Help with my new routine _)

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Hi guys, im writing up a new routine and was wondering if you guys could help out. Chicken tikka masala recipe crock pot My main issue is, how many times a week should i train each body part, for example is it too much to do chest/back on monday and again on thursday?

Im training for gains in muscle mass, and will be doing cardio a few times after weights to shread the fat, my diet is already under control, its just the new routine i need to finalize.

Chicken tikka masala calories restaurant Also, what in your personal opinion are the best excersises for each body part?

Poor routine there mate, no need at all to be working 5 days a week. Chicken tikka masala calories 3 days a week is enough and 4 days is the maximum needed at your level tbh. Chicken tikka masala recipe indian All your workouts should be based around the big 3 lifts i.e bench, squat and deadlift. Chicken marsala recipe with mushrooms You only appear to have bench in there. Chicken marsala recipe rachael ray A good routine is push/pull/legs, another very good routine is west side for skinny *******s.

You’ll make a hell of a lot more progress on a routine like that at 3 days a week, then anything like that 5 days a week program. Chicken marsala recipe martha stewart More is not neccesarily better.

Ok, quite a poor routine there… Chicken marsala recipe carrabba’s lots of unneccesary exercises that will do little for mass gains.

And you’ll be over doing it with that much work… Chicken marsala recipe food network Less is the new Black in muscle gains..

If you confirm what days you can or can’t train I can advise more specific for you.

I wouldn’t advise adding lots of extra ‘isolation’ exercises as you won’t need them, but depending on equipment available to you if needed we can change some things arouond…

If you can confirm the questions I have possed in this post, (available equipment, days able to train, etc..)

half the exercises there are pointless. Chicken marsala recipe emeril lagasse stick to compounds either ppl or full body 3-4 times a week and you are sorted.

no need to do direct ab work either as if you want your abs to show, nail the diet and to strengthen the abs…compounds will take care of that.

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Lunch: Either tin of sardines or chicken breast with vegetables or salad with some cheese

Dinner: Either, chicken breast with vegetables, sardines with vegetables or home made chilli with vegetables instead of rice with cheese or 100g baked feta cheese

Supplements: Alcar, HMB, Bcaa, Hawaiin spirula powder, glutamine, tryosine, omega 3 liquid, choline bitartrate and MSM powder.

The best way to see if you eating plan is working is to record the full details for a week or 2, preferably for at least a month.

You would be supprised if you do this as to how little you may actually be consumming.

I recorded all mine in a spreadsheet like the image attached.

From this you can see where you are consuming the calories, how much protein, fat and carbs your eating and then you can add snacks or increase portion sizes where needed.

It’s also good to see if your eating is letting your growth down.

I found I was only eating 1,800 – 2,000 calories a day (I though it was a lot more) so I was able to increase portions and add specific items for the protein or fat if I was light on those areas.

It may seem a bit of a chore to do this but once you have started weighing things out, you start to get a feeling for portions.. Chicken breast easy crock pot recipes I actually measure my cereals in a glass so I know I am getting the same sized portion each time, and if I need extra calories I can add half a glass or so…

And as most people do, you’ll be eating some items on a regular basis, so once you have recorded to nutritional details from it once, you can just copy them next time you have it..

There are sites availlable you can use for this information, but I prefered to create my own spreadsheet as the sites mainly only have the basic brands available and I found it faster using my spread sheet to amend measurements and I added macros and formulas so I just typed in the product and measurement and it did it all for me..

It took a few weeks to put all my basic foods into it, but now I have it i just update it as and when somethin g changes.

Using a website to record your food intake might be easier as it will break down all the macro nutrients for you. Chicken tikka masala in a slow cooker But I would recommend putting your diet up as that routine you posted was a shocker.

Id also add that if you are doing HIIT for 30mins straight, then its not HIIT. Chicken marsala sauce in a jar When doing HIIT at the required intensity you shouldnt be able to manage anymore than about 15mins, you are just doing interval training. Chicken marsala sauce recipe Up the intensity.

I know its strange, but when doing that routine i gained quite a bit of muscle and lost quite a bit of fat, was also eating very well too. Chicken marsala sauce without wine The only thing I can think that is wrong with my diet, is im getting too few calories, is it best to consume the majority in the morning and pre training or evenly spread throught the day ?

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