[homemade] jerk-style chicken wings and tostones (double-fried plantain patties) _ food

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First, you need really underripe (very green) plantains if you aren’t already doing so. Chicken glasses patent Then I’d say it’s mostly frying oil temperature control. Chicken kissing game I did a shallow fry (~0.5 inch of vegetable oil) with 325 deg F oil. Chicken with bloody stool That should get you pretty good for the first fry. Cartoon chicken images free I did about 3 minutes on both sides of the chunk of plantain, took them out of the oil, smashed them down, dipped them in water briefly, shook off the water pretty well and refried them for a few more minutes. Fried chicken images free Remember, water+oil is bad news, so be super careful and go slow on dropping them in the oil.

It’s all about getting the ends decently ‘done’ before you smash!

I just marinated them in some makeshift jerk seasoning I whipped up that had whole allspice berries, some cinnamon, soy sauce, brown sugar, a few bay leaves, green onions, apple cider vinegar, freshly minced ginger, and a habanero chile. Chicken images free clip art Next time, I’m going to crank up the heat and add a few more habaneros because it wasn’t too terribly spicy.

I just baked them on this cast iron grill pan (one of those with grooves) in a 425 deg F oven for… Chicken liver function roughly 15-20(?)minutes I’d say. Chicken video recipes Flipped them once. Chicken video game You should be able to tell when they’re cooked, luckily chicken wings cook decently quick!

I made another makeshift sauce to glaze them up a bit out of soy, brown sugar, cayenne powder and allspice. Chicken videos Next time I’ll add some oil to help it ‘vinaigrette’.

I make jerk chicken soup with my leftover jerk chicken. Chicken machine embroidery designs Coconut milk, crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, rice, black beans, sweet potatoes, shredded leftover chicken, extra jerk seasoning…. Chicken machine So hearty and good!

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