Guitars and lightsabers a chat with sorcerer radio host aljon go – fantha tracks green apple nutrition facts

I’d like to welcome to fantha tracks, a dear friend, guitarist and fellow musician, aljon go. He’s also a massive star wars fan, as you’re about to find out.

AG: from what my parents told me star wars found me (laughs). One of my first memories of watching star wars was back when I was 6. My brother and I dressed up like star wars characters for halloween. I believe I was C-3PO.

AG: my parents told me they took me to the theater to see star wars when I was 3 years old. What I do remember is seeing empire when it was released. I’m glad my parents were into star wars.

AG: my favorite star wars character changes with my mood. Sometimes it’s yoda, sometimes it’s luke, mace windu, or finn. I think more often than not I would have to say that it’s obi-wan. I’ve always thought the character was very cool under pressure and had a good sense of humor.

Plus he can wield one hell of a lightsaber!

AG: my mom was a classically trained pianist.Star wars she also had a gift for playing the instrument by ear. She could hear a song and was able to replicate all the notes with ease without having read a sheet of music. When the 80’s rolled around I fell in love with MTV and my mom thought it would be the perfect time to get my brother and I into playing an instrument. So my parents encouraged us to pick up the guitar. I have my mom to thank for my love of playing but both of my parents supported my growth as a musician and turned me on to many great bands like led zeppelin, al green, the commodores, and heart.

AG: my first guitar was a sigma martin D-28 acoustic copy. After a few months of playing nonstop my folks got me a kramer aerostar electric guitar since I was a huge fan of eddie van halen and dweezil zappa.

AG: of course eddie van halen as I’ve mentioned before. His tone is unmistakable and every time I saw him play he looked like he was having the time of his life.Parents told I’m a huge fan of rick nielsen of cheap trick. He was also a player that has fun and inspired me to be an entertainer and love outrageous guitars.

AG: what’s not to love about the music of star wars? It’s the best! To say that john williams is a genius would be an understatement. The majesty, themes of the characters, pure emotion, the orchestration, it’s pure joy to listen to. I’ve been able to see parts of films he scored without the music and his score makes a huge difference. I dare say that you could understand any of his films without the dialogue and you could still understand it due to how well william’s scores was written. His work is epic in both range and scope and and will go down in history as one of the best composers of all time.

AG: I host the show with my wife kristen. She is also a huge star wars, marvel, and disney fan. She also happens to be a vacation travel agent and disney foodie.Parents told we talk about all-things disney – theme parks, animation, films, celebrity interviews, red carpets, marvel movies/TV, and of course star wars. We’ve been doing the radio show since 2009 after I spent over 17 years in commercial radio and voice over. Sorcerer radio was one of the first fan-run steaming disney stations starting in 2001 and is still going strong and grows every day with listeners from all over the world enjoying music and rare tracks from all of the disney parks.

AG: people can subscribe to the best of WDW tiki room on apple podcasts and stitcher radio as well as our site wdwtikiroom.Com and at the webegeeks podcast network. People can also follow “aljongo” on instagram for posts about music, guitars, and star wars.