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{Note from Jessica: Today’s post is shared by my sweet friend, Raia, author of Raia’s Recipes.

How to make banana bread easy Raia is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom of five crazy kids. Best banana bread ever recipe After the birth of her third child, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Two banana bread recipe This discovery turned her bread and pasta-filled life upside down and set her on a mission to find out what healthy meant for her family. Amazing banana bread Aspiring to encourage other moms, she started her blog filled with simple, easy, healthy dishes. Banana bread recipe from scratch Stop by Raia’s Recipes to get plenty of real food, gluten-free recipes and much more!}

Oh, strawberries. Banana bread recipe 4 bananas Growing up they were one of my biggest temptations.

As a child I struggled with quite a variety of food intolerances. Banana bread recipe easy moist One of them was strawberries. How do you make banana bread Another was lactose. Best recipe banana bread So it’s not hard to guess which childhood favorite drink I never tasted.

My elementary school aged friends would get their little cartons of chocolate or strawberry milk, I would get water. Ultimate banana bread recipe Now, please don’t think that I’m saying they were better off than I was! I am definitely not a proponent of pasteurized, homogenized milk stuffed with artificial flavorings and food colorings. Award winning banana bread But as a kid, it was still mighty tempting.

Back in my Fluffy Crustless Quiche post, I explained how putting myself on a healing diet called the GAPS Diet had allowed me to eat foods I had long been intolerant of without issue. Easy bake banana bread Eggs were one of these foods, another is strawberries!

Yep, for the first time in my life I can eat those beautiful little red gems without adverse reactions. How to banana bread Now I can enjoy their juicy sweetness while benefiting from all the nutritional boosts they offer.

We’ve probably all heard that strawberries are quite high in vitamin C, but did you also know that they are full of fiber, manganese, potassium vitamin K, magnesium, and folate? They’re also known to increase HDL (good cholesterol, and lower your blood pressure.

Of course, my family still doesn’t drink “store milk,” as my kids call it, and raw isn’t readily available in our area, so in order to enjoy our strawberry milk, we’re making it dairy-free.

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