[homemade] grilled salmon marinated with soy sauce, maple syrup, honey, garlic, and ginger. _ food

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I make a similar marinade but do soy sauce and OJ, plus brown sugar, ginger, and garlic.

In Japan you would never find garlic or maple syrup and rarely ginger in the sauce. Andouille sausage and chicken jambalaya recipe And there would most likely be mirin and/or sake in it.

Well, his reason to write it aside, I like it better that way. Kidney friendly chicken recipes I didn’t specifically know what teriyaki consisted of so I learnt something just then. Italian sausage stuffed chicken breast recipes Still, only after someone mentioned it.

Best of both worlds would have been to include “also known as teriyaki sauce” in the title.

With the ingredients he described, you could probably get the sugars/soy sauce to produce a char like that in just seconds with a hot grill.

I make a similar recipe with brown sugar instead of the honey/syrup mix and have what I think might be the same grill (grates at least look the same) I can confirm that the char is faster than the doneness. Sweet italian sausage and chicken recipes I’ve gotten a 115°F reading from my thermapen from a piece that was more charred than the one in the OP.

I’m mostly impressed that the salmon is so intact. Shrimp sausage and chicken jambalaya recipe I have a hell of a time getting it not to stick because at proper cooking temperature the marinade caramelizes to the grate nearly instantly and waiting for it to lift off naturally will definitely overcook the fish. Heart healthy chicken recipes easy Someone recently suggested oiling the fish with high temp cooking spray instead of oiling the hot grate so I’m going to try that next.

Ahh I use sous vide cooking all the time. Heart healthy chicken recipes I buy proteins in bulk, steak, chicken breasts and salmon fillets. Heart healthy chicken recipes for two I then spend a good hour or so packaging these meats individually in vacuum bags with herbs, salt pepper and oils/butter and vacuum seal them. Heart healthy baked chicken breast recipes Throw them into the freezer like that and then pull from the freezer. Red kidney beans and chicken recipe Sous vide cook the meats and prepare a salad to go with and then finish the meat with a blow torch or in a skillet for 30 seconds a side. Heart healthy crockpot chicken recipes The finishing process just adds some different texture and colour to the meat so it looks more normal. Heart smart chicken breast recipes The meat is always juicy and incredibly flavourful. Buffalo wing chicken dip recipe You don’t need a vacuum sealer and can just use ziplock bags. Bat wing chicken wing recipe Sous vide will make a $6 steak taste like a $20 steak

We also use it for doing veggies a lot, mashed potatoes are my wife’s favourite veggie to do sous vide.

Not if the cook knew what he was doing. Hot wing chicken dip recipe If you heat up the grill to an insane temperature you can get those marks even leaving the salmon for a like 10s on it, which would allow the center to be rare. Buffalo wild wings chicken recipe Personally I like the center of mine basically raw.

I cook it slow, remove it, stoke my fire, then char. Wing ding chicken recipes Or if I am lazy, I will cook it in the oven for a bit, then char. Broiler chicken definition It turns out fine and I like the taste of char on many things.

But, I am by no means a chef. Free range chicken definition Is my way ok? Or is there a better way for a simple man like me?

The basic principle with cooking meats is that your looking to balance 2 different goals that are somewhat at odds.: moisture retention, and texture.

Moisture means water and fats, these render-out/evaporate quickly and at relatively low temperatures. Roaster chicken definition Meanwhile, tenderness is promoted by breaking down collagen in the muscle fibers which takes a long time and is sped up by higher heats. Organic chicken definition Cooking long enough to fully gelatenize most of the collagen is going to allow all your liquids to have escaped. Jerk chicken definition Thus the trick with cooking meats is identifying the best balance for ypur particular meat.

Fish is unique in that it doesn’t actually have collagen in its muscle tissue, and thereby breaks down very quickly. Broasted chicken definition The consequence being that fish wants as short of cook time as possible; just enough to render the fats and kill bacteria without destroying its fragile tissue structure. Spring chicken definition Alternatively you can cook it very slowly at extremely low temperature (what your doing). Buffalo wild wings chicken dip recipe This will give a much more even cook, but does risk moisture loss as its difficult to monitor/control that in such a cooking environment.

Seeing as how this is the first piece of salmon I’ve ever cooked in my 12 years as a chef, it was so over cooked it was like saw dust. Buffalo wild wings blackened chicken recipe /s

A strong marinade like this on a flavorful piece of fish like salmon is just overpowering natural flavors. Buffalo wild wings boneless chicken recipe It’s great if you have some not so fresh fish to cook, and I’m sure it’s absolutely delicious, but if you’re eating salmon because you really like salmon you’d be much better off with a simple brine and some light lemon pepper or just a dusting of brown sugar.

It is a little overboard but I really appreciate sweet marinades with salmon and think it adds to the flavors of the Chinook and Sockeye.

Admittedly I’m biased against sweet things. Buffalo wild wings jerk chicken recipe I have no sweet tooth whatsoever unless I’m incredibly high. Broiler fryer chicken definition I love the natural flavors of fish. Fried chicken definition I usually smoke it, but I’m perfectly happy just chowing down on a big pile of shashimi. Kentucky fried chicken uk menu That’s how much I avoid overpowering seasonings.

That sounds amazing. Organic chicken uk Might have to try it. Roast chicken uk My go-to is a simple salt brine, light alder smoke, then finished with a small plop of brown sugar on top with just enough time for it to caramelize.

