Healthy flourless pumpkin gingerbread blondies (paleo, vegan, gluten free)

Just four healthy ingredients are needed to whip up these soft, moist and fudgy blondies! Melt in your mouth and ready in just 15 minutes, these flourless pumpkin gingerbread blondies are naturally paleo, vegan, gluten-free and completely refined sugar-free! A quick and easy snack recipe to satisfy the sweet tooth instantly!

Before we get into today’s post, a HUGE thank you for all your lovely comments, emails and messages after yesterday’s post. Banana bread recipe without nuts It’s not the best time right now and working and sharing content has been my savior and a break from spending time over thinking. What is banana bread Thank you for your prayers for my grandma- It’s been much appreciated.

I never thought the gingerbread and pumpkin combination would work, but alas, it did.

Last year, I shared with you guys these epic fluffy Pumpkin gingerbread pancakes which happened by accident.

Banana bread cooking time I’d seen a slew of pumpkin pancake recipes, but wanted to do something a little bit difference. How long do you bake banana bread It’s amazing what the addition of some spices can do to give it that sweet/spicy kick which makes you want to take a sleigh ride.

Just kidding. Banana bread with 1 banana It makes you want to sit on Santa’s lap and shimmy to Beyonce.

Just kidding. Baking powder banana bread It makes you want to chase Taylor Swift dressed up as Ed Sheeran.

Just kidding.It makes you want to hula dance with Lilo and Stitch.

Just kidding. Banana bread with 4 bananas I’ll stop with these comparisons before embarrassing myself any further.

Safe to say, the pumpkin and gingerbread combination has become a quick favorite, thanks to said pancakes becoming my pancake of choice- Irrespective of season.

Last week, I was whipping up a batch of these microwave pumpkin English muffins and had around 1/4 cup or so left. How long do you cook banana bread I also had one borderline black banana. How many bananas for banana bread I was tempted to whip up another batch of these flourless chocolate brownies but thought to give it a pumpkin twist and omit the cocoa. Banana bread baking time I also thought to add some of the spice mix I used for the pancakes into the batter and voila- These beauties were born.

These healthy flourless pumpkin gingerbread blondies take minutes to whip up and only need four ingredients because let’s be real- Spices don’t count, unless they are girls singing ‘Wannabe’. Banana bread bananas These blondies are soft, melt-in-your-mouth delicious and fudgy. Banana bread temperature They are the perfect healthy (naturally) sweet treat or snack to have on hand- For those who don’t have a raging sweet tooth, you can appreciate the subtle sweetness, thanks to the banana.

These blondies are also naturally gluten-free, vegan, egg-free, paleo and grain-free! While they may seem undercooked whilst in the oven and once removed, once you let them sit for about 5 minutes, you’ll see them start to firm up.

Hack! While there is the temptation to eat these straight out of the oven, for the absolute BEST taste, I’d recommend refrigerating them and enjoying them later-Their texture is absolutely insane and even better. Banana bread muffins easy If you don’t believe me, ask Alexis. Pictures of banana bread She even messaged me to confirm this statement.

Make these delicious, healthy four ingredient Flourless Pumpkin Gingerbread Blondies and then tell me what you want, what you really really want.

Just four healthy ingredients are needed to whip up these soft, moist and fudgy blondies! Melt in your mouth and ready in just 15 minutes, these flourless pumpkin gingerbread blondies are naturally paleo, vegan, gluten-free and completely refined sugar-free! A quick and easy snack recipe to satisfy the sweet tooth instantly!

• Preheat the oven the 350 degrees, grease a small cake pan or loaf pan and set aside.

• In a small microwave-safe bowl or stovetop, melt your nut butter. Moist banana bread recipie In a large mixing bowl, add the banana, pumpkin, nut butter, spices and optional and mix very well.

• Pour the mixture into the greased pan and bake for around 20 minutes or until cooked through. How many bananas in banana bread Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before slicing into pieces.

• * I prefer the sweetness from the banana but if you like very sweet blondies, add some granulated sweetener of choice- Taste before putting in the oven.

• These are freezer friendly and although can be kept at room temperature, I love them straight from the fridge.

The Big Man’s World OR gingerbread? Well there are options…

Would you sit on Santa’s lap and shimmy to Beyonce to get what you want for Christmas? …Yes.

Gingerbread is my favorite Christmas taste. Banana nut bread with sour cream I tried gingerbread ice cream in July and hated it. Banana nut bread muffins Now it’s sitting in the freezer waiting for December. Healthy banana bread with applesauce I am sure I am gonna love it then.

In Germany we have two different types of ‘cookies’ both being refered to as gingerbread. Healthy banana bread pudding I guess the more common gingerbread in the US is the one I love to dip into juice. The best banana bread ever So I can totally see the pumpkin-banana-gingerbread combo working.

One thing I meant to ask for ages, what kind of pumpkin is used for pumpkin puree? I always use whatever I have at hand but I’d like to know what it is supposed to taste like.

You didnt think the combination of pumpkin and gingerbread would work… WHAT. Recipe for banana bread with sour cream Welcome to the basic life. Recipe for banana bread pudding and thank you for fueling my addiction. Best banana bread recipe with sour cream (Side note I have a hair appointment on Friday and just realized that all color descriptions are essentially starbucks drinks. Easy banana bread muffins Aka can i get caramel highlights, make it chocolate or a warmer espresso with a touch of cinnamon and perhaps a graham cracker ombre). Easy banana bread healthy I’m thinking about going pumpkin with gingerbread highlights no?

The texture on these is insane. Easy banana bread pudding And i love melt in yo mouth. Banana chocolate chip bread pudding Almost as much as i love you. Banana bread recipe betty crocker Let’s connect soon ??

I made them and they extremely thin when I baked in a 9?9 pan. Banana bread easy healthy I used sunflower seed butter and forgot to melt it first but it mixed well. Moist banana bread recipe with oil Is there a need to melt the butter? What size pan did you use?

I tried to make a 2nd batch and they do not resemble the texture in your pic at all. Moist banana bread recipe sour cream It must be that sunflower butter does not work well for this recipe. Best banana bread maui They come out much darker and the texture is like flan.

G’day- My name is Arman! I’m the recipe developer, photographer & author behind The Big Man’s World. Moist banana bread with sour cream Come join me and my (healthy!) sweet tooth on a ride where dessert for breakfast is standard! My first cookbook, ‘Clean Sweets’, will be released March 2017. Homemade banana bread calories Based between Australia + USA. How to make banana bread more moist Read More…

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