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Ambiguous Term? This article is about Horus Heresy book series. Christmas sparkling cocktails For other uses of Horus Heresy, see Horus Heresy (disambiguation).

The Horus Heresy is a series of novels, anthologies and audiobooks based on the historic events known as the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, about 10,000 standard years before the present 41st millenium.

Wild margarita recipe The novels are written by different authors, but follow the same storyline – the fall of Warmaster Horus and his campaign of treachery to usurp the Emperor as ruler of the Imperium.

The publishing order of the books does not reflect an attempt to tell the overall storyline chronologically; the stories are set are various points within the overall meta-plot, gradually illuminating the whole tale from various perspectives. Long red dresses for weddings There are directly connected works within this structure, however. Black and red dresses for weddings For instance, the first three novels are a distinct trilogy, the eleventh is a sequel (of sorts) to the sixth, and the 12th and 15th are intended by the authors to be a duology.

As of January 2016, there have been 34 Horus Heresy main novels published by Games Workshop. Champagne cocktails for brunch Of them, seven are anthologies of Horus Heresy short stories. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve Unabridged audio books of every entry have also been released.

The series has a large and expanding cast of characters, ranging from the Emperor of Mankind to lowly members of the Remembrancer Order and the Imperial Army, as well as members of various Xenos races and Heretic organisations.

I Horus Rising • II False Gods • III Galaxy in Flames • IV The Flight of the Eisenstein • V Fulgrim • VI Descent of Angels • VII Legion • VIII Battle for the Abyss • IX Mechanicum • X Tales of Heresy • XI Fallen Angels • XII A Thousand Sons • XIII Nemesis • XIV The First Heretic • XV Prospero Burns • XVI Age of Darkness • XVII The Outcast Dead • XVIII Deliverance Lost • XIX Know No Fear • XX The Primarchs • XXI Fear to Tread • XXII Shadows of Treachery • XXIII Angel Exterminatus • XXIV Betrayer • XXV Mark of Calth • XXVI Vulkan Lives • XXVII The Unremembered Empire • XXVIII Scars • XXIX Vengeful Spirit • XXX The Damnation of Pythos • XXXI Legacies of Betrayal ‘ • XXXII Deathfire • XXXIII War Without End • XXXIV Pharos • XXXV Eye of Terra • XXXVI The Path of Heaven • XXXVII The Silent War • XXXVIII Angels of Caliban • XXXIX Praetorian of Dorn • XL Corax • XLI The Master of Mankind • XLII Garro • XLIII Shattered Legions

Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar • Leman Russ: The Great Wolf • Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero • Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia • Lorgar: Bearer of the Word

Promethean Sun • Aurelian • Brotherhood of the Storm • The Reflection Crack’d • Feat of Iron • The Lion • The Serpent Beneath • Corax: Soulforge • Scorched Earth • Tallarn: Executioner • Prince of Crows • The Crimson Fist • The Purge • Ravenlord • The Seventh Serpent • Tallarn: Ironclad • Cybernetica • Wolf King • The Honoured • The Unburdened • Garro: Vow of Faith • Sons of the Forge

Angron • The Imperial Truth • Sedition’s Gate • Echoes of Ruin • Death and Defiance • Blades of the Traitor • Meduson • Betrayal at Calth • Echoes of Revelation

The Lightning Tower • The Dark King • Army of One • Kryptos • Distant Echoes of Old Night • Lost Sons • Death of a Silversmith • The Divine Word • The Kaban Project • The Gates of Terra • Lord of the Red Sands • Serpent • Luna Mendax • Riven • Bjorn: Lone Wolf • The Wolf of Ash and Fire • Heart of the Conqueror • Child of Night • The Shadowmasters • The Devine Adoratrice • Daemonology • Sins of the Father • The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen • Vorax • The Value of Fear • Brotherhood of the Moon • Virtues of the Sons • Imperfect • Howl of the Hearthworld • A Safe and Shadowed Place • Gunsight • Black Oculus • Wolf Mother • Twisted • Chirurgeon • Tallarn: Witness • Ironfire • Hands of the Emperor • By the Lion’s Command • All That Remains • The Phoenician • Artefacts • Ghosts Speak Not • Patience • Inheritor • Tallarn: Siren • Blackshield • Myriad • Into Exile • The Grey Raven • The Painted Count • Exocytosis • The Last Son of Prospero • Ordo Sinister • The Ember Wolves

Raven’s Flight • Garro: Oath of Moment • Garro: Legion of One • Butcher’s Nails • Grey Angel • Burden of Duty • Garro: Sword of Truth • Warmaster • Strike and Fade • Veritas Ferrum • The Sigillite • Honour to the Dead • Wolf Hunt • Censure • Thief of Revelations • Kharn: The Eightfold Path • Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster • Cypher: Guardian of Order • Hunter’s Moon • Wolf’s Claw • Templar • Garro: Shield of Lies • Master of the First • The Long Night • Stratagem • Herald of Sanguinius • The Watcher • The Eagle’s Talon • Iron Corpses • Garro: Ashes of Fealty • Raptor • Grey Talon • Red-Marked • The Either • The Heart of the Pharos • Echoes of the Imperium • The Thirteenth Wolf • Virtues of the Sons/Sins of the Father • Children of Sicarus • Perpetual • The Soul, Severed • Valerius • The Binary Succession

Horus Heresy: The Scripts: Volume I • Horus Heresy: The Scripts: Volume II

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