I felt the same way until my dad turned be on to grilling salmon with essentially tartar sauce caked on the top (relish/mayo to you liking with a ton of Mrs. Kentucky fried chicken uk Dash origional mixed in). Dixie chicken uk Let it sit on the grill with the salmon and it gets nice and warm and a little crispy on top, quickly because my favorite way to prepare cooked salmon. Hunters chicken uk Plus the skin stays on the grill when it’s done so that’s a plus.

Cedar plank. Southern fried chicken uk Soak in water for at least an hour before hand (I even like to soak mine in lemon water), place on medium high heat without the salmon on it for 8 minutes and then place the salmon on it and move the board to indirect heat. Chicken cloaca Piece of salmon this size will take 13-16 minutes.

Negative on the flip. Chicken cloaca anatomy Also, don’t use a chopping board because your cedar plank may char a little. Chicken cloaca function I find it’s best to soak the wood for a few hours on the day of, you may season the water if you like, but it’s not a huge factor. Chicken anatomy chart Keep a little spray bottle on hand if your wood starts to dry out and char.

When I use a plank I’m not going for grill lines, usually I make a lemon, garlic, and dill herb crust for cedar plank grilled salmon. Hunters chicken recipe uk I imagine that would work though, especially if you kept the direct heat high for a quick sear.

Only if you want to ruin your chopping board. Kentucky fried chicken ukraine You can buy smoking boards from things like mesquite just for this at some stores. Kentucky fried chicken uk prices I know for sure Sprouts stores have them.

It really has a taste of maple syrup so maybe replace it with brown sugar and add 1 or 2 tbsp of rice vinegar! But it would cook the same with agave as the fish only marinate in it!

Put all the ingredients in a sealable dish or bag with the fish, let it marinate in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Texas chicken uk If you make it cook in the barbecue, put the fish in a foil wrap and add marinade. Organic chicken feed uk In the oven, make it cook in a oven-proof skillet, few minutes skin-side down and 10 minutes on the other side with more marinade!

Edit: I find it really important to let it marinate as the fish will absorb the maple syrup flavor !

Edit 2: Double the marinade if there’s not enough of it to cover all the fillet in the sealable bag.

Generally tamari and regular soy sauce are interchangeable. Chicken pox definition for kids Tamari tends to have more umami/savory flavoring than most regular soy sauces (which run salty, in comparison), though the difference is subtle enough that many people don’t notice the difference.

In my experience, the main differences would come from country of origin (Japanese and Chinese soy sauces are different, I think) and whether it’s dark/light or if it’s low sodium.

If you find a recipe that specifically calls for light or dark soy sauce (or low sodium), see if there is a substitution online that you can make with tamari. Kentucky fried chicken menu uk prices Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a little more sweetening or slightly watering it down to make the flavor a bit less.

Or, if you’re like me, just be lazy. Chicken cloacal prolapse I always just use what I have on hand, which is usually tamari or dark Japanese soy sauce. Chicken diagram You can always adjust to taste.

Mix the ingredients together, pour over salmon fillets in a shallow dish, cover and refrigerate for several hours, preferably overnight.

Yes for salmon. Chicken infection The oven is cold when you start broiling and I assume you typically preheat to 450. Chicken infection symptoms Certainly adjust for your preferred done-ness though.

I feel like that’s a basic cooking technique that’s been lost on me for a while lol, I’ve always avoided broiling because it never comes out quite the way I want it…this could be a major contributor haha

How dry it comes out is pretty much only to do with how hard you cook it. Chicken cannibalism If you take it off the grill/pan just as the middle of the salmon is no longer red, it will not come out dry.

As for the sauce I’d recommend a traditional teriyaki sauce. Chicken cannibalism treatment For example this recipe:

Combine the ingredients and simmer until roughly half is remaining.

When cooking the salmon, start by searing both sides of the salmon, then brush with the glaze and turn it every ~30 sec until it is done, which will depend on how thick the salmon piece is.

YUM!!! I love salmon, but I would prefer a marinade that’s not so strong to let me enjoy the flavor of the salmon. Chicken cannibalism glasses I usually grill it without marinade and then eat it on a bed of tasty vegetables.

Damn! this is the first food picture I treat like seeing some insanely attractive woman, my reaction was pretty much the same.

I usually do this the same way. Chicken bloody stool You can substitute brown sugar if you don’t have maple syrup or honey. Chicken bloody mary One time I had none of the above and used May Ploy sweet chilli sauce as the sweet component and it came out awesome.

If you have to put that much flavor on top of your salmon its not very fresh probably frozen. Chicken images drawings All we do in alaska is salt and pepper if anything.

Alaskan sushi needs to be frozen just the same way it would to be sold in your restaurant. Chicken images free The FDA has guidelines regarding sushi grade fish that should be consistent across the country to avoid parasites.

Honestly since fresh salmon isn’t even an option here, I never even questioned that. Chicken images funny We do use fresh tuna however since the parasites in that are large enough to visibly detect and freezing tuna makes it taste bad. Chicken images clip art Just assumed it’d be the same with salmon.

I’d be careful with the sugar if it’s something you’re going to cook longer, e.g. Chicken images cartoon pork or spare ribs. Chicken images In that case you’d brush it with the glaze towards the end of the cooking.

With salmon like this the cooking time is probably short enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Although I’d personally skip marinating the salmon and brush it with a teriyaki glaze instead.

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