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• FROM BEER TO NUTS: New legislation would allow liquor stores to sell both drinks and food.

Earlier this month, a combine of Walmart and county line liquor stores introduced legislation to allow sales of all wines in grocery stores, not just Arkansas and small producer wines.

The county line liquor stores — huge operations that draw on big business from neighboring dry counties — entered the deal in return for Walmart and others agreeing to cease for a time the aggressive effort to call local option alcohol elections in dry counties. Martini with sweet vermouth They’ve claimed Gov. Martini with sweet vermouth recipe Asa Hutchinson has signed onto the deal, though his office has disputed that.

Most of the other liquor stores in the state weren’t too happy to see the door opened to grocery store competitors. Manhattan cocktail recipe with dry vermouth That has slowed the progress of the original bill. Sweet vermouth recipes food It has also produced new legislation from Sen. Mixed drinks with vermouth Jeremy Hutchinson that would allow retail liquor stores to pool to make purchases to take advantage of volume discounts; allow liquor stores to ship to purchasers in-state, and allow liquor stores to sell food, under rules promulgated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

Hard to imagine passage of this relative earthquake in liquor store regulation, but it might find its way into efforts to amend and compromise on the original grocery store wine bill. Mixed drinks with sweet vermouth It, too, is in the process of being amended. Antica formula vermouth recipes It, too, may introduce a way for liquor stores to sell food, at least foods associated with consumption of alcohol (think salty snacks, though I think just about anything goes along).

Up for discussion, too, is a portion of the original bill that extended a two-year delay in grocery store wine sales in counties where alcoholic beverage sales had been approved since 2014 (Saline County being one of those, also Franklin). Martini rosso vermouth recipes UPDATE: This carve-out was removed in an amendment added to the bill later in the day. Martini rosso vermouth price That amendment included the sop for retail liquor stores to allow them to sell food, as Hutchinson’s bill would do.

Hard to pick a hero in this fight. Martini rosso vermouth sweet We’d all be better off without the special interest-protection aspects of Arkansas alcohol laws. Drinks with dry vermouth It would be best if there was wide open competition to sell everything everywhere (and with a somewhat less burdensome sin tax levy). Martini bianco vermouth recipes But it’s hard to figure why liquor stores shouldn’t sell food if grocery stores can sell alcohol. Martini rossi vermouth recipes It’s hard to figure why rules should be written to advantage Walmart and Bruce Hawkins’ clients in Conway County and disadvantage others. Gin martini recipe no vermouth But the politics of alcohol are among the most intricate and hard-fought in Arkansas.

UPDATE: Huge crowd in the House Rules Committee after adjournment of the House this afternoon to talk about the bill. Gin martini recipe sweet vermouth Small Arkansas wineries oppose, as do many liquor store owners. Dry martini recipe gin vermouth Preachers and Mothers Against Drunk Driving expected to add to the opposition.

UPDATE from Benji: The bill passed out of committee on a voice vote after extended testimony.

At the beginning of this afternoon’s meeting, an amendment was introduced by Rep. Cinzano bianco vermouth recipes Jon Eubanks (R-Paris) which rewrote the entire bill. Martini rossi red vermouth The committee approved the amendment without dissent — although it was not available to the general public on the Capitol website until much later in the evening — and proceeded to hear extended testimony from both sides. Martini rosso red vermouth The bill’s detractors argued SB 284 would create “two sets of rules” for retailers, in the words of John Crow, a liquor store owner in Pulaski County — one for liquor stores, another for big retailers such as Walmart. Martini rossi sweet vermouth “This bill benefits big business at the expense of Arkansas small wine and beer retailers,” he said.

Ed Wright, a liquor store owner who is in the process of opening a 15,000 square foot store in newly wet Saline County, said the bill’s effect would be “devastating” for his business model. Martini with sweet and dry vermouth “We started this process by a set of rules that all of our competitors have had to follow,” he said. Vodka martini bitters He said corporate retailers such as Walmart and Kroger are within sight of his location, and that he selected that real estate under the assumption that he would not have to compete with such stores for wine sales.

