-born supporter of the Islamic State killed 49 people inside the Pulse nightclub. Fast food restaurants open on easter A friend who worked at the Blaze reached Patel and asked him to come on Beck’s show to talk about the attack.

Patel, 43, now spends much of his time in Dallas, preparing with Beck to tout their friendship as evidence that left and right need not be enemies. Restaurants american fork “This is not touchy-feely stuff,” Patel says, “this is Civil War 2. Restaurants american fork utah We’re saying sit down and see people’s faces. Restaurants fast food near me How much more of this division can we take before gunshots are fired?”

Then they fed each other cake. American food restaurants near me They became, as Bee hesitantly put it, “allies.” The two plan to travel to Uganda together to rescue children from the sex slave trade. Restaurants and fast food near me Next summer, they plan to invite their audiences to Detroit to do community service ? paint schools, clean up neighborhoods.

Beck admits to severe doubts about the success of his new venture. What fast food restaurants are open today He’s under no illusion that he will persuade Bee to embrace his brand of libertarianism. What fast food restaurants are open right now He doesn’t know whether the town halls with Patel will draw a crowd, let alone persuade anyone to hug a liberal.

But he believes he must try. List of fast food restaurants near me He believes people on both sides of the divide must understand the other’s root fears ? for example, the left’s fears that Trump will put immigrants in concentration camps, or the right’s fears that Democrats want to take their guns. Chinese food restaurants around me He believes that beneath those fears, most Americans share core beliefs ? in freedom of expression, in individual initiative, in caring for those with less.

Michael Harrison has seen this show before. Food restaurants that deliver Harrison, editor of Talkers, a trade journal of the radio talk industry, has watched through the decades as Beck has remade himself again and again, from Top 40 disc jockey to morning zoo comedian to angry shock jock to sentinel of political doom.

“Glenn Beck is the closest thing we have in radio to a performance artist ? he’s a showman and a method actor,” Harrison says. Restaurant food waste “Beck is making a switch like a professional wrestler who goes from playing the bad guy to playing the good guy. Fast food restaurants open christmas day He is unpredictable, and that’s unusual in radio. Chinese food restaurants that deliver near me So many of the guys who make it big are very predictable because that’s what the audience wants. Fast food restaurant coupons We’re in the era of confirming people’s views.”

In the past year, Limbaugh went from highly derisive of Trump to a steady booster of the new president. Healthy food restaurants near me But Trump was a bridge too far for some talkers. Restaurants that deliver food near me Charlie Sykes, an influential conservative host in Milwaukee, was dead set against Trump from the start and ended up forfeiting his radio show over it.

Chip Franklin was a reliably right-wing libertarian on his talk shows in Washington, Baltimore and San Diego over the past couple of decades. Food restaurants that deliver near me But “it dawned on me after 2008 that I’d been scammed,” Franklin says. Chinese food restaurants that deliver “I started being entirely honest about my positions on the show.”

Franklin now does a daily show in San Francisco, where he is an unalloyed liberal. Fast food restaurants open late near me “In this business, you can go from right to left, but not the other way,” he says. Fast food restaurants hiring near me Franklin thinks Beck’s emotionally open style will carry many followers along on the host’s twisting road.

“He got choked up,” Ablow recalled, “and he asked me, ‘Are you getting a prompting that I need to run?’ I told him it was kind of a joke, but he cares a lot about inner voices and visions and what they mean.”

Sometimes, “The Glenn Beck Program” is a lunge across the country’s divide, a call to Make America Warm and Fuzzy Again. Fast food restaurants close to me Beck is a nostalgist; his vast Mercury Studios complex is a veritable museum of his collections of old-time radio microphones, manual typewriters, seltzer bottles, clocks and Disney paraphernalia.

And sometimes, Beck’s show is what it was a couple of decades ago, a morning zoo, five guys sprawled out on couches, guffawing over other people’s pathetic lives. Best fast food restaurants in america Last April, Beck and his radio gang donned swim goggles and ground their faces into bowls of Cheetos to achieve just the right level of orange so they too could look like Donald Trump.

Beck tells the studio audience at his hour-long TV show, people who’ve driven to Texas from Michigan and Georgia just to see him, that “I’m just having the greatest experience with people on the left.”

His crowd doesn’t seem to want to hear it. Coupons fast food restaurants They ask if they could please talk about currency collapse and the coming shock to the system, and Beck shifts over to their terrain and warns that “We’re entering a world where there will be 50 percent unemployment.”

Both sides are guilty of creating todays horrible attitude in politics. Fast food restaurants in usa I think Mr Beck was the main creator from the right. Fast food restaurants hiring I find it very difficult to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube. Soul food restaurants near me that deliver Therefore I cannot excuse the man for his behavior. Fast food restaurants that deliver near me I think its a ploy to increase his appeal/marketability with revenue being his primary goal. Restaurant food cost percentage Please go away Mr Beck.

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