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You might think your child’s packed lunch is healthy, but studies by the Children’s Food Trust show only around 1 in a 100 children open their lunch box to find a meal that meets their nutritional needs. Banana bread with crumb topping New standards for school dinners mean they provide a wider range of foods and nutrients than some packed lunches could offer. Flours banana bread recipe Previous research suggests children who had packed lunches had more sugary drinks and a less nutritionally balanced meal at lunchtime than pupils who had school dinners.

Banana bread recipe coconut flour However, new guidelines on lunchbox choices adopted by many schools help parents ensure their children eat healthily, too. Banana bread made with buttermilk Some children with health conditions need foods that may be banned by a school’s Healthy Eating Plan. Banana bread with streusel topping Children shouldn’t be alienated from their friends during lunchtime if their diet is different, as socialising is an important part of mealtimes. Cinnamon crumb banana bread Your dietitian or doctor can supply written information to the school to confirm your child’s dietary needs.

Starchy foods are a good source of slow-release energy and should make up a third of the lunchbox. Banana bread recipe martha stewart Try to ring the changes to keep your child interested. Banana bread recipe no butter Instead of a white bread sandwich, try bagels, pitta bread, wraps or crusty rolls and use wholemeal or seeded breads. Banana bread recipe with coconut flour If your child doesn’t like wholegrain bread, try the sliced breads made with half-white and half-wholemeal flour to boost their fibre intake. Flour banana bread recipe A slice of deep pan pizza with a cheese and vegetable topping, such as sweetcorn or peppers, makes an interesting change, or try breadsticks or wholemeal crackers served with a soft cheese or hummus dip. Banana bread pudding paula deen You could also cook extra pasta or couscous in the evening and include it as an alternative to bread by making a pasta salad.

Non-dairy sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, beans and nuts. Martha stewart banana bread recipe However, it’s best to leave nuts out of your child’s packed lunch as many schools ban them to protect pupils with a nut allergy. Banana bread cooking light It’s also easy for a child to choke on nuts if they’re not paying attention to chewing food well.

Instead, include one of the following in your child’s lunchbox:

• 2 slices of cooked meat – remember sliced processed meats like ham are higher in salt than meat you have cooked yourself, so using leftover home cooked meat from the previous night’s evening meal is a good idea.

• A piece of cheese – individually wrapped cheese portions of 30-40g weight found in supermarkets are a handy way to serve it, and with plenty of different cheeses available, this gives your child more variety.

• Half a small can of tuna, salmon, mackerel or sardines served in a wrap or pitta bread for easy eating. Ingredients for banana nut bread Remember to remove any bones and choose fish tinned in oil or spring water rather than brine.

• 2 tablespoons of chickpea spread, eg hummus – served with carrot or celery sticks.

Calcium is essential for a growing child. Paleo banana bread recipe with coconut flour Include a pot or pouch of yoghurt, or some cheese in your child’s lunchbox daily. Banana bread two bananas Fromage frais desserts are also useful. Organic banana bread recipe Ready-to-eat pots of custard or rice pudding are also calcium rich, but your school may not allow these because of the added sugar content.

Recent surveys found that just under half of lunchboxes contained no fruit at all. Banana bread recipe with applesauce This is a missed opportunity to easily include one of your child’s 5-a-day.

If possible, vary the fruit each day, include cherries, strawberries and raspberries alongside more traditional apples and bananas. Almond flour banana bread recipe Soft fruits are cheapest if bought frozen, and a portion in its own little container will thaw by lunchtime, but remember to send a spoon. How long to bake banana bread muffins Other fruits like melon and kiwi are also enjoyable, but if prepared before school may turn ‘slimy’ before lunch. Strawberry banana bread recipe Quarter a kiwi fruit and re-wrap in clingfilm as a whole fruit to reduce this effect. Banana bread baked oatmeal Tinned apple is 100% apple with no added sugar, but gives a firm fruit to send in a container with a spoon or fork. Banana bread yogurt recipe Still not being eaten? Try creating a pick-and-mix effect to make it seem more appealing. Banana bread recipe with almond flour Dried fruit is also quick and convenient, and is often sold in lunch box size quantities. Flour bakery banana bread Include easy finger foods like sticks of carrot, cucumber or peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Most manufacturers have made their crisps less salty and now use healthier fats for frying. Hummingbird bakery banana bread Crisps from multipacks are never more than 190 calories a serving, and so are a lower calorie snack choice than most packets of sweets and chocolates. Flour bakery banana bread recipe If your child likes crisps, why not try these crispy alternatives?

It’s important to keep food at the right temperature, and that applies to school lunch boxes too. Banana bread recipe yogurt It’s no good preparing a balanced meal when what your child sits down to is at best a soggy sandwich and a warm drink, at worst a risk of food poisoning. Banana bread recipe with yogurt Use an insulated bag with a built-in freezer block for really hot days, or freeze a carton of fruit juice or a yoghurt pouch and place it in the box in the morning where it should defrost by lunchtime and keep other items cool. Sugar free banana bread recipe Pack salad ingredients separately rather than within sandwiches where they can make the bread soggy and ask the school to provide lunchbox storage out of the sun.

If you’re going down the packed lunch route, make it fun! Help your child choose a colourful lunchbox and decorate it with stickers. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt Have theme days such as Italian with pizza or breadsticks, or Mexican with flour tortillas and a bean dip. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt Include some of your child’s favourites. Banana bread with sour cream recipe Children often need to see and taste new foods several times before they accept them, so a lunchbox is not the time to try new flavours. Buttermilk banana bread recipe Introduce them at home, perhaps at the weekend instead.

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