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There are many varieties of gumbo, but every kind uses certain fundamental cooking techniques. Chicken wing diagram labeled First, gumbos all have a roux base, a mixture of butter and flour slowly cooked to a rich brown, which gives gumbo much of its characteristic thick texture and smoky taste. Chicken outline And further, all gumbos are thickened with okra or with file?. Chicken ear infection symptoms In fact, it is the okra that gives gumbo its name ? gombo being an African word for okra. Chicken causing bladder infections File? is a powder made from dried sassafras leaves originally discovered by the Choctaw Indians

Those are all very good points.

Chicken and urinary tract infections Except, I can point you to numerous “gumbo” recipes in the heart of gumbo country that do not contain roux or file, and even numerous stews that have come to acquire the “gumbo” moniker that don’t contain okra. Chicken treatment Roux, okra and file have all been employed for their thickening properties, so they can be found in “gumbos” independently as well as in combination. How to stop chicken cannibalism (If Paul Prudhomme can be relied upon as an authority, check “Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen” for instance, where, often as not, a roux is not called for where the gumbo contains substantial quantity of okra, and vice versa.)

In fact, it is probable if not definite that the original African cooks upon landing here and in the Caribbean did not use a roux in their okra stews, the roux being more of a French or European contribution that would have been passed on to the creoles, or French-African lineage, n’est ce pas?

Finally, butter has a very low smoking point. Whole chicken bloody mary The roux for gumbo more typically is made with vegetable oil or lard to get that very dark brown color so highly prized without an accompanying taste of burnt butter solids.

Speaking of gumbo and DC, I once got in an argument with the waitstaff and manager of the Legal Seafoods that used to be in the lower level of Metro Center. Sobelman’s fried chicken bloody mary They steadfastly insisted that the mulligatawny that they brought me was in fact a gumbo. Fried chicken bloody mary It’s the only time I’ve ever had an orange, curry-flavored “gumbo” with lentils in it. Chicken glasses It did have lots of seafood instead of chicken, though. Chicken glasses storage wars It looked like this:

I’d say it’s a soup. Chicken glasses video I have had very soupy gumbos, but none where I would say that the liquid was a gravy, as in a stew. Chicken glasses for sale I believe the basic distinction is between file and okra gumbos as mentioned above. Chicken glasses patent Gumbos like Campbell’s Chicken Gumbo and Popeye’s are definitely soups and I suppose fall into the okra type. Chicken kissing game I love file gumbo. Chicken with bloody stool Gumbo is a traditional New Year’s dish among many African-Americans.

I would say that Gumbo is, well, Gumbo. Cartoon chicken images free You could probably place it in a category of its own, similar to the way you would classify chowder. Fried chicken images free In fact, most New Orleans cookbooks place gumbo in a separate chapter, usually with Red Beans and Rice (also in a class of its own).

There are no hard and fast rules about gumbo. Chicken images free clip art Regardless of the origin of it’s name, gumbo can contain or exclude both okra and file powder. Chicken liver function Most gumbos are made with a roux, but few are made without. Chicken video recipes There are as many gumbo recipes and methods as there are families in South Louisiana.

If you want to learn more, do a search here on Gumbo; it’s been discussed quite a bit. Chicken video game I’m working on a section of my site for gumbo, but in the meantime, you can also check out, dedicated to preserving New Orleans culture. Chicken videos I would write more, but I have to go start making my Cajun Pork Jambalaya.

I did see a gumbo cook off thing on FTV or something like that and one of the judges said there are in fact three ways to thicken a gumbo. Chicken machine embroidery designs Roux, file and okra. Chicken machine A gumbo can contain and combination but must have one of them.

What seems to get lost in discussions of gumbo and many other creole and cajun dishes is their ad hoc nature. Chicken images black and white Cajuns in particular were rural people and not wealthy; they made wonderful meals from what was available. Liver of chicken No two gumbos or jambalayas were ever quite the same, even from the hand of the same cook.

There were some common “rules” and “traditions” that were dictated by what they had however.

Game was available in winter when there was no okra so it usually appears in roux-based gumbos.

Until vegetable oil was commonly available, lard was used to make a roux. How to make chicken gizzards and rice Lard was used for the mirepoix in an okra-based gumbo in which a roux was never used. How to cook chicken gizzards and rice Why would you bother with a roux when the okra would thicken a gumbo? They would never have used scarce, expensive butter which would have also burned in the long process of making a dark gumbo roux. Chicken masala tikka I still use bacon drippings as my grandmothers and aunts did for gumbo.

