Good n’ plenty…cucumber…banana nut bread etc

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If I am not mistaken, aniseseed oil, which smells like licorice, best approximates the smell of Good \’n Plenty candy. Banana bread healthy Try getting some and mixing it with PCC, since that smells like cucumber and melon.

I thank you all for your help…I picked up that Anise Seed Extract (it actually tastes good too on stuff LMAO) anyway, PA_Phero_Guy I picked it up at a health food store, its sort of a \”Vitamin Shoppe\” kind of a place. Sugarless banana bread It cost me 5.25 not too bad and there is a hell of alot of it!. Banana bread simple What do you guys think about droppin some of that stuff in the Sandalwood edge?

If you like the cucumber-melon scent you can buy it as such from various places. Super moist banana bread Also over the internet.

It?s true, members of the same sex can and will be affected by the mones no matter which ones you wear. Recipe of banana bread You will also get reactions in all age groups. I need a recipe for banana bread You got to be able to live with this if you want to use pheros. 3 banana bread recipe CJ

Where could I get that? Because these phero products do cost alot of money and I would prefer to just get the male phero products and cut corners where I can. Low fat banana bread recipe I mean I don\’t want to spend 25 bucks on a female phero mix if I can get a cologne at target (or somewhere else) for half that and still buy something like alter ego. Banana bread loaf recipe So, if you know where I could get this could you let me know? thanks.

If I remember correctly, guys started wearing cops because supposedly it gives you (a guy) the smell or aura (or however you want to put it) of having been with a woman. Low calorie banana bread recipe The theory being that by wearing cops, you come across as being desirable or something and, thereby, would attract women with it. Banana blueberry bread Women would see you as being worthy; or something along those lines. Yummy banana bread I don\’t know if I said that right.

So, if that\’s true, wouldn\’t a gay man pick up on the cops and, therefore, stay away from you ? Assuming he can pick up on the cops. Simple banana nut bread recipe Just a thought I had.

I95 — supposedly, gay people are attracted to pheros of the same sex. Small banana bread recipe Meaning a gay man would be attracted by men\’s pheros. Easy recipe for banana nut bread And a gay man who would want to use pheros to attract another gay man would wear men\’s pheros. Banana nut bread easy recipe Which is why even if you wear \”men\’s\” pheros only, a gay guy may still be attracted to you. How to make banana bread recipe I don\’t know if I said that right either.

The theory behind cops for men is not only to show other people you are a sexually successful guy, but also that it turns on women!

Some time ago there was a guy who said he had quite some success in a club while wearing some of his girlfriend\’s \”vaginal secretions\”. Banana bread simply recipes He applied them right after they had sex. Bake banana bread We are looking for those kind of stories to validate the idea that wearing copulins is beneficial for a guy. Easy banana bread recipes moist Unfortunately there is not enough evidence around yet.

Well hey the Anise Seed Extract smells exactly like a good & plenty…perhaps I should just eat a cucumber before I wear this stuff and then put it on? lol I have no fricken idea…what do u think of putting some of that Anise Seed Xtract into the sandalwood edge? Is that a good idea or no?

If you like an anise like scent, check out a cologne by Mont Blanc called `Presence?. Extra moist banana bread I was given a sample and I liked it, then I realized it?s for men. Healthy banana nut bread recipe I had some residue on my finger and after a while I realized it turned too masculine for me to wear. Easy banana bread recipe 2 bananas It?s quiet nice really.

Cool…I will most definitly have to buy that stuff. Tasty banana bread recipe Any idea where I can pick it up? Is it popular enough to be sold in Sears or Target or Macys or something? Also do you know how much the stuff costs?

FYI, Mont Blanc is an extremely expensive line of products… Baking banana bread I don\’t know what \”Presence\” costs, but to give you an idea, I was given one XMAS their cheapest pen, costing $200 (including a signature engraving). Easy way to make banana bread Go check out and you\’ll see what I mean. The best banana nut bread You might have up to four boutiques you can visit, if you live in the northern part of NJ. 5 banana bread recipe Happy hunting!

What is the difference between an Eau de Toilette and a Cologne?

Officially they are fragrances with different strengths. Traditional banana bread recipe Eau De Toilette will contain 4%-8% of the perfume oil, where as an Eau de Cologne will contain 2%-5%. Light banana bread recipe Therefore, an Eau de Cologne should be a lighter and not so longer lasting fragrance. Super easy banana bread Traditionally, An EDC will have a citrus scent.

However in the world of Men\’s Fragrance, the definitions have become slightly blurred. All recipes banana bread A lot of the time, a fragrance house will call an Eau de Toilette strength fragrance, a Cologne. How to make banana bread easy Nine times out of ten, in men\’s fragrance a Cologne will be of EDT strength. Best banana bread ever recipe There are a few houses which use the correct term (Guerlain for example)

Sometimes it does make a difference. Two banana bread recipe Weakest to strongest, it goes body splash, cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume. Amazing banana bread So you would apply accordingly.

Sometimes you can really like the cologne but not like the eau de parfum or eau de toilette, or vice versa. Banana bread recipe from scratch If you have the opportunity, it\’s interesting sometimes to compare a scent in its various strengths.

Except it just occurred to me – do men\’s scents even come in a perfume?

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