Global sportswear execs do share in rehabilitating la mesa ecopark businessmirror easy drinks made with rum

All roads led to la mesa ecopark one fine, sunny day of march as the primer group of cos. And columbia sportswear, together with its global executives, brand ambassadors, distributors, social-media influencers and media partners, visited the park in one of its most important programs yet, “project: rehabilitate la mesa ecopark.”

Columbia’s partners from all over the world participated in the momentous event of loving planet earth—at least on this side of the globe—by weeding and preparing the soil, planting of germinants and repainting playgrounds in need of a little tender, loving care. Columbia sportswear officials from latin america and asia-pacific region participate in rehabilitation of la mesa ecopark in quezon city.Mesa watershed michelle aubrey (from left), scott greenwood, peter J. Bragdon and blaine perrin join the project to rehabilitate the ecopark in quezon city.

The germinants will be kept in the nursery and will be planted in the open at the start of the rainy season, according to the la mesa representative who assisted the group during the visit. By planting in june or the start of the rainy season, the plants have the best chance to live and grow, the staff said.

Michelle aubrey, senior director of distributors in latin america/asia pacific, said it is the first time they have done the project in the philippines, but they have been doing corporate social responsibility projects like this in many other parts of the world.Columbia sportswear

Aubrey was joined by peter J. Bragdon, executive vice president, chief administrative officer and general counsel; blaine perrin, director, GTM; and scott greenwood, international footwear merchandising manager. Columbia sportswear officials weed the soil and plant germinants in preparation for the rainy-season planting.

For columbia philippines, tiffany jane batungbacal said they have been doing environmental projects at the ecopark in partnership with the university of the philippines mountaineers.

Columbia sportswear is a world-renowned durable and tough-tested sports and outdoor clothing, accessories and outerwear. Through the years, it has maintained its “tested tough” brand DNA.Mesa ecopark

Caring for the environment is tough business, that’s why it is only fitting that columbia and the ecopark partner together, the group said. La mesa watershed is a 2,700-hectare property supervised and controlled by the metropolitan waterworks and sewerage system (MWSS), a government agency in quezon city.

It is the primary source of drinking water of about 12-million metro manila residents. With 2,000 hectares of this property dedicated to woodland and wild life, it also serves as a carbon-dioxide sink, providing the city with the fresh air it needs.

Due to lack of funds, illegal settling, poaching and logging, the la mesa watershed came into disrepair and ruin. Credit goes to ABS-CBN foundation inc., which created bantay kalikasan (nature watch) in 1999.Mesa watershed

In partnership with the MWSS, bantay kalikasan rehabilitated and renovated a 33-hectare public park right outside the natural boundaries of the watershed and 40 meters below the reservoir.

Eight years ago, 1,500 hectares of this important property needed reforestation. Today, only 158 hectares remain to be planted, thanks to bantay kalikasan’s highly effective programs by involving the general public in rehabilitating the watershed through its adopt/protect-A-tree/hectare programs.

In 2004 the la mesa watershed has been renamed la mesa ecopark and was reopened for the general public. Part of the property was renovated as a public park to spread environmental awareness through education and advocacy.Quezon city

In 2006 over 280 different schools from all over the country, some coming from as far as laoag, bohol and cebu, trooped to la mesa ecopark for their educational school field trips.

While significant changes have been made in the ecopark to transform it into an environmental landmark it is today, there is still much to be done to ensure its sustainability in the years to come. This is why columbia sportswear has taken the step to help.

Columbia intends to make project: rehabilitate la mesa ecopark a regular activity of the company, knowing that its participation in caring for mother earth would encourage the public more on the importance of giving back and taking care of our environment.Columbia sportswear