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Switch to smart and hassle-free shopping with a host of online grocery stores offering everyday to gourmet products across the country, says Chitra Anand Papnai

Do you hate shopping for groceries? And isn?t it annoying when you have to spend the only free day of the week haggling with vegetable vendors or poking around supermarkets or kirana stores for your weekly provisions?

Technology may come to your rescue. Is cane sugar bad Today there are a number of online stores from where you can order everything from fresh vegetables, cooking oil, pulses and rice to cosmetics, detergents and pet food. What is evaporated cane sugar If you need more exotic fare, there are speciality online stores that deliver premium and organic products too.

?Virtual stores provide excellent service for people who lead busy lives and struggle to find time to complete grocery shopping,? says Sushant Junnarkar of, a Bangalore based online grocery shopping portal.

Today there are a number of players ?,, and ? offering online shopping options and delivering goods at your doorstep.

Interior designer Neha Rai is hooked to online grocery shopping. Cane sugar vs beet sugar She regularly visits, a newly launched gourmet e-store store by a Delhi-based French expat, Adrien de Montalembert. Brown sugar vs cane sugar ?The best part about this portal is that the descriptions on the website are really helpful in finding the best gourmet products from India and around the world,? says Rai.

In Calcutta, e-entrepreneur Sandeep Sengupta of online store feels that with high speed broadband access in each home and office and better computer literacy, customers are now completely comfortable ordering things online.

?Making the website user-friendly and easy to use is the key to running online stores,? says Ayesha Grewal of, which stocks an array of organic products.

(From top) Ayesha Grewal started to bridge the gap between marginal farmers and urban consumers in India;

Adrien de Montalembert?s stocks exotic and organic gourmet items from international brands in Calcutta is the brainchild of software engineer-turned-entrepreneur Sengupta, who lived abroad for many years and created many online stores there. Sugar beet vs sugar cane ?I had made e-stores for reputed companies abroad and saw them becoming popular. What is pure cane sugar So I was confident that the concept of starting an e-store would work in India,? he says.

In addition, Sengupta has discovered that his store has become popular with NRIs living abroad who want to help out their ageing parents.

Calories in cane sugar ?With old parents back at home, they prefer to order from abroad, paying online,? says Sengupta. Cane vs beet sugar Other clients are people who order specific rare or premium products, which they cannot find anywhere else.

Bangalore-based IIM Ahmedabad graduate Junnarkar always had entrepreneurial dreams but the idea of starting an online store came from his own exhausting shopping experiences. How is sugar cane grown ?The monthly and bi-monthly rituals of shopping were such a hassle in the weekend rush,? says Junnarkar. How is sugar cane processed He figured that an online shopping portal would find a ready market among busy professionals for whom time was an even more important commodity than money.

Montalembert?s six-month-old has exotic gourmet items from a string of international brands like French Bakery, Lorina and La Perruche. Organic cane sugar vs white sugar ?Our customers are mainly gourmet food lovers. How to make sugar cane Now, our challenge is to convince customers from regular stores to visit and purchase on our website,? says Montalembert. Cane sugar vs refined sugar According to him, the site initially had more expat customers but now the ratio between expats and Indians is evenly balanced.

Ayesha Grewal started her online store for slightly different reasons. Benefits of cane sugar She wanted to help farmers producing organic products and make it easier for customers to get hold of and consume organic food always. How to use sugar cane So Grewal started her organic store to bridge the gap between the two.

Today, The Altitude Store has about 700 products from 18 different states all over India. Difference between cane sugar and white sugar Some are sold under The Altitude Store brand name and others, under the names of their producers. Sugar cane history By saving the middleman cost, this store helps farmers get a higher price for their products.

Sushant Junnarkar’s takes orders online as well as by phone and SMS

The Altitude Store specialises in everything organic. Is cane sugar refined That could mean anything from high quality organic juices to breakfast cereals, cheese, cosmetics, culinary oils, dry fruits, rice, lentils and beans.

For exotic products, click on where you?ll find stuff like traditional French lemonade from Lorina, chocolates from Maxim?s, French mustard from Maille and flavoured mustards and vinegar from Clovis. Cane sugar vs granulated sugar Then, there are also authentic sugar cane cubes from La Perruche and a huge selection of cheeses from France, Italy and Spain.

