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Well, first of all, let me say that while this smoothie is really healthy, I promise that it actually tastes good. Banana bread yogurt recipe I’ve come across way too many smoothie recipes in my short life that are beautiful and vibrant and perfectly green…but I can’t even choke them down (there was this epic fail once when I made a popular green smoothie recipe loaded with kale and spinach and lime and all I could taste was grass – like I had just mowed the lawn and inhaled all the clippings). Banana bread recipe with almond flour Which is why this smoothie is brown. Flour bakery banana bread I know it’s not the most appealing looking smoothie on the planet, but I don’t really care what color it is as long as it is full of good-for-me-and-you-foods and is delicious enough to look forward to eating it (meaning: it doesn’t taste like grass).

A lot of times with our breakfast smoothies, we just throw stuff into the blender and hope for the best, but over the last few months, this smoothie is the one we’ve made the most (as in, it is my breakfast of choice 6 out of 7 mornings) and I finally jotted down the ingredients and amounts to make it “recipe official.”

I love that it has no added sugar but is plenty sweet from the natural fruit sugars plus it has a lot of great vitamins courtesy of the vegetables (carrots and spinach). Hummingbird bakery banana bread We call this our super food smoothie and it’s basically the reason I buy bunches of bananas at a time and purposely let them ripen (to increase their sweetness) on the counter and then peel them and toss them in a freezer ziploc bag.

My kids love this smoothie, too. Flour bakery banana bread recipe And I love that they love it. Banana bread recipe yogurt And we are all one big happy family humming Kumbaya while drinking our healthy smoothies in unison.

Banana bread recipe with yogurt Too bad the smoothie effect doesn’t last all day to prevent sibling squabbling and mommy impatience. Sugar free banana bread recipe If anyone has the recipe for those things, talk to me ASAP.

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I’ve made this every weekday for the last 3 weeks for my husband and I and is it great! I feel so good getting that much good for you things early in the morning. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt I bought a huge bag of limes at Costco so I have been putting in a whole lime each time and it tastes great.

I’m allergic to oranges, do you know what I could sub for that, or do you think it would taste okay to leave it out? Thanks so much! (I’ve been following your site for over 3 years and love it more every day. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your family!!)

Trisha T – You could probably leave it out but I’d suggest adding a bit more liquid and maybe consider adding another fruit in its place. Banana bread with sour cream recipe Are you allergic to grapefruit? That could work. Buttermilk banana bread recipe Good luck.

I finally got around to making this, and I omitted the orange, and doubled the carrot juice. Banana bread food network I have a juicer, so I juiced about 9 carrots which was a little more than 2 cups, and it tasted great! Thank you so much for the suggestion and help! ?? (P.S. Banana bread donuts Congrats on the move, I’m originally from Idaho and loved it there!)

Hands down this is THE BEST green smoothie I have ever tried. Banana bread recipe using sour cream I ended up having to use your suggested substitutions based on what I had on hand, but it still turned out delicious. Banana bread with sour cream and oil Having made a green smoothie just 3 days ago (and tried several in the past), I was shocked when I didn’t taste the spinach in this at all. Original betty crocker banana bread recipe And I even added raw carrots because I only had mango juice. Banana bread 1 egg We all loved this. 4 ingredient banana bread THANK YOU!

This was great! I really liked the lime. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream It was worth paying 88 stinkin’ cents for a lime! ?? Here’s my normal smoothie recipe, which is similar. Banana bread sour cream recipe

Keep up the good work, and I hope all is going well with the puppy! (and the 5 humans you take care of, too!)

Looks great! I make similar smoothies, and they look pretty much the same color. Chocolate banana bread pudding ?? I just bought the ingredients to make this one, although I’m subbing orange juice- because all the store I went to had was a 1/2 gallon of carrot juice for $6+. Banana bread recipe taste I’ll have to look for that elsewhere!

Have you ever tried whole carrots and the “whole juice” function to make the carrot juice or do you use bottled? I have a Blendtech (love it!), but I’ve never tried making the whole juice. Betty crocker banana nut bread recipe This sounds like a perfect recipe to test it out with. Banana bread recipe buttermilk I’m right there with you in that I’ve tried some green smoothies that were a little too green for me!

I’ve always froze my bananas with the peel on because if I peel them before freezing they becomes a shade of brown that isn’t appealing, still tastes fine though. Best moist banana bread When I need to use one I take it out about an hour before and it thaws enough for me to peel them and they are still fresh looking. Banana bread muffins with applesauce Do you do something to prohibit the browning or is your picture using a fresh banana?

That’s a frozen banana in the picture. Banana bread with 2 bananas My bananas don’t seem to get any more brown in the freezer than they were when I put them in…this one happened to be nice and pretty when it was frozen but others are definitely less appealing if I wait to freeze them until they are ultra ripe. Banana bread and butter pudding It all gets blended up so I haven’t worried about the color.

Alisha and Erin, good question! You could definitely add more protein to this. Banana bread recipe without baking soda It is my main breakfast and keeps me full (I drink a full tall glass). Banana chocolate bread pudding My kids usually have the smoothie in addition to breakfast…they have a much smaller cup but sometimes one of them just wants a lot of smoothie with toast or something like that. Banana bread with chocolate chips recipe Hope that helps!

Hello Erin. Super slice banana bread This smoothie has a lot more protein than first glance indicates. Frozen bananas for banana bread Flaxseed has around 4 grams protein per serving (not to mention the 5.7 grams of fiber so lacking in our diets). Whole wheat banana bread muffins One cup of spinach has 5 grams of protein or 51% of calories from spinach are protein. Banana bread with applesauce and honey One cup of carrot juice carries 2 grams of protein. Banana bread with applesauce recipe If you switch out the flaxmeal for chia seed (be careful tho this is a thickener) you will get 4.4 grams of a complete protein (all 9 amino acids) with 11 grams of fiber. Banana bread without baking soda Your body can only absorb so much protein per serving so when I have a smoothie for breakfast, I eat a couple hours later for a snack a hard boiled egg or a container of Greek Yogurt (12 grams of protein) at 80 calories. Banana bread no baking soda My kids love Greek yogurt and hard boiled eggs. Easy banana bread recipe without baking soda This smoothie is a nutritional power packed breakfast. Hawaiian banana bread recipe Hope this information helps.

We love smoothies too! I have never heard of or thought of peeling a lime and using in a smoothie. Banana bread with coconut oil Zesting, yes, but peeling no. Banana bread with honey Your recipes often have interesting ingredients put together in such a way that “normal” recipes are greatly enhanced. Banana bread with brown sugar We always use over ripened bananas as sweeteners and include either chai seed or ground flaxseed meal. Chocolate chip banana bread muffins Sibling squabbling equals mom suddenly remembering some tedious chores that need to be done prompto. Calories in banana bread slice It’s amazing how quickly kids pick up on the fact that squabbling equals added chores. Can you freeze bananas for banana bread ??

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