Heather lynn road_ hazelnut-crusted tilapia with lemon basil cream sauce and italian-style green beans

The other night Lee and I went to Carrabba’s with friends, and I ordered the Trout Nocciola…trout crusted in hazelnuts and served with a lemon and basil butter cream sauce. Sweet and sour fish fillet recipe filipino style On the side, I had Italian-style green beans. New england fish chowder recipe It was delicious. Crispy oven baked fish Lee had spaghetti with Italian sausage, but he kept stealing bites of my trout, so I decided to attempt the dish at home the next day for dinner. Simple fish pie recipe I substituted tilapia for trout because it was less expensive. Simple fish fry recipe I’ll go ahead and tell you that it was a success!

The most difficult and frustrating part of the meal was preparing the hazelnuts. Dinner ideas with fish I went ahead and popped open the wine to help get me through it. Fish and chips recipe jamie oliver This was the first time I’ve cooked with hazelnuts, and I did not anticipate them being so much trouble. Fish pie recipe healthy I love hazelnuts, so it was well worth it.

First, I had to shell the darn things.

Goan fish curry recipe The only type of nutcracker I own is for pecans, and it wasn’t up to the task, so I pulled out the meat pounder. Fish pie recipe pastry It worked well. Lahori fish fry recipe in urdu I wound up placing the nuts right onto the countertop, and if I hit them with just the right force and at a slight angle, they would open up leaving a beautiful intact hazelnut. Fish curry recipe with coconut milk Be prepared for a mess if you try this. Rohu fish curry recipe in hindi Hazelnuts were flying everywhere. Fish curry recipe kerala style The dogs and the cat quite enjoyed it.

After shelling them, I had to remove the thin, paperlike skins. Simple fried fish recipe I saw online that toasting them in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees F was the key, so that’s what I did. Easy fish fry recipe This releases some of their oil and gives them a great flavor too. Best fish curry recipe indian After they came out of the oven, I used a kitchen towel to rub off the skins. Fish recipes jamie oliver Most of them came off easily, while a few didn’t budge. Recipe for fish curry If there was just a tiny bit of skin on one, I just scraped it off using my nails under the towel.

I pulled out the meat pounder again to crush them. Fish cake recipe jamie oliver I placed a few hazelnuts in the towel to keep them from flying off and pounded away. Bbq fish recipes jamie oliver After a few pounds, I placed the nuts on a wooden cutting board and just pressed firmly with the meat pounder to achieve a finer consistency. Fish pasta recipes jamie oliver Whew!

The wine I chose for tonight was Orvieto Classico. Fish batter recipe uk Orvieto is located in Umbria, which is adjacent to Tuscany. Portuguese cod fish recipes It was located among the Pinot Grigios, which was what I initially had in mind, but I decided to try something new. Best fish chowder recipe It was alright, but I think I prefer Pinot Grigio.

After I got the hazelnuts ready, I started making the sauce. French fish soup recipe I’m pretty handy with sauces, so this was a snap. Best fish stew recipe Here’s what I did:

1 tbs vegetable stock (chicken stock or broth would work well also, I just had some leftover veggie stock handy)

freshly ground black pepper to taste (optional…I add black pepper to everything)

Melt the butter in a small pot over medium heat till slightly golden brown. Easy fish chowder recipe Add the lemon juice, vegetable stock, wine, black pepper and garlic and cook on medium-low for 10-15 minutes or until reduced by about half. Mediterranean diet fish recipes Whisk in cream until combined and reduce heat. Grilled fish recipes in foil Add lemon zest and stir. Whitefish recipes Sauce will thicken somewhat after it starts to cool. Best fish fillet recipes If it isn’t as thick as you would like, you can thicken it up by first mixing some cornstarch or arrowroot (my favorite sauce thickener) with cool water and adding it to the sauce. Best cod fish recipes If you add a thickener, bring the sauce back to a boil, and then reduce it again.

Add the basil to the sauce right before serving or just place it on top of the sauce when you plate (that’s what I did). Whitefish recipes baked Since I still had to cook the fish and green beans, I left the sauce on the lowest setting to keep it warm.

Heat a medium-large size pan with lid on medium-high heat and add oil.

Dip fish into egg white and then into hazelnut/panko mixture, pressing so that it sticks. Fish recipes Place tomatoes into oil and stir. Fish recipes for kids Add coated fish to pan and brown both sides. Fish recipes indian Reduce heat to medium or medium-low. Fish recipes baked Stir tomatoes and cover with lid. Fish recipes tilapia Cook for 5-10 minutes until fish is opaque throughout.

***I had to add additional oil to the pan, so next time I plan on adding some oil directly to the coated fish before placing in the pan.***

1 handful thin, F rench-style green beans (I buy them prewashed in bags)

1-2 cloves pickled garlic, thinly sliced (use regular garlic if you don’t have pickled)

1/2 tbs or so balsamic vinegar (or other vinegar such as red wine vinegar)

1-3 tbs water, depending on how tender you like your green beans

Heat oil in medium-sized pan over medium to medium-high heat. Fish recipes cod Add beans, tomatoes, garlic, and salt and pepper. Baked fish recipes Heat for 1-2 minutes, tossing occasionally. Easy fish recipes Add vinegar to deglaze pan and stir. Healthy fish recipes Add water and cover with a lid, but leave it cracked just a bit so it steams. Grilled fish recipes Cook until desired tenderness and serve hot or even at room temperature.

***I usually steam my green beans in the microwave, but we have been without one for several months. Best fish recipes We are getting one built in over the stove, but it is requiring custom cabinetry, so it has become a much bigger project than anticipated. White fish recipes Heating up leftovers isn’t as quick without one.***

This turned out to be a delicious meal worthy of serving to guests. Simple fish recipes The next time I make it I’m going to try to lighten it up a bit by omitting the cream and making a broth and wine-based sauce instead. Fish recipes easy I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have made this twice now and both times came out beautifully!!! I love the sauce as well. Fish dinner recipes How did making a broth and wine based sauce go? Do you have a recipe for that? Reply Delete

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