Grewal, who has stores in Delhi invites her customers to physically visit one of The Altitude Store branches to know the products. Sugar cane harvest season ?Once the clients are assured of quality, they feel confident ordering online,? she says.

Two factors are working in favour of Internet stores. What does sugar cane look like Firstly, access to the Internet is easier and people are now comfortable surfing and ordering on the net. White sugar vs cane sugar Also, these new stores offer a vast array of products ? you can pick up anything from your daily rations to baby products or fruits and vegetables. Pure cane sugar vs granulated sugar There are about 280 gourmet products available at and for everyday local products, offers about 1,200 products and has 500 products.

So are prices higher online? The online store owners insist that this isn?t the case and that there are, in fact, savings to be made by buying online. Cane sugar calories ?The products are 10 per cent cheaper than in stores when ordered from our online store,? says Montalembert.

Sengupta has even displayed the minimum retail price (MRP) and offer price for each product at Is cane sugar brown sugar ?We have wholesale vendors who supply the products to us at wholesale rates,? says Sengupta.

In any online store, a crucial element is that the website must be extremely user-friendly and navigable by people who aren?t tech whizzes. Cane sugar vs regular sugar There must be uploaded pictures and an accurate description of the products.

Most of these websites have a virtual cart, so every time you click to pick up a product, it gets added to the cart. What is a sugar cane Most online stores accept payment by credit or debit cards, though some also accept payment on delivery.

Montalembert explains how ordering and delivering works at Sugar vs cane sugar First, a customer visits the website, goes through the products and orders them. How long does it take to grow sugar cane Once the order is registered, the back-end service processes it. Granulated sugar vs cane sugar Then the goods are collected from the warehouse, packed safely and an invoice raised. Cane sugar ?? Lastly, the goods are shipped to the customer. Is cane sugar the same as brown sugar Alerts are sent to customers at every step.

All the entrepreneurs agree that it?s crucial that customers should be able to choose products from one page instead of going through several pages for different categories. Sugar cane vs sugar beet Sengupta?s website has all products listed on the website category-wise, mentioning details like price, quantity, delivery region, MRP, store price, special discounts and offers. Cane sugar meaning ?You can surf through the products section or search for them from the search box,? says Sengupta.

On his website, once you finish choosing all you want, you check out by mentioning the address of delivery, name, contact details, date and time of delivery. Sugarcane or sugar cane Then you can proceed to the payment part which can be done via credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. Is cane sugar better At the minimum order amount is Rs 1,000 for free home delivery within 48 hours but for anything less, there is a nominal delivery charge.

Junnarkar?s website not only gives the option of ordering groceries online but also takes orders by phone or SMS, after which one of the representatives of calls you back to take down the order.

For delivering out-of-station products, Grewal shares the delivery cost with her clients. How to plant sugar cane minecraft ?We give the clients the options of delivering goods through courier or express parcel post,? she says.

Actual delivery from most of these sites takes about 48 hours but if it?s outside their main operating areas, it could take up to five days or more.

?Orders received before cut-off times (a time of day that?s specified on most sites) are delivered the same day,? says Junnarkar. White rice sugar content Orders received after the cut-off times are delivered next day. What is inverted cane sugar ?Since does not have a big warehouse or outlets at prime locations the costs savings are used for doorstep delivery as well as providing discounts to customers,? says Junnarkar.

Similarly, takes about 48 hours for delivering products within Delhi and NCR while sending products to any other state within India can take a maximum of five days. Sugarcane in pakistan There is no minimum order or quantity for ordering from here. Sugar cane alcohol For transporting the orders to customers, uses a 1-litre refrigerant gel pack called lisotherme (imported specially from France), which keeps products chilled for up to 48 hours while in transit.

Grewal also offers quick delivery service for which the client has to pay extra. Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice But if The Altitude Store gets an order from the same area where the delivery boy is scheduled to be in, the store then omits the quick delivery charges.

Photographs by Rashbehari Das, Jagan Negi, Rupinder Sharma, Jagadeesh N.V.

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