Roy Guste of Antoine’s disagrees with this and they use a roux in the restaurant’s okra gumbo. Chicken masala curry But as I said, gumbo is fairly ad hoc – and a good way to start a fight in Bayou Country.

File is added only to non-okra gumbo by most people. Chicken masala indian recipe Some people love it and add it to okra gumbo as well.

In no case should it ever be added until the gumbo is removed from the heat or it gets rope-y. Chicken masala bajias cooking It is properly added at the table like salt and pepper. Chicken masala powder I love the stuff and add it to lots of things besides gumbo.

I prefer the concept “traditional” over “authentic” for foods such as gumbo. Chicken masala calories A good South Louisiana cook knows instinctively what combinations work and doesn’t just throw everything into the pot. Chicken masala indian style No, there’s no such thing as vegan or vegetarian gumbos because they don’t honor the traditions of South Louisiana; those are okra soups. Chicken masala (Gumbo z’herbes is weak with plain vegetable stock, but you could try it.) Same thing if you throw in lobster or other non-indigenous seafoods – might taste great but they’re not traditional gumbos.

There was always a pot of gumbo everywhere we went when I grew up in Louisiana. Chicken masala slow cooker Daddy’s family settled there in the mid-1700s and he was the youngest of 14 children on a sugar plantation. Chicken marinades easy He moved to New Orleans and married Mama so I had the advantage of the City cooking as well.

I had no idea that there was any confusion over gumbo until I moved away from NOLA. Chicken marinades for baking Gumbo was just gumbo and everybody knew how to cook it.

That’s probably because Paul Prudhomme is a country boy – from Opelousas, deep in Cajun country. Chicken marinades and rubs Gumbo is more of the country than the city of New Orleans. Chicken marinades with orange juice But even a city place might have a cook with country roots – like K-Paul’s.

Since every gumbo is different, you did the right thing to eat it as many times as possible. Chicken marinades recipes On your next visit, hit the Bayous and eat some more. Chicken marinades for bbq Such punishment!!!

You have probably already started to see the common threads. Chicken marinades Usually two ingredients: chicken + shrimp, duck + sausage, chicken + andouille. Chicken marinades with lime Occasionally three. Chicken marinades for baked chicken Cajuns were poor so the common thing was one fresh meat or seafood plus a preserved sausage from the last boucherie.

A few years before Daddy died I served gumbo with brown rice instead of white which everyone in NOLA has been using. Chicken marinades for grilling I held my breath but he loved it. Heart of chicken He and his brother (who’ll be 90 this month) said it was like the rice they had growing up. How to cook liver of chicken So that’s what I use now.

A question, oh gumbo expert. Butter chicken masala indian recipe We’ve been having a best local gumbo thread in SF Bay Area and it occurs to me that I’ve had some gumbos with a thin broth and others with a thicker, almost gravy like broth. Spicy chicken masala curry Are those diffenent styles, or just simple cooking variations?

There are gumbos thick like stew and thin as well. Hyderabadi chicken masala curry The roux-based gumbos tend to be thinner. Easy chicken masala curry Turkey gumbo is generally very thin because turkey makes such poor stock.

Of course, if you have to feed more people, add more liquid, make more rice.

Isn’t this a lot like cioppino? No two pots are ever quite the same? You never have exactly the same mix of fish. Chicken masala curry recipe Both started out as fisherman’s supper, not a rich man’s feast.

I can’t make cioppino on the Gulf or East Coast because the seafood is different and I don’t have quite the touch. Indian chicken masala curry Haven’t eaten enough of it yet – sadly!

Gumbo’s out here in San Francisco area are sadly lacking. How to make chicken masala curry I think the best local one’s I’ve had have been at Black soul food restaurants, of which there are quite a few. Chicken masala tikka recipe They usually have a thin broth, but with some roundness, and they use Dungeness crab.

Thanks to CH and Google, I finally identified the two NO restaurants at which I ate in the mid 90’s, but whose names escaped me. Eastern chicken masala powder I had gumbo at both Pearl Oyster Bar and Grill and Chez Helene. Homemade chicken masala powder I really should go back, but both my trips to NO were on the way back home from Tampa. Tandoori chicken masala powder recipe Recent business trips have been taking me no further east/south than Ohio/Kentucky.

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