Health benefits of cayenne pepper _ best anti-aging hacks

The health benefits of cayenne pepper make it truly one of the most effective herbs in your antiaging arsenal. Calories in a green apple Cayenne pepper and heart health go hand in hand, and cayenne pepper herbs are a centuries old effective folk remedy. Calories in a small apple Let me show you why…..

Cayenne is a fruit not a herb, but possesses the healing properties of herbs.

Calories in an apple Cayenne peppers belong to the nightshade family of plants like the jalapeno and bell pepper.

These all contain oleoresin capsaicin which is where the health benefits of cayenne pepper derive from.

It is used in spicy dishes as a powder or vinegar like sauce. Calories in an apple fritter It gets it’s hot properties from a substance called capsaicin oleoresin which affects the body’s nerves causing them to release a neurotransmitter called substance-p into the bloodstream.

This release of substance-p is what causes the burning sensation. Calories in apple butter However this neurotransmitter is rapidly depleted, temporarily blocking the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Calories in apple cider vinegar This is the basis for the health benefits of cayenne pepper.

The hot properties of cayenne are measured in scoville units, also called heat units. Calories in apple juice Cayenne peppers are usually between 30,000 and 50,000 scoville units, with some other forms of hot peppers actually exceeding 100,000 heat units.

Most commercial encapsulated cayenne powders start at around 20,000 units, which is quite adequate to get the benefits of cayenne. Calories in apple pie It can also be made as a tea or a tincture, which is more effective in getting cayenne pepper herbs into the body rapidly.

You need to be cautious using capsules of cayenne, because when they begin to dissolve in your stomach the sensation can be quite uncomfortable to downright painful.

• Lowering blood pressure while strengthening heart performance

• Effective topical pain reliever for arthritis and joint pain

• Relieving gastrointestinal problems such as stomach aches, cramping and gas

• Relieving pain due to diabetic neuropathy, shingles, psoriasis, and fibromyalgia

The health benefits of cayenne pepper revolve around this substance-p depletion affect. Calories in apple pie slice Cayenne pepper and heart health are related to this as well. Calories in applesauce Cayenne aids in promoting cardiovascular health and has an all around tonic effect on the circulatory system.

One of the most dramatic health benefits of cayenne pepper is its reported ability to stop a heart attack in its tracks! This effect comes from the ability of cayenne to act as a vasodilator and open arteries allowing critical blood flow to the heart to resume.

Cayenne helps prevent blood clots from forming due to it’s effect on blood platelet aggregation (stickiness). Calories in green apple This anticoagulant effect is part of the relationship between cayenne pepper and heart health, and cayenne does it naturally with no toxic side effects.

In the case of heart attacks, cayenne is best given orally as a tincture or hot tea to speed its entry into the bloodstream. Calories in medium apple According to the famous herbalist Dr. Calories in one apple John Christopher this amounts to a teaspoon of cayenne powder in a cup of hot water, about 500mg dosage.

Dr. Calories in one large apple Christopher claims that he has used this preparation a number of times to save the life of a patient who was having a heart attack. Calories in red apple The cayenne tea was able to dilate the arteries and restore critical circulation and blood flow to the heart.

This is perhaps one of the most dramatic health benefits of cayenne pepper! However caution is advised so please read below:

Please note: If you suspect you are suffering from a heart attack, do not use cayenne or any natural remedy in place of prompt medical intervention. Calories in red delicious apple The ability of cayenne to stop a heart attack is anecdotal and unproven in proper medical studies. Calories in red delicious apple large Always go with standard medical treatment if available. Calories in redd’s apple ale Use of cayenne for this purpose should only be a last resort if no other medical treatment is available in time.

Be sure to read Dick Quinn’s excellent book about how he treated his own heart problems with cayenne. Calories in small apple The book is called “Left For Dead” and details exactly how he used cayenne to heal his ailing heart!

Health benefits of cayenne pepper extend to diabetic conditions as well. Calories in small green apple Recent research in which type I diabetes was cured in mice used capsicum extracted from cayenne pepper. Carbs in red delicious apple The capsicum was used to deplete substance-p in the pancreas of the mice and allow the islet cells to begin working again and producing insulin.

This new development is interesting in light of the fact that cayenne has been used for many years as a “folk remedy” for diabetes. Carbs in redd’s apple ale It would appear that science is finally confirming what centuries old folk medicine knew about cayenne pepper herbs.

There are now a host of topical pain relief creams based on capsaicin from cayenne peppers. Cnn nutrition apple cider vinegar These creams work by depleting substance-p from the sensory nerves in the affected area and preventing transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Capsicum based creams and lotions have become quite popular for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis as well as other painful conditions of the muscles and joints. Custard apple health benefits These creams are also extensively used in veterinary medicine on racing horses and dogs. Custard apple nutritional value The health benefits of cayenne also extend to animals as well as humans.

Capsicum based preparations used on horses can also be used safely on humans as they are formulated to be used on a horses skin which is more sensitive to irritation than human skin. Gala apple nutrition facts My personal favorite is Equibloc, which can be found on the web. Granny smith apple nutrition facts It is gentle on the skin while being very effective for relieving pain!

When using capsicum based creams avoid getting any on your hands and subsequently touching your eyes. Green apple health benefits You should also be aware that when it is on your skin and you shower or bathe soon after, you will likely experience a burning sensation.

Water seems to intensify the effects of oleo-resin capsicum so you will want to avoid getting the area that you applied it to wet. Green apple nutrition Eventually you will become used to the effects and the uncomfortable sensations will lessen.

Capsules: 20,000 to 50,000 scoville units (usually 500-800mg capsules)

An infusion of cayenne tea would be made by combining one cup of hot water with ? to 1 teaspoon full of cayenne powder. Green apple nutrition facts Let it set for ten minutes. Green apple nutrition info You would then combine a teaspoon of this infusion in water and take up to three times per day.

Capsules can be taken up to three times per day before meals, and topical capsicum creams should be used 3-4 times per day until the pain subsides.

Cayenne peppers are an amazing substance, to be used effectively for a myriad of conditions, and with no dangerous or unhealthy side effects. Health benefits apple cider vinegar It is easily the most potent natural medicine available, but can be used with no harm.

The health benefits of cayenne pepper, especially cayenne pepper and heart health have been well documented. Health benefits of an apple Cayenne pepper herbs are truly a gift from nature. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar Use it wisely and it will help keep you healthy and vital all of your life.

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