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Starting a post about this to exchange ideas regarding favorite gluten &/or dairy free products. Simple healthy banana bread recipe I have a son who has been eating gluten/dairy free for the last 6-7 years, and I am always looking for new ideas! So list your favorites, or you can list things that you have found really bad, to warn others (this food ain’t cheap!!)

Pasta: Tinkyada brand – the closest to real stuff in texture, I find it doesn’t overcook as easily as the other brands I have tried

Flours: My current favorites are the pre-mixed blends from Authentic Foods (Gold Bag), but I have had good results from just making a blend from flours bought in the bulk bin too (which is the cheapest way to go). Gluten free banana nut bread Also, if you have a lot of indian/asian markets where you live (I do) – it is a great source for buying things like rice or sorgum flour cheaply.

Pizza Crust – have never been too ambitious to make my own – the one time I tried, it turned out really bad, but I have had very good luck with the Kinnikinik frozen pizza crusts. Gluten free banana bread mix Take straight from the freezer, top, and cook.

As a working mom, I rely often on convienence foods. Fluffy banana cake recipe They are also great to send along to school with my son in his thermos, as he prefers a hot lunch. Best banana bread machine recipes Some of our favorites

Ians: Chicken nuggets, fish sticks and fillets, Chicken patties, Kids meals! (similar to kids cuisine style meals), French bread Pizzas

Amy’s: A lot of amy’s stuff is gluten free, and more and more is dairy free too. Banana bread in a bundt pan My son enjoys the Thai Stir fry and Noodle stir-fry frozen entrees. Moist banana cake recipe from scratch He wasn’t crazy about the kids meal or pasta bowl (too mushy)

Kinnikinnick: In addition to great pizza crusts, they have great muffins, breads for sandwiches or toast or french toast (our favorite is the white sandwich bread), english muffins (which double as hamburger buns, they make a hamburger bun as well, but we prefer the english muffin, as it is sturdier.) I can do a good quick bread, but my attempts at making yeast bread have fallen short, and I just often don’t have the time. Gluten free banana bread We have two local bakeries that I also will buy gluten free bread at, but I find the Kinnikinnick to be just as good. Banana muffin recipe 2 bananas Also, if you can’t get this brand near you, they have a website and shipping (I have shipped both to MN and FL) is a flat $10.00, no matter what you order, which is a great deal!! They also have good mixes, and cookies (Montana’s Choc. Banana bread no baking powder chips are our fave). Low fat low sugar banana bread Their ALTA line is also completely dairy free.

We are completely dairy free as well, but for those that are not, I hear that Grandma Ferdon’s is supposed to be awesome – I have seen their stuff in health food stores in the Minneapolis area, and it all looks really good – breads, bakery items, pie crusts etc. Good food banana bread They are out of Wisconsin.

For dairy free, we generally use Pacific Foods or Harmony Farms rice milk (I will sparingly use soy if I feel that the recipie needs a thicker textured milk).

There is no such thing as a good substitue for cheese in my opinion. Food network banana bread Having said that, if you can tolerate soy, my son loves the Toffuti cheese and cream cheese (they do use distilled vinegar, but so do we, and so do many celiacs – it is a personal decision) The Follow Your Heart brand cheese is good to him as well, it comes in blocks, so needs to be shredded. Bbc food banana bread These are the best brands I have found in terms of them melting (at least somewhat).

I love love love Dixie Diner for their selection of gluten free maple krispy cereal as well as an array of other products.

TJ’s have pretty good gluten free pancakes – they hardly taste any different and been served to gluten folk with no questions asked.

i saw a GF brownie mix at TJs yesterday. Food processor banana bread i don’t do mixes – anyone who’s familiar with my posts knows i do all my own baking, but you might want to look into it or ask around to see if anyone has tried it.

My husband has been eating gluten free for about a year. Mini banana bread muffins The best baking mixes I’ve found are from a company called Really Great Food. Bread pudding with bananas The vanilla muffins (w/choc chips added!) are great and I buy the banana bread mix and make muffins as well. Bbc good food banana bread He loves the sandwich bread from Whole Foods. Food wishes banana bread As for pasta, the best we’ve found is Notta Pasta. 100 days of real food banana bread It comes in fettuccini, linguini and spaghettis shaped.

My husband and I are vegan (no animal products) and I’m gf…

Bread: Food for Life (rice/pecan or rice/almond) or make our own

Mylk: Pacific brand vanilla lowfat almond (cold!), Blue Diamond chocolate almond mylk, (hemp mylk when on sale)

Pizza dough: make our own from Bette Hagman’s Gluten-Free Gourmet cookbook

Flours: we use our spice/coffee grinder or VitaMix to make our own brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, chickpea, and amaranth flour.

crackers: TJ’s soy sauce rice crackers, Mary’s Gone Crackers (when on sale or when we have a coupon)

chips: TJ’s blue corn tortilla chips and the Veggie and Flaxseed (tri-color) chips

for cheese substitute on homemade pizza: eggplant which has been salted and most of the liquid pressed out…

Frozen dessert: (usually only when on sale)

We tried the peanut butter chocolate fudge. Wholefood simply banana bread We also recently tried Cherry Nirvana, Chocolate Obsession, and Pomegranate Chip versions (also on sale) from the following. Vegan banana nut bread…

frozen waffles: TJ’s or (if on sale) Lifestream Blueberry and Buckwheat

cookies: Enjoy Life (for breakfast when we were travelling!) or make our own

soups: Imagine Foods has a few gf, dairy-free ones, TJ’s has a black bean and a lentil soup in cans

My husband recently bought “The Gluten-Free Vegan” cookbook by Susan O’Brien for us. Mini banana bread loaves We have lots of vegan cookbooks and a few gf cookbooks and modify many recipes from those so they’re both gf and vegan.

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