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Quick and healthy Deviled Eggs! These deviled eggs are packed with egg-protein, topped with homemade spicy and green good-fat avocado sauce! They are also mayo free and far more quicker to put together! Paleo, gluten free, and ketogenic diet friendly!

Honestly, eggs and avocado are made for each other. Easy fish curry recipe without coconut Don’t you think? I never miss the opportunity to bring these two together. Best fish curry recipe in the world Like my Spicy Avocado Pasta with Cajon Fried Eggs and Avocado Egg Toast with Tomato Jam are often in our Sunday brunch menu.

This is a kind of appetizer which I would serve anytime of the year.. Easy fish curry recipe nz not just on special occasions.

Best fish curry recipe ever Plus, it is so easy to make a batch of avocado deviled eggs that you will wonder, why have you not tried it before?!

Now, if you thinking eggs and healthy? Well, they are good source of protein and good for health when part of a balanced diet regime. Easy fish curry recipe coconut milk Including eggs in a plant-based diet can complete body’s need of protein without need for eating meats.

Okay, now let’s see what makes this Deviled Egg recipe healthy?

Garlic, Jalapeno – Know for anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants.

Egg yolks – Yolks? yes, yolks! Yolks are only known for their bad cholesterol reputation but actually these are very good source of vitamin B-complex, and have great anti-inflammatory properties.

For this deviled egg recipe, I leave the yolks in egg halves and pipe avocado dressing on top. Best fish curry recipe indian But, if you want to avoid yolks or want low-fat deviled eggs? Just discard yolks, and fill egg white cavities with only avocado sauce.

…continuing my thought of leaving the yolks in egg instead of mixing with filling. Easy quick curry recipe I personally did not feel like to mix anything in avocado that will make it dull color or mask it’s flavor. Easy curry rice recipe Also, leaving the egg yolks intact made recipe super quick.

To make avocado deviled eggs… Easy beef curry recipe nz I start by boiling the eggs. Easy beef curry recipe uk (If you are new to deviled eggs? I shared a little more about these in my previous Spicy Deviled Eggs post.) While eggs boil, I mix a batch of avocado sauce. Easy beef curry recipe That’s it!

After eggs boil and avocado filling is ready… Easy beef curry recipe in slow cooker the only thing left to do is: peel eggs, slice in half, top with jalapeno-avocado sauce! Serve and enjoy!

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? This are also my “Jalapeno Fever” Deviled Eggs! My love for jalapenos has made me “spicy” deviled egg’s fan. Easy beef curry recipe south africa When I made it last week, I realized my recent Spicy Avocado Sauce Pasta recipe had jalapenos and eggs too! 🙂 I also realized, if I continue like this, my husband will soon ban me from bringing jalapenos home! hmm.. Easy beef curry recipe indian may be.

But don’t be mislead by healthy title, or jalapeno heat.. Easy beef curry recipe pressure cooker these little bite-size treats are very flavorful, not that spicy, and are perfect to serve at any party. Easy beef curry recipe coconut milk These will be nice change from regular mustard-mayo deviled eggs.

Let me sum up why this will make great addition in appetizer:

1. Kerala beef curry recipe coconut milk Fresh green color with zing of lemon/jalapeno and creaminess of avocado.

2. Malaysian beef curry recipe coconut milk Mayo less deviled eggs are perfect for guests with raw egg allergies. Ground beef curry recipe coconut milk (like myself)

3. Beef curry recipe coconut milk slow cooker Nice change or contrast to regular mustard-mayo deviled eggs. Shrimp curry without coconut milk recipe (both will make great platter together.)

That being said, if you thinking to serve variety of deviled egg recipes in one platter? You can checkout my Buffalo Chicken Spicy Deviled Eggs Recipe too! I have one more bold and spicy deviled eggs recipe coming soon. Prawn curry coconut milk recipe hint hint.

Okay, before I direct you to the recipe.. Authentic thai green chicken curry paste recipe I must share that these avocado eggs are very similar to Guacamole topped deviled eggs.

If you ask, can I use any guacamole instead of this sauce? I would say, you can but I recommend not to.

I have added garlic, jalapeno, and olive oil in this which make smooth non-watery avocado guacamole. Authentic thai green curry paste recipe It goes will with boiled eggs and these ingredients are not so common in guacamole. Indian prawn curry with coconut milk recipe (Even though I have shared a garlicky guacamole recipe.. Thai beef massaman curry paste recipe but that is just me! I mean, 70 percent of guacamole may have onion but no garlic and oil.)

So, if you can find one which is not runny and has flavors you prefer? Use it! Or make a fresh batch using recipe below. Tesco thai massaman curry paste recipe It takes only 5 minutes. Simple chicken curry recipe with yogurt Just assemble all ingredients and process in food processor. Simple chicken curry recipe indian style No cooking needed!

Now, please go ahead, enjoy the recipe! Make some today to serve for snacking, or pin the recipe to serve in brunch for Easter.

Spoon or pipe over egg halves. Simple chicken curry recipe with coconut milk Place filled eggs on deviled eggs platter. Simple chicken curry recipe Garnish with tiny bit of sweet paprika for color (optional) or herb of your choice. Simple chicken curry recipe jamie oliver Serve and enjoy!

© Chef De Home. Simple chicken curry recipe indian All contents and images are copyright protected. Easy chinese curry sauce recipe Please do not use content/images without prior permission. Mango chicken curry recipe jamie oliver If you want to use recipe instructions, re-write the recipe in your own words, and link back to this post with credit to ChefDeHome for the Recipe Origin.

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