Great electric fruit juicers and juice extractors

Fresh juices make the best cocktails and if you do a lot of juicing, or want to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables, an electric juicer is the way to go. Carrot orange juice recipe juicer There are many options in almost any price range. Margarita recipe with orange juice and limeade As with any electric appliance, you get what you pay for, but the less expensive models can be great for the occasional juicing.

The first decision you will want to make is whether you want to only juice citrus fruits or if a machine that can handle all kinds of fruits and vegetables would … Margarita recipe with orange juice and sprite MORE be more useful.

Homemade orange wine recipe The list below begins with the machines that juice most anything, and the citrus juicers finish off the list.

The Breville Juice Fountain is the ultimate and any fresh cocktail lover’s dream. Mango pineapple juice recipe There are a few models to choose from depending on your needs and price range, but all have the ability to produce fresh, pulp-free and most will accommodate whole produce.

Speed and the quality of the final juice are what’s important here — you can get a full glass of juice in just a few seconds — and when you’re experimenting with different cocktail flavors from fresh produce this is invaluable. Recipe of orange juice in hindi Not … Recipe orange juice chicken MORE to mention, the steel machine looks pretty cool on a bar top.

The Omega Juicer has its advantages and disadvantages. Carrot ginger juice recipe Overall, it’s a good juicer, but for cocktails, you will want to get the optional filters to reduce as much pulp as possible. Christmas fruit cake recipe with orange juice The price of around $200 takes it out of the affordability range for many people, especially when you factor in the few cups of juice you get before having to remove the pulp. Easy fruit cake recipe with orange juice It also doesn’t have as much style as others so you might want to keep it hidden in the bar.

However, the great feature here is that you … Fruit cake recipe made with orange juice MORE can place a variety of fruits or vegetables in the container and it will create a personalized, well-mixed juice blend. Orange juice recipe in marathi language The Omega is powerful and durable and would be great for those who want to fresh juice mixes in both the kitchen and the bar.

A durable, ultra-fast juicing machine, this one uses a centrifugal extractor backed by 1/4 horsepower motor and 3600 RPM. Cranberry orange juice punch recipes That is so fast that it comes with a warning that it does heat juices up a little bit.

There are a few Juicerator models, with the stainless steel (model #6001) being the more durable and, understandably, expensive. Orange juice punch recipe non alcoholic Anyone who loves fresh juices, however, will instantly see the value in that material versus the plastic models.

Waring makes some great small appliances that are perfect for the bar as well as the kitchen. Baked chicken orange juice recipe This particular juicer not only looks great in the modern bar but since we all know the benefits of cleaning stainless steel, it’s perfect for juicing vegetables and fruits that have the tendency to stain (ie. Strawberry banana orange juice smoothie recipe carrots, beets, cherries).

The Waring Juicer is a little on the loud side, but no more than that blender you’re making margaritas with, and it does an excellent job for the price, which is … Strawberry orange smoothie recipe MORE ranging online anywhere from $60-120.

The Big Mouth is an affordable (around $80), durable, and high capacity juicer. Orange juice concentrate smoothie recipes The black finish is great for the bar and it can handle your fruits and vegetables, producing up to 20 ounces of juice at once.

The larger pulp bin is convenient, reducing the frequency of having to dump it, and although it is dishwasher safe, pulp does get stuck, but a brush is included for that.

This is the miniature version of L’Equip’s popular juicer and can make about 8 ounces of virtually pulp-free juice from any fruit and vegetable and can create some great blends (i.e. Frozen orange juice smoothie recipes carrot, apple and black currant, yum). Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt and orange juice This juicer takes the pulp and ejects it up and out the back so there’s less of a chance for clogging and more non-chunky juice in the end.

The compact model is perfect for hiding behind the bar counter and starting up for a round of fresh Screwdrivers. Passion orange guava juice recipe It’s … Banana orange smoothie recipe MORE durable, quick and right around $140 — overall a great value although it could use a little more style for a bar setting.

This is a powerful machine at an affordable price (around $70). Recipe for salad dressing with orange juice It produces a nice amount of juice from even the hardest fruits and vegetables, eating up a carrot or apple in no time. Recipes using fresh squeezed orange juice Two speed settings give you the option of boosting the power for the most difficult produce and the pulp container it has a separate pulp container, making clean up easy.

If citrus is what you want to juice and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this compact juicer is perfect for around $30. Cranberry sauce with orange juice recipe The Cuisinart is compact enough to store under the bar counter for quick access and the freshest orange, lemon, and lime juices that will make wonderful cocktails.

A brushed steel finish with black accents is a nice touch for the bar and it’s designed to remove as much juice from the pulp as possible. Mango rum pineapple juice recipe This compact, easy to use juicer is a great value but some … Cranberry relish with orange juice recipe MORE reviewers dislike the fact that it’s a little “jumpy” when it’s doing its job.

Easy, tough and fast, this press is one of the best on the market for both the home and professional bartender. Carrot orange smoothie recipe It’s a counter top model with a motor that activates when you press the arm down and its stainless steel finish looks great in any bar. Jamba juice orange carrot karma smoothie recipe The fins work their magic on the fruit’s pulp so you get the maximum amount of juice from each piece and the interchangeable filters let you control the amount of pulp. Pineapple orange smoothie recipe It can squeeze about 8 ounces of orange juice in around a minute.

If you … Fruit cake recipe with orange juice MORE have ever bought a juicer, you know that the cheaper ones can break easily, so forking over just under $200 for this press is worth the rugged construction and it fits almost every citrus fruit from lime to grapefruit without having to change the cone.

For occasional citrus juicing, the Citrus Mate is a great value and can pump out around 32 ounces of fresh squeezed juice. Strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt or milk It has two sizes of cones so you can fit large and small citrus inside and get the maximum amount of juice and the pulp adjustment is great for getting the cleanest cocktail mixers.

There is some question about the longevity of the juicer, but for $20 it should certainly last long enough to produce more than that in fresh juice and your drinks will thank you.

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