Hanging salmon fillets to smoke

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I have a 4-rack gas smoker — tall — and have usually smoked salmon by laying a couple fillets on each rack. Oven cook salmon fillet If the fillets are too large, I’m forced to cut the tails off or something similar.

The results have always been very pleasing, but I do get a white curd that forms on each fillet, regardless of duration of drying pre-smoke or setting the temp at the lowest setting, etc… How to cook salmon fillet in a pan SO… Oven baked salmon fillets I was wondering if hanging the fillets would reduce this curd formation, and allow me to (perhaps) get more fillets in the smoker. Oven cook salmon fillets Perhaps a couple layers of vertical oriented fish versus a couple fillets on horizontal racks.

Has anyone done this in a small smoker before? Do you think the “integrity” of the skin would be such to allow a coat-hanger-sized wire to be pierced through it and looped over the top rack in a smoker? And have the fish “hold” during the time?

I know natives smoke strips vertically in large smokehouses — the ones I’ve seen are tied with string, but I’m talking about a whole fillet in a smaller smoker.

Salmon skin is pretty strong, even more so as it is drying. Cooking salmon with skin on Are you planning on filleting your salmon with the tail remaining attached or just cutting your fillets off each side? If you leave the tail attached you can trim it right down to the base, the base area is all you really need since it is the strongest point when you are hanging your fish. How to cook salmon with skin on Another method to consider is to do a butterfly fillet leaving the belly area attached, makes a nice big fillet of salmon. Grilling salmon with skin on Also to keep your single fillet or butterfly fillet spread out as it is hanging vertically/drying/smoking use the native method which is to cut slim straight pieces of willow the width of the fillet and cut a small hole on each side (outside edge) of the fillet and stick the end of the willow stick into each hole, this is done on the skin side. Cook salmon fillet oven Two sticks spaced evenly at the widest part of the fillet would work best. Whole salmon fillet recipes If you are gonna hang a butterfly fillet definitely use two sticks.

The curdding is caused by heating too fast. Cooking frozen salmon fillets You might try to put some heat diffuser in the bottom of the gas smoker. Baked whole salmon fillet Try some “chipped/cracked” ceramic floor tiles from a building supply store. Recipe for baked salmon fillet They usually have some tiles that are not saleable. Cooking salmon fillets in oven These are also good to put in the bottom of a gas oven in your house/RV.

if you want to smoke the whole salmon by hanging it, don’t run your knife through the last bit of the tail when you fillet the first side. Cooking salmon steaks in oven flip it over and do the same again. How to cook a salmon steak now cut through the vertabrae right at the end of the tail. Baking a salmon fillet the 2 sides should be joined by the tail. Recipe for baked salmon fillets after salting and rinsing it you hang it over a dowel or stick. Baking salmon fillets in oven some people hang it with the skin side out for the first 12 hours to condition, then flip it to meat out and start cold smoking. Baked salmon fillets i always hung it meat side out right away to condition and then started smoking later [less work]. Bake salmon fillet in oven make sure no sides of fish are touching each other. How to bake salmon fillet if your smoker is too warm the fish will start to kipper and fall of the skin. How long to bake salmon fillet this is a real mess that i unfortunately learned the hard way. How to bake a salmon fillet if you are getting white curds on your fish i think your smoker is too hot and i would not hang fish in there. How to bake salmon fillet in oven remember that you should be 85 farenheit at the most to cold smoke like this.

Is it possible, then, to “hot smoke” salmon in a little-chief, or similar gas smoker, and NOT get the white curds? I turn the gas flame below the cast iron chip basket as low as possible, and place water in the container above it, and place the fish on the racks above it — with the vent on top wide open, I still get curds quickly. How long to bake a salmon fillet What sort of venting might I add to cool down the smoker but still keep the smoke in? Or is “holding” the smoke really a big deal? Would the ceramic plates (above the wood chip basket, I assume) mentioned above solve this?

To stop the curding, you need to cool your smoker down to 120-150* as others have mentioned. How long bake salmon fillet Do not wrap your smoker or cover it with the box to cold smoke.

BUT, you real problem is caused by a lack of air circulation PRIOR to smoking.

Once your fish are brined, put them on a rack and circulate air across them for a couple hours using a fan.They will be ready to smoke when a shiny glaze crusts over the meat.

It will look like they were sprayed with a shellac as they will be shiny but dry.

Often, I will brine my fish in the evening, then put the fan on them overnight in the shop.

Keep the temp down, (use a thermometer to check temp), and smoke a couple pans of chips keeping them changed every 45 mins or so.

If you ever want to hot smoke (200* +/-) in the little chief, wrap the box in duct tape and put on the smoker. Baked salmon fillet To bump it up even more wrap with a quilted packing blanket also. How to bake salmon fillets Works great for making briskets.

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