How lancashire is coping with beast from the east – lancashire evening post how to cook bacon in oven crispy

But county hall chiefs have warned motorists the gritting and salting operation only covers around a third of the road network, so extra care is needed on many minor routes.

Coun keith iddon, LCC cabinet member for highways and transport said: “we are well prepared for more severe conditions forecast over the coming week. Our first priority always has been to keep traffic moving on the main routes when severe weather hits. I would ask people to be cautious as roads can be icy even after they’ve been gritted.

“also be particularly careful on untreated roads and pavements and, if conditions are particularly bad, consider whether your journey is essential.”

Motoring organisation the AA has issued essential advice for drivers using the county’s roads, especially in the morning rush hour when conditions can be at their worst.

Experts say stopping distances can be 10 times as long in snow and ice and drivers are urged to, where possible, stick to main routes which have been gritted.Cold weather

General advice in the snow and ice is to give at least an extra 10 minutes to prepare the car in a morning before setting out and do not drive off with just a tiny hole cleared on the windscreen.

At least two dozen rough sleepers in preston are being given emergency help, with hot meals and a warm bed for the night, during this week’s arctic blast.

On monday night one refuge, the foxton centre in avenham, put up 17 homeless people on mattresses, giving them food and a hot drink for supper and a hot breakfast yesterday morning.

“we pick up most people during the day, but the police and british transport police bring others to us during the night who thay are concerned about.

“our rule is once you are inn you stay in, so there are those who maybe can’t last until the morning without their booze and so decide against coming inside.”

County hall is asking everyone to check on vulnerable members of the community to make sure they are warm enough and have sufficient hot food to eat.Cabinet member

“we’re expecting a bitterly cold week ahead and it’s important that people do what they need to do to stay warm and healthy,” said coun shaun turner, cabinet member for health and wellbeing.

“we will be continuing to visit vulnerable people who already receive support, but we’re asking everyone who is aware of a vulnerable friend, neighbour or family member to check that they are OK and whether they need anything, particularly if they don’t want to venture out during the severe weather.”

Public health england has advised that homes should be heated to at least 18C and people should wear several thin layers of clothing instead of one thick one.

The NHS in lancashire and south cumbria has also issued a cold weather alert for people who suffer from long-term conditions like asthma and circulatory diseases like heart disease that they are at greater risk at this time of year.

Heart attacks increase almost immediately after a cold snap and hospitals also see a rise in admissions of stroke patients five days after the cold weather begins.Cabinet member

Dr kieran murphy, medical diector for lancashire and south cumbria NHS, said: “it is important to be mindful of the immediate knock-on effect of the cold weather.

And, with conditions not expected to get much better – possibly even worse – for the rest of the week, thousands of pupils are likely to be enjoying more snowballing time than lessons.

While the majority unable to open yesterday were in the east of the county, one preston school reluctantly remained closed because of the conditions on the road outside.

St francis RC primary in goosnargh is situated on a hill and, despite pleas to the county council for gritters to treat horns lane, the requests went unanswered. So 93 pupils had to stay at home.

“the road is treacherous and people can’t get up it,” said school bursar shelley taylor. “cars were sliding all over, one member of staff nearly crashed and yet we can’t get the council to grit it.