Gluten free mini eggnog muffins

Get a blast of eggnog flavor with these one bowl, easy to whip up Gluten Free Mini Eggnog Muffins. Banana bread recipe no sugar The perfect winter snack.

I used to HATE eggnog. Banana nut muffin recipe Like really despise it. Banana walnut muffin recipe I thought it was disgusting.

I mean, even the title of it…EGGnog…who wants to drink something with eggs in the name??? It reminded me of Gaston on Beauty and the Beast. Banana bread recipe oil You know the part of the song where he talks about drinking 5 dozen eggs and being roughly the size of a barge? See, drinking eggs and looking like Gaston are both unappealing to me.

But just like most things, the older and more mature that I became, I began to like eggnog. Healthy banana loaf recipe In fact, now I love it.

I don’t love most people’s version of eggnog. Banana cake no eggs I could never drink that stuff right from the carton. Banana recipes without eggs I mix about 1 part skim milk to 1 part eggnog and then it tastes perfect.

And have you ever had eggnog warm with a dash of cinnamon? My fave! It’s a nice change from drinking hot cocoa in the cold winter months. Banana muffin recipe without eggs And again, I mix half milk and half eggnog for the warm drink as well. Banana nut bread with pecans It makes a world of difference. Banana bread nutrition And it’s not so darn artery clogging that way. Banana bread cinnamon rolls So, you know, there’s an added bonus right there.

Braelyn is absolutely hooked on eggnog. Banana bread recipe whole wheat She asks for it practically every morning. Moist banana bread sour cream She would have 2 or 3 glasses if I let her, but I’ve got to cut her off or else she’ll be bouncing off the walls on a sugar high.

Emry, on the other hand, takes after me. Banana peanut butter muffins She asks for eggnog just to be like her big sister, but then she takes one sip, sets it down, forces a smile, and walks away leaving the rest of her drink untouched. Banana bread recipe for bread machine I think it’s safe to say she is not YET a fan of the holiday drink just like her mama wasn’t.

These Gluten Free Mini Eggnog Muffins that we made together while Braelyn was at school. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies She liked them so much that I couldn’t keep her fingers out of the batter as I was scooping them into muffin tins.

Don’t worry, I have dubbed this batch of muffins “undeliverable” to neighbors and friends due to the high contamination of toddler spit that made it into the batter from licking fingers and double dipping. Banana peanut butter chocolate Eggnog muffins will just have to wait for another day to be shared around town.

I have to say, though. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie I do love watching my girls find joy in baking with me. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins They drive me nuts, that’s for sure, but it’s fun to think about a day where they will actually be a help in the kitchen rather than a ticking time bomb waiting to explode ingredients all over cupboards, counter tops, and the floor. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting It’s like walking around a minefield trying to bake with either of them.

Today alone, elbows ended up in the peanut butter jar, lemon juice was spilled down the cupboards, fingers were burned on the toaster oven, naked booties graced the counter tops (don’t worry; I immediately disinfected all surfaces), and ice came shooting from the ice dispenser all over the floor when a certain 3 year old insisted she could get her own drink. Banana bread sugar free Oy vey!

But surprisingly making these muffins with Emry, besides the finger licking, was fairly quick and simple. Banana bread gluten free The recipe is an easy one bowl recipe that doesn’t even require an electric mixer. Banana peanut butter ice cream You basically whisk together your wet ingredients and then stir in your dry ingredients until the batter is smooth. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting Easy peasy.

These muffins aren’t even all that bad for you either, which means you can eat them as a snack. Best banana muffin recipe ever The only processed sugar comes from the eggnog, and the rest of the sweetener is pure maple syrup. Easy banana muffin recipe And instead of using butter, I used coconut oil in the recipe. Banana muffin recipe healthy The mild flavor of the coconut oil paired perfectly with the sweet nutmeg-y flavor of the eggnog.

I was pretty impressed when I took my first bite of these muffins and got an explosion of eggnog flavor in my mouth. Banana muffin recipe best I didn’t think that a tiny little muffin could pack so much eggnog flavor. Banana muffin recipe easy It really tastes like you’re eating eggnog when you pop one of these in your mouth. Banana cake recipe with sour cream They are delicious!

Not only do these little gems taste exactly like eggnog, but they have an amazing texture as well. Best vegan banana bread recipe No crumbly or chewy gluten free muffins here. Banana nut bread with cream cheese These babies are light and tender and perfectly moist. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream They got the 2 thumbs up in texture award from my hubby so “wahoo!” on that one. Banana bread recipe self raising flour Not that I really ever listen to Ben’s opinions anyway. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread But I do love it when his opinion is the “right opinion”. Easy vegan banana bread Hehe!

These muffins would be glorious for a holiday party alongside a glass of cold or warm eggnog, or even some hot chocolate for a different flavor profile. Healthy blueberry banana bread And if you want to go really fancy, turn them into little cakes by adding whipped cream, frosting, or a drizzle of eggnog icing. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe Mmm mmm!

Santa may just want eggnog muffins left on his plate this year instead of cookies and I don’t blame him.

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Banana bread with cream cheese Line a mini muffin tin with paper liners. Healthy banana blueberry bread Set aside.

• In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together coconut oil, eggnog, pure maple syrup, and egg until smooth.

• Fill muffin tins ? way full and bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes or until tops of muffins spring back at touch of a finger and toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.

• Allow muffins to cool in tin for 2 minutes then immediately and carefully remove muffins from tin and allow to finish cooling on cooling rack.

• Store extra muffins in a loosely sealed container at room temperature for up to 3 days or in a tightly sealed container in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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