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I recently learned that boards like these are called antipasto. French pickles cornichons Charcuterie only refers to the preparation of the meats.

I recently learned that this would only last me 10 minutes tops

When my teens were around 4-8, I often made them “boards” that were more to a toddler’s palette. Cornichons pronunciation I called them antipasto platters, like my dad and grandmother did 😉

Neatly rolled or sliced meats, crackers or cut toast, nicely sliced/cubed cheeses, sliced apples/pears, grapes, raisins, mango, whatever fruit I had, and frozen peas/corn (my 14-year-old STILL loves frozen corn, WHATEVER).

Les cornichons lyrics english translation Kids who cried over how they didn’t want a sandwich would eat it in an antipasto presentation LOL.

Kids who cried over how they didn’t want a sandwich would eat it in an antipasto presentation LOL.

To be fair, kids are still learning what each kind of food tastes, looks, and feels like, and they don’t yet have that strong mouth muscles. Les cornichons reims france Having it all in a sandwich can get a bit overwhelming, both in flavors and in just physically trying to eat it all. What can i substitute for cornichons (Ever eat a sandwich and have something slide out in a bite? No big deal for adults, but kids can feel like they broke their sandwich and might get yelled at for it too.) Having one thing at a time may let them learn about each ingredient, and be more at their own pace.

Probably when you start adding things like chicken nuggets and red vines.

In France, it would be called plateau de charcuterie. Mini pickles cornichons In Italy, affettati misti, and served as an appetizer (antipasto).

If you read OP’s description of the items, it appears they actually did home-cure the meats, which is impressive.

Also, I believe that the creator of a good antipasto board definitely deserves some credit for more than assembly – selecting complementary and quality ingredients is an important skill, and it’s pretty obvious that plenty of time and effort was put into the selection and presentation of this dish.

I call it “I ran out of plates and have a little bit of everything left in the fridge”

It really is, and it’s one of the best ways to eat a nice leisurely meal while conversing with friends.

And wine. Baby pickles cornichons I enjoy conversing with the wine as well with a selection like that. Les cornichons nino ferrer youtube The only thing I’d add, cause there’s always room on a board 😉 is some grilled and marinated vegetables.

I love this. Des cornichons au chocolat ubersetzung My family did the same thing – my mom would call it a “snack-y supper,” and all three of us kids would go crazy over it, not realizing that we were eating just whatever was left to eat. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung deutsch I’m now not in a financially precarious position, but I still do a “snack-y supper” for my kids sometimes, too, and they love it just as much.

That’s great! My favorite were theme days, especially orange, when we hadn’t shopped I would get everything orange in my lunch (oranges, carrots, cheese its, carrots) and I loved it. Des cornichons au chocolat pdf My mom made sure that I never knew as a kid that we didn’t have much money while she was in school

We refer to ‘boards’ as ‘lunchables’ here where I’m from (Texas)

Never looked at it this way. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsch I’ve been cooking a long time. Des cornichons au chocolat vertaling Thanks.

See, I don’t think really would though. Pickled cornichons recipe He’d do it, and the sight would never leave you.

This is the first board I’ve seen with zahtar, sujuk and halloumi so I’m already very excited, but really this entire board is beautiful <3

zahtar is an herb blend made from thyme, sumak, and sesame seeds

halloumi is a non-aged cheese from cyprus that’s hard, salty, and perfect for grilling

Find an old Arab woman. Freshona pickled cornichons She probably has some aging in her basement.

Antipasto is the Italian word for “starter”, so, while it is possible that you get a board like this before the main course, antipasto should actually refer to any kind of starter.

Serious question…at what point does charcuterie just become a jumbled mess of random finger foods and condiments?

Yes, OP made a mix of plateau de fromage and plateau de charcuterie.

Cheese is the killer, some of the cured meats I made and the rest I got at a Middle Eastern Market and they were pretty well priced. Nino ferrer les cornichons lyrics About $100 for this give or take.

With a little preparation and cooking you can make one for probably $60 on the low end. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsche zusammenfassung You can make a terrine, and make bacon jam, and you can get some salami or prosciutto, and pick up your harder cheeses on sale- they don’t really go bad in the fridge, if mold forms you can scrape it off, my fridge is quite the fromagerie

Whole muscle cures you cured with pink curing salt vacuum packed in the fridge at least 6 months sealed, at least 3 months opened. Des cornichons au chocolat stephanie riassunto They also freeze extremely well because of the lower moisture content. What is chopped cornichons If you’re interested in getting started in charcuterie, PM me and I can give you tips to get started and making a curing chamber and some great beginner cures and answer any other questions

100% agree. Cornichons recipes pickling I work in a professional kitchen and the basis of any dish is selecting complimentary flavors/ingredients.

Better question: How fast can you drive down to FL, pick my ass up, and drive to wherever this magical place is?

Pinky promise. Cornichon francais anglais I made this Friday evening. Cornichon traduction anglais Maybe we’re friends on Snapchat hahaha

With a board that complex it’s hard to pick something that complements everything, but I’m a big fan of Rioja, Amarone, Malbec from Chile or Argentina, and of course, navigating the complexities of France.

The list goes on and on. Maille cornichons gherkins I need to do a wine tour of the world.

Charcuterie is actually just the meat in French. French cornichons in white wine vinegar If you ordered a plateau de charcuterie, you usually don’t get cheese on it.

If you got cheese, it was probably a plateau de fromage et charcuterie.

OP says in a downthread comment that he cured some of the meat.

Mainly English/Polish, but my mother grew up in an Italian neighborhood, and my grandmother married an Italian. How to pickle cornichons uk I remember as a kid going in someone’s basement and seeing prosciutto hanging. French cornichon pickles recipe My uncles up north have salamis hanging in their houses right now haha

I don’t even know what those three things are but it all looks delicious!

I mean he has a decent amount of cheese and meats…but Idk about a “plateau” worth. Buy cornichons Maybe like a hill or a moor of cheese and meats.

As this is a board, you could also call this as a ‘planche charcuterie’.

I’ve seen that on menus in France – and yes, they often have a bit of cheese on them!

‘Assiette de charcuterie’ is also a popular way of saying it. Recipe for cornichons Although an ‘assiette’ isn’t usually bigger than a medium sized oval plate, rather than a massive serving board.

I like Malbec a lot as well. Cornichons wikipedia It’s got nice robust flavor without the heaviness that often comes with it.

Especially from South America. How to grow cornichons Their wines can be awesome, affordable, and ready to drink without the hassle and expense of maintaining a cellar.

Hello. Les cornichons chanson Have you read the stickied post that explains the tags?

I still do this all the time. Les cornichons au chocolat That’s my favorite way to snack!

And can you imagine how much everything in this picture would cost?

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