Jimmy Hamilton, general manager and sommelier at Legacy Wine and Spirits in Little Rock, spoke forcefully against the bill. Martini rossi rosso sweet vermouth He said a proposal to allow liquor stores to sell food items would do little good: “This was not accounted for in [our] business plan, and cannot be made up for by selling crackers and cheese,” Hamilton said. Martini rossi sweet vermouth review Liquor stores such as Hamilton’s complain that grocery chains will be able to squeeze better price deals out of wine distributors by virtue of their size, and although the SB 284 says grocery stores must negotiate prices with wine distributors on a store-by-store basis, Hamilton was unconvinced that that would actually occur.

“I think everybody knows … Walmart doesn’t leave it up to their local stores to negotiate prices,” he said.

But other retailers supported the bill. Bourbon sweet vermouth bitters Paul Rowton, a representative of Edwards Food Giant, a grocery chain in Central Arkansas, said the bill would allow Edwards “to carry an expanded selection of wine in some of our stores.” Rowton said allowing broader wine sales in grocery stores would benefit consumers. Rye whiskey sweet vermouth bitters “Soccer moms … don’t want to take their kids in a liquor store,” he said. Martini extra dry vermouth miniature “This bill isn’t about Walmart and it isn’t about the liquor stores. Martini extra dry vermouth white It’s about consumer choice in Arkansas.”

Mary Jane Cains of Mount Bethel Winery supported the bill, which would give direct financial support to Arkansas wineries. Vodka sweet vermouth recipes “From a winery standpoint, this bill offers things that we can’t turn our back on,” she said. Vodka martini without dry vermouth She said consumers want more choice in the wine they are able to buy in grocery stores, and that such a change was inevitable. Cocktail of gin and vermouth crossword clue “You can’t stop progress,” Cains said.

She also argued that some consumers — especially female consumers — want to purchase wine from grocery stores rather than liquor stores. Dirty gin martini recipe without vermouth “There are so many women that are intimidated to walk into liquor stores … I mean, as a mother of four children, when I go see the halfway naked women that are in the windows, it makes me feel a little self-conscious,” she said.

That drew a reflexively angry response from the audience, which included a large number of liquor store owners. Cinzano rosso vermouth cocktail recipes “How much money did you get from Walmart?” one man jeered.

Some unscheduled wrangling extended House debate this morning and it adjourned without debate on the Senate bill to expand wine sales in grocery stores. Cocteles con vermouth blanco /more/

• The grocery store wine bill: Whiskey sellers protest UPDATE

The distilled spirits lobby has come out against the bill to allow sale of all wines in grocery stores. Martini sweet vermouth recipe And a new question has arisen about the governor’s role in the proposal. Martini dry vermouth recipes /more/

Talk Business reports that Walmart stores, mostly in the Bentonville area, laid off around 1,000 workers on Friday in human resources, information systems division, replenishment, and financial services. Sweet vodka martini recipes The economic hit to northwest Arkansas could be significant. Scotch sweet vermouth and angostura bitters /more/

The Arkansas Supreme Court today rejected most of a union’s argument that it should not be prohibited from demonstrating against Walmart at its stores and nearby shopping areas. Whiskey sweet vermouth bitters But it said an order against all “non-shopping activity” was overly broad. Martini with vermouth and gin /more/

Walmart is forced to recognize labor unions in China, not typically a problem because the unions are under management thumb. Vodka martini orange bitters But suddenly, the Arkansas retail giant has a problem /more/

• With April 20 execution date approaching, two death row inmates seek clemency

Both Stacey Johnson and Ledell Lee were sentenced to die in 1993 for capital murder. Vodka martini gin Both men maintain they are innocent.

