Glocal junction hyderabad launches new menu

Glocal Junction, which entered Hyderabad just about a year ago, was among the first urban-youth oriented bars in the city. Prawns recipes indian style The following months witnessed the arrival of others like Sly Tech, The Lal Street, and Mocha Bar. Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe video In the ever shifting culinary landscape of the city, successfully completing a year is no small feat. Easy chicken biryani recipe video Harsh Tuli, the Strategic Business Head of Glocal and other FoodLink properties in Hyderabad, explained that stand-alone properties need to continuously reinvent themselves to keep people coming back.

South indian chicken biryani recipe video In light of this, Glocal Hyderabad has introduced a completely new food menu. Indian chicken biryani recipe video I was told that a relaunch of the drinks menu is also in the pipeline.

Glocal’s philosophy is to offer global dishes with a local touch. Pakistani chicken biryani recipe video Out-of-the box fusion dishes often run the risk of ending up being a pretentious, unappealing hotchpotch. Thalassery biryani recipe However, during my first visit, Glocal impressed with plenty of inspired creations. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi Dishes like Hot Tennessee Burrahhh, Chaat Piza, and Baked Filter Kapi made me keep coming back for more. Chicken recipes in telugu The new menu hopes to achieve the same. Chicken recipes indian curry Executive Chef Rohan Phillip revealed that several customers felt that the previous menu didn’t have enough choices for vegetarians. Shrimp recipes indian One of the focus areas was creating interesting vegetarian signatures that everyone would love to order. Chicken recipes indian sanjeev kapoor After trying a smattering of veg options, I was impressed by the effort of Chef Phillip. Chicken recipes indian style Tokri Chaat retains the flavour of the familiar Bombay Chaat, but comes in convenient, bite-sized baskets made from filo sheets. Shrimp recipes indian style Doner Puri is a Mediterranean Twist on the Dahi Puri. Chicken recipes indian At first glance, it’s hard to differentiate it from a regular Dahi Puri, but the moment you bite into it, the taste of the Lebanese grilled chicken bits mixed with hummus and lettuce will surprise you. Prawns kerala recipe Colocasia (Aarbi) Tuk is inspired by the popular Sindhi snack made from potatoes. Prawns recipes kerala style Veg Saoji Sliders use a toned down version of the legendary fiery Saoji masala from Nagpur. Chicken recipes indian style sanjeev kapoor There’s even a Veg Keema Pav made from Soya nuggets that is deceptively similar in appearance to a Mutton Keema and is absolutely delicious. Shrimp recipes cooking light The main courses features dishes like Kadai Mushroom served on a perfectly crisp Potato Roastie.

My favourite dish from Glocal’s new selection was Kachapuri – a Georgian dish that looks similar to a Pizza. Shrimp recipes cooked in oven It is a boat-shaped bread stuffed with minced chicken and topped with a sunny side up. Chicken recipes ingredients The eclectic Biryani Risotto from the previous menu has been retained and is now joined by Rice Congee with Soy Grilled Fish. Shrimp recipes shrimp scampi Congee is a humbler cousin of Risotto from the far east. Chicken recipes using buttermilk It’s a bit more liquidy and is often complemented with something sharp like kimchi, century eggs, or simply ginger and garlic. Chicken biryani video telugu Chef Phillip chose soya marinated grilled fish topped with cheese to provide the contrast. Chicken dum biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor The Buffalo Wings and Nasi Goreng were among the disappointments. Shrimp recipes images While the Buffalo sauce was fiery, I missed the tangy punch. Chicken recipes images The Nasi Goreng’s fried rice completely missed the beat and was surprisingly drab.

Glocal’s launch menu sported a eclectic and fascinating dessert selection including the likes of Beeramisu, Kaalkatta Paan Cheesecake, Masala Chai Panacotta, and Baked Filter Kapi. Chicken biryani easy recipe Unfortunately, it seems most of the desserts found few takers in the city. Fish videos for babies Only the Paan Cheesecake and Panacotta have avoided the axe. Fish videos for kittens One of the new options that was showcased is Oreo Banoffee Muffin. Fish videos for kids youtube This is a dessert that’s definitely meant to be shared. Fish videos for cats to watch A hefty Oero muffin slathered with cream and banana featuring a gorgeous crown of spun sugar.

The new menu at Glocal features several global dishes like the Israeli Sabich and the Georgian Kachapuri that aren’t available anywhere else in the city. Fish videos for toddlers I was disappointed to see a few of my favourites getting the axe, but it appears that my preferences aren’t aligned with what the city. Fish videos on youtube I was surprised to hear that dishes like Disco Anda and Tennessee Burrah weren’t a hit. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi language Although, Glocal is best known as a ‘high-energy bar’, it’s an entirely different beast before the sun goes down. Vahrehvah soup recipes The laid-back, cafe vibes during the slow afternoons is great if you want a peaceful meal. Thalassery biryani recipe video During the lunch hours, Glocal offers a buffet (Rs. Thalassery biryani recipes 499 + taxes) aimed at corporates, as well as a Soups and Salads only option (Rs. Thalassery chicken biryani recipe 299 + taxes) for the health conscious. Thalassery recipes Glocal is also doing Sunday brunches featuring a more elaborate buffet, live counters, and unlimited liquor (Rs. Thalassery chicken dum biryani recipe 1000 + taxes).

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