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An indian tribe called the costanoans first inhabited the land that watsonville now occupies. This tribe settled along the pajaro dunes since the land was fertile and useful for the cultivation of their plants and animals.

The first european land exploration of alta california, the spanish portola expedition, passed through the area on its way north, camping at one of the lakes north of town for five nights, on october 10–14, 1769. During the october 10 march, the explorers first saw the coast redwood tree (spanish: palo colorado).

A bronze plaque at pinto lake commemorates the event. On october 15, the expedition continued to the northwest past today’s community of freedom, camping that night at corralitos lagoon.

In 1796 european explorers saw a big bird along the side of the river that they then named as rio del pajaro, or river of the bird.

This river now is now the divide between santa cruz and monterey counties.Time capsule

In 1847, the second wave of european explorers decided to settle in what is now called the pajaro valley. In 1848, the gold rush in the sierra mountains brought people to the area to buy land allowing them to acquire large acres of property for farming and ranching that would shape the economy of the valley.

In 1851, judge john H. Watson arrived in the pajaro valley and claimed to own some of the property of sebastian rodriguez. Watson laid out a township near the pajaro river and after a local sheriff referred to the area as watsonville, the name remained.

Watson lost his claim against the rodriguez family and left in 1862. The community was incorporated as the town of watsonville on march 30, 1868 and named after judge john watson. In 1889 the town changed its name to the city of watsonville.

2018 marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of watsonville’s incorporation on march 30th, 1868. Over these last 150 years, watsonville has seen many changes and experienced much growth.Pajaro river throughout our city’s history, many have worked together to build and shape our community.

Sebastian rodriguez and his family donated a large portion of our historic city plaza in 1860. Soon after, the community of our newly established city started a movement to beautify our city’s center. The native daughters of the golden west were an integral part of transforming the plaza, removing and burning the eucalyptus stumps and bringing in 800 loads of sand from the pajaro river to flatten out the plaza.

During this same time, the pajaronian newspaper wanted a fountain to be part of our plaza and they were able to get the butterfly social club to donate the fountain to the city of watsonville. Charles ford’s family donated $400 to help fund many of the improvements in 1890.

By the turn of the 20th century, watsonville was becoming one of the most important locations for apple production in the united states.Time capsule the community rallied together to fund the new bandstand, which was built in the center of the plaza by granite rock for $1,590.

By 1909, watsonville held the title as largest apple annual event worldwide. Thousands of people from all over the country and world rushed to watsonville to experience our culture, activities and festivities that celebrated this community’s rich and vibrant apple industry.

In keeping with our 150 years of community building, what better way to celebrate than a birthday party at our historical city plaza on march 30? We will have live music, cake and special activities for the whole community to enjoy. Many other events are planned throughout the year, such as a wine beer and art walk, a community concert and a time capsule event.

To support this year of celebration, fundraising efforts are underway with the “150 club.” community members and families can donate $150 dollars to help fund the festivities.Pajaro river the funds raised will be used to fund the birthday celebration, the time capsule and special homecoming concert by andy vargas, the lead vocalist for the legendary rock band santana.

Community members who wish to participate in the “150 club” will have their family portrait placed in a commemorative book that will be saved in the time capsule and will receive a limited edition commemorative sesquicentennial coin.

If you have any questions regarding any of the watsonville 150 celebrations or fundraising opportunities you can contact us: (831) 768-3010 watsonville150@cityofwatsonville.Org