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Each week Alison Haislip and Alex Albrecht sit down for a Half Hour Happy Hour.

Red wine vinegar vs apple cider vinegar health benefits Drinks and conversation covering stories around the world, as well as close to home. Small apple nutrition Sit and knock back a glass of your favorite adult beverage and welcome to the garage.

This week a special guest stops by… Small gala apple calories mainly because of the incessant barking. Small green apple calories Alison talk about some car fun and Tom finally talks about his Netflix show!

This week team Happy Hour is LIVE! Straight from the Stone Company Store in Pasadena CA. Unsweetened applesauce nutrition facts Where else would one drink beer and discuss deadly AI infused robots?

This week Alex tells the group all about his 40th birthday driving BMWs oh and a little think about SELF DRIVING CARS! Hello future, you got here fast.

This week Alison, Alex and TSVK dive into the act of pleasuring ones self for charity, the first Tesla automated fatality and FINANCE LESSONS!

This week Alison, Alex and Tom talk about a shocking surprise inside a Kinder Egg, the universal translator is almost here and so are human pig babies!

This week the half hour team talk about ghost ships in Liberia, Alison talks about her new short film Rage Quit and Super Volcano and Alex get all remembery about weapons from their past.

This week the team at Half Hour Happy Hour discuss the bringing back of the dead! Also a great follow up on Alison’s Kinder Eggs… 1 apple nutrition jail time?

This week the team talks space travel as well as contacts that can change your perception. 1 apple nutrition facts Plus why is sending date through pork a good thing? Find out NOW!

This week Alison, Alex and Tom give you their origin story, everything glasses and the apocalypse. 1 green apple calories Also Alex does a little circus stunt… Apple carbs we think he’ll be fine.

In this episode Alison, Alex and Tom talk about nudity in the theater as well as MOR ALIENS! Also let’s see if how close we are to real time travel.

This week it’s all about science and death! Alison, Alex and Tom talk about unfrozen rabbit brains, a meteorite that kills and some light Netflix talk.

This week Alison, Alex and Tom deliver a classic Half Hour Happy Hour show with the perfect mix of Sex and Science? They talk gravitational waves, orgasm clocks and video game sex devices. Apple carbs per serving It’s all down hill from there.

This week Alison, Alex and Mr. Apple cider health benefits Supervolcano discover the the best thing about being a Dutch driving instructor, talk about how robots will soon be making all our food and of course giant flightless stick insects. Apple cider health benefits list What could go wrong?

The team is back for their first sit down in 2016! Champagne was had, stories were told and the garage was freezing. Apple cider juice health benefits Alison, Alex and Tom deliver a classic episode to start off the year.

This week Alison and Alex talk about a start up that aims to download your brain into a robot body so you can live forever! Also rocket talk featuring Jeff Bezos… Apple cider nutrition facts he’s rocket goes up, and comes down. Apple cider vinegar contents Plus why we don’t like waiting in…

This week Alison and Alex get real scieney on magnetic wormholes, talk morals of driverless cars and is it a good thing or bad thing that NASA is using SpaceX?

This week Alison and Alex talk about a suicide coaster, a simple dream switch and a way to get more than your share of first class flights. Apple cider vinegar health benefits liver Wish we had thought of that! Also Tom ends the show early… Apple cider vinegar health benefits mayo clinic Alison = Not happy.

This week Alison and Alex take on self repairing cities, the million drone army of the holidays, the new retirement age and of course artificial skin!

This week Alex and Alison are amazed by the self driving car… Apple cider vinegar health benefits weight loss it’s HERE! Drones be gone and McDonald’s all day breakfast might be bad for business.

This week Alison and Alex look into the NASA announcement that water was found on Mars. Apple cider vinegar nutrition facts The dive bar as we know it is going away… Apple cider vinegar nutritional information where can all the toothless people drink?

This week Alison and Alex cover the wild world of Apple TV, a man who’s hand is sewn to his stomach, airplane ice from above and super mice… Apple cider vinegar tablets reviews here to rule us all.

I love both Alex and Alison, and I’m glad they’re back working together. Apple country animal hospital Lots of Podcasts I pick and choose what episodes to listed to depending on subject for that week, or their guests because I don’t have time to listen to 10-15 hours of podcasts every week. Apple country club plaza Half Hour Happy Hour is 30 “ish” minutes each week of just great conversations on many topics and is fun. Apple country farm market I’ll be listening to every episode!!

I loved 4 points show when it was on youtube and was really disappointed they didn’t get to continue it so I am very excited that the hosts are back together to do something similar in podcast form. Apple country realty The news stories are there to give their banter some structure but really this is just a couple awesome people joking around and having a good time. Apple dietary fiber The enjoyment is contagious and I hope they are able to continue for a long time.

I used to watch Alex on Diggnation and this is my first experience with Alison. Apple fiber Let’s also not forget Tom “Super Volcano” Krajewski. Apple fiber content An awesome, laid back podcast and a perfect start to your work week.

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