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Google assistant for ios has been updated with native ipad support today. The design looks essentially the same as the iphone version, but with an interface optimized for the larger 7.9-inch to 12.9-inch screen sizes of apple’s tablets.

Like rivals siri, alexa, and cortana, google assistant is a digital assistant that can set reminders, schedule calendar appointments, answer questions, and provide other information through machine learning techniques.

Apple only allows third-party assistants to function within their apps, however, limiting their usefulness versus siri on iphone and ipad. For example, google assistant can’t be invoked with a voice command when an ios device is locked.

Nevertheless, ipad users now have one more option to choose from alongside siri, alexa, and cortana. Google assistant is free on the app store.

Update: google has shared a press release highlighting a few ways its assistant can be used around the house: – set the mood by having the assistant "dim the lights"

google assistant

– keep up with your chores by asking the assistant to "remind me to take out the recycling at 8 PM"google assistant for ipad is currently available in english, french, german, italian, japanese, brazilian portuguese, and spanish.

Who am I to say macrumors where to host their videos? They are free to do whatever they want. I am passionate opponent of google for the reasons which are very good known to me, and I am not gonna force anyone to do anything. My opinion is my opinion, and do not wish to force it on anyone.

I have noticed that all of you google apologists are using the same mantra, it is like someone installs this same code inside you, like you are all programmed in the same factory, so you go around and repeat: "why do you do that, why do you this, if you (x) than why you (y)"… Do you realize that google has taken pretty much monopoly over the great part of the internet, and that whichever path you take, you will eventually reach one of the google’s services?Google assistant trying to totally avoid the google in my life would be almost equal to stopping using the internet at all".

Google is tireless, it seems. All that data mining must be making google’s cpus red hot…Google can also start providing central heating to the USA, giving how much waste heat their cpus generate from all that tireless personal info processing. There you go, another "source of income". Don’t worry, it will be free. You know, with google, everything is "free" (if you don’t read the fine print).

If siri was good, google doesn’t stand a chance. The situation now is that google’s assistant runs circles around siri and apple isn’t doing a decent job to make siri any better. Instead they’ve chosen to cripple the functionality of google’s assistant on ipad and iphone. This will only work short time. People start to notice the grass is greener and definitely cheaper elsewhere.Alexa cortana

Glad assistant looks better on ipad. I use it all the time, and indeed, agree with HJM.NL (‘//forums.Macrumors.Com/threads/google-assistant-now-natively-supports-ipad.2109919/members/hjm-nl.1038025/’) that it runs circles around siri. (and all the companies mine data, not sure why that comment is here, anyway…)

Just like to add my take on apple not allowing 3rd party assistants. Yes, it’s a drag, wish they’d change that. But I work pretty well with my workaround allowing me to get most of the android/google assistant advantages while remaining on ios. Weird, but it works:

"Hey siri… Open google assistant." once open siri deactivates and it allows you to use "okay google" to control home, ask questions, etc. It will even allow you to start songs on another app like google play music and I think spotify. Actually, google assistant can open many other apps too, like google maps, mail, and a few others.Google assistant once any other app is open, siri re-activates, and then you can use it as normal, or to return to google assistant. I do this all the time in the car. Siri is useless for retrieving specific information and responding by voice with the details you need. I showed this trick to a friend who just went to a google pixel simply for access to google assistant and the better google home experience and his mouth dropped. Could have saved 800 dollars and stayed with ios, which for most other things (video, messaging, find friends) is better. Best of both worlds man. Best of both.