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WOONSOCKET – It takes awhile to get from the bayou to the Blackstone Valley, but a spicy little nugget from the South finished the trip Friday as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen opened its doors at 1517 Diamond Hill Road for the first time.

“The spice…it’s different from Kentucky Fried,” she said, savoring a golden brown morsel of chicken. Chicken gizzard recipe “It’s crunchy. Gizzard chicken It’s super fresh.”

Along with a contingent of city officials on hand to mark the occasion,

Gilbert and her son, Doug Hall, were among the first customers to nosh on the inaugural batch of Popeyes chicken to emerge from the fryolaters. Fried chicken gizzard recipe The only other time they tried Popeyes fare was at Providence Place Mall. Chicken gizzard nutrition They loved it, but it’s too much of a trek to make a habit of, and they’re happy for an alternative to the ubiquitous pizza joints closer to their home in the city.

“We couldn’t wait for this place to open,” she said. Chicken gizzard recipe chinese “It’s a nice change.”

That was sort of the whole idea, said franchisee Lalmir Sultanzada, who celebrated the grand opening with Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt by cutting a ribbon before the food rolled out.

A resident of Long Island, New York, Sultanzada said the East Woonsocket Popeyes is his 74th franchise with the company and his first in Rhode Island.

Sultanzada said he found the vacant Wendy’s while scouting for new locations to expand the chain outside the saturated New York market. Best chicken gizzard recipe Sultanzada seems to have a way of reading his customers’ minds because, when he was asked why he thought Diamond Hill Road could be a successful site for a new Popeyes, his answer was remarkably similar to what Gilbert and her son said.

Sultanzada’s right-hand man, Murad Ali, said the company’s business model involves opening groups of stores whenever it expands its territory. Chicken gizzard soup Ali said it’s not efficient to pay a regional manager to travel long distances to oversee one restaurant, so it’s quite likely the Diamond Hill Road location will become the center of “a little hub” of Popeyes eateries. Chicken gizzard stew Exactly where the others might open up – at this point it’s too early too say.

The franchisees say that after the temporary crew from New York finishes training a local workforce, the new location will employ 30-40 full- and part-time workers.

Originally announced over a year ago, the store was forecast to open last spring. Chicken liver and gizzard recipe By the looks of it, Gilbert wasn’t the only one champing at the bit to get a taste: The new location was barely open 45 minutes and a line of cars formed at the drive-through that was backed up practically all the way to Diamond Hill Road.

“We’re thrilled to have filled a vacant building on Diamond Hill Road and we look forward to having them be a part of the community,” said Baldelli-Hunt.

Sultanzada praised Baldelli-Hunt as a “hard-working lady” who chased him down on a regular basis for progress reports on the remodeling of the old Wendy’s, but Baldelli-Hunt says, “I would never ever try to convince someone to come to the city if I did not think they could be successful here because that’s a reflection on me.”

With roots that date back 45 years, Popeyes operates thousands of restaurants, including five others in Rhode Island that are owned by investors other than Sultanzada. Gizzard of chicken Three others operate in Providence, one in Johnston and one in West Greenwich.

There are at least two other fried chicken restaurants in the city, including KFC on Clinton Street and Crown Fried Chicken, a few blocks from the new Popeye’s. Gizzard chicken recipe But Popeye’s promises to add some zing to the competition with a unique menu inspired by the flavors of New Orleans. Chicken liver and gizzard The fare includes spicy chicken, chicken tenders, jambalaya, red beans and rice and “po’ boy” sandwiches – a fried shellfish treat similar to a Little Rhody clam roll that’s a fixture of cajun cuisine.

The story behind Popeyes goes back to 1972, when the restaurant was launched by Alvin C. Boiled chicken gizzard recipe Copeland Sr. Pickled chicken gizzard recipe in a suburb of New Orleans known as Arabi. Chicken gizzard recipes tenderizing The original name Copeland chose for the restaurant was Chicken on the Run and the menu featured traditional Southern-fried chicken.

Patrons seemed unimpressed, but Copeland didn’t give up. Chicken gizzard indian recipe He shut down briefly and changed his menu to give it more of a New Orleans kick. Spicy chicken gizzard recipe He also reopened with a new name – Popeyes.

If you’re guessing Copeland had the cartoon sailor in mind when he rechristened the restaurant, you’d be wrong, but it was a fictional character who provided the inspiration for the new name. Recipe for chicken liver and gizzard Copeland named the restaurant after Popeye Doyle, the protagonist of the “The French Connection,” a Hollywood picture that had been released a year earlier, winning five Oscars, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Gene Hackman as Popeye.

By its own accounting, Popeyes has grown into the second largest quick service chicken restaurant in the world, with some 2,500 locations in the United States and more than two dozen foreign countries.

Copeland, who founded the restaurant with the aim of going toe-to-toe with Kentucky Fried Chicken, maintained control of the enterprise until 1992, when Atlanta-based AFC Enterprises took over.

But if all goes according to plan, Popeyes will become part of the same company that controls Burger King and Tim Hortons restaurants in the future.

Just last month, Restaurant Brands International, which owns the two fast-food giants, announced its intention of acquiring Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, offering $1.8 billion for the chicken chain.

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