• VP Mike Pence to speak in Little Rock amid criticism of AHCA by Ark. Martini extra dry vermouth congressmen

Vice President Mike Pence will visit Little Rock tomorrow afternoon (Friday, March 24) the Republican Party of Arkansas announced today. Dirty gin martini without vermouth He’ll speak about health care. Sweet tea vodka martini recipes The visit will happen the day after the U.S. Sweet tea vodka drink recipes House of Representatives votes on the Trump Administration’s preferred vehicle for Obamcare repeal.

• NRA executive director: Goal is guns everywhere, with no training mandate

What does the NRA want, ultimately? No restrictions on where guns can be carried by “law-abiding people” and no training requirements for carrying. Sweet vodka cocktail recipes Period.

Gov. Sweet vodka drink recipes Asa Hutchinson was among the many governor’s happy at the failure of President Trump to pass legislation to repeal Obamacare.

Mike Huckabee naturally took to Twitter after being made the butt of a Jimmy Kimmel/Patton Oswalt joke. Sweet vermouth drink recipes It wasn’t pretty.

• City Board to consider limit on street parking of boats, camper trailers

The Little Rock City Board has on its agenda a staff proposal to limit parking of boats and camper trailers on streets.

An op-ed in today’s New York Time by Katha Pollitt says what I’ve been struggling to say about the reaction to the attack on women’s reproductive rights launched by means of the undercover videos made by anti-abortion activists.

Arkansas teachers! Get your free Howard Zinn book here! Whether Kim Hendren likes it or not.

The State Police have issued a minor clarification in what appears to be an effort to soothe an enraged Sen. Gin and vermouth drink recipes Jason Rapert, exposed here as overly excited about both a Conway parking lot question from a constituent as well as some inflammatory Internet rhetoric that he’s interpreted as a dire threat on his life. Dry vermouth drink recipes State cops took his reports seriously, they say. Whiskey and vermouth recipe But in the end, they found nothing actionable.

• It’s official: Arkansas Senate resolution blames refs for Hog loss; calls for ref education

Hog fans just can’t quit blaming the refs for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament loss to North Carolina. Martini recipe gin dirty Now the Arkansas Senate has gotten in on the act, with this resolution introduced by Democratic Sen. Martini ingredients gin Keith Ingram and getting bipartisan co-sponsorship from that brutish and short sandlot roundball player, Republican Sen. Recipe martini gin Jeremy Hutchinson.

• A new movie festival planned for Little Rock, led by Jeff Nichols

IndieWire breaks news long whispered downtown — a more ambitious successor to the Little Rock Film Festival is in the works, with backing from writer/director Jeff Nichols, a Little Rock native. Recipe gingerbread martini His “Loving” has won wide acclaim recently.

• Senate Education committee rejects bills to require transparency in charter schools

Two bills that would have applied transparency requirements to all schools that receive taxpayer dollars failed in the Senate Education committee this morning for want of Republican support.

Katmandu Momo, the food truck created by Nepal native Saroja Shrestha, will open a sit-down eatery in April in the River Market’s Ottenheimer Hall.

• Jones Bar-B-Q of Marianna has a related outpost in Jacksonville

The legendary Jones Bar-B-Q Diner of Marianna is about to have a kissing cousin — supposedly with the same key recipes — in Jacksonville.

Arkansas is the perfect place to try out this new health trend. Cocktail made from gin and dry vermouth Read all about the what, why, where and how here.

• New Research Project Coordinator for Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Heather Huckeba to oversee research to assist in the promotion of Arkansas as a tourism destination

• Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism receives national travel media award

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism wins silver award from the North American Travel Journalists Association

Mike Huckabee naturally took to Twitter after being made the butt of a Jimmy Kimmel/Patton Oswalt joke. Wino vermouth martini bianco 1l It wasn’t pretty.

Gov. Whiskey sweet vermouth recipes Asa Hutchinson was among the many governor’s happy at the failure of President Trump to pass legislation to repeal Obamacare.

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