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Congratulations on choosing a potted banana plant for your interior landscape. Calories in banana bread You will find this to be an exciting, beautiful, and rewarding plant for your family.

The following care tips will make this experience even more pleasant for your family–and your plant as well.

Banana bread receta These care tips apply to other tropical plants as well.

When you receive your potted banana plant, pot it in a pot that is just a little larger than the pot that it was received in. Easy homemade banana bread If you received it in a 4″ pot, it’s ok to pot it up to a one gallon pot at this time–if the roots have filled in the area of the 4″ pot when you remove the pot. How to bake a banana bread If the resulting soil and root cube keeps the same square or round shape as the pot, and you see white roots at the bottom of the soil mass, go ahead and pot it into a larger one gallon pot.( a pot with a measurement of approximately 8 inches across by 6-8″ tall). Banana bread allrecipes If the soil crumbles off the roots when you pull it out and doesn’t hold the shape of the pot, repot it gently back into the 4″ pot. Recipe for banana bread muffins Your plant is not ready for a larger pot yet.

If your plant is ready to be repotted, choose a well draining potting mix such as Miracle Grow, or get some professional potting soil at a local nursery. Whole wheat banana bread recipe A very good one from a nursery is Promix HP. Banana bread with nuts You want to use a well draining mix. Banana bread recipe with baking powder If your potting soil isn’t light in weight and rather fluffy looking, don’t use it. Home made banana bread Never use a soil mix from a dollar store, or the cheapest store brand on a houseplant. Recipe for homemade banana bread Place some soil in the bottom of the pot, add the root ball of the banana plant, and gently place soil around the plant so that the level of the plant’s root ball is approximately the same as in it’s original pot. How do u make banana bread With a banana plant, feel free to repot it a little deeper than it was in its original pot. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe They don’t mind this at all, but some houseplants do mind this, so don’t do this on all your plants. NEVER pack soil tightly around the roots of any houseplant, or “firm up” the soil as people do outdoors. Easy banana bread 2 bananas This causes the soil to hold too much water, and doesn’t allow much oxygen to reach the plants’ roots. Banana bread 2 bananas Always use a pot with drainage holes in the bottom for water to escape and for air to circulate. Ingredients to make banana bread If you are just “in love” with a particular pot that doesn’t have drainage holes, use that pot as a “cache” pot — pot up your plant in a pot with drainage holes and place it inside of that lovely pot. Banana bread with baking powder Drain out excess standing water after watering. Banana bread machine That way your plant gets the care IT needs, and YOU get your pretty designer look too!

Now that you have repotted your plant, place it near a sunny window, and it’s time to water it. Sour cream banana bread recipe Water your plant with a mixture of 1 Tablespoon white vinegar ( to change water ph and make nutrients more available to your plant’s roots), and 1 teaspoon of a balanced 20-20-20 water soluble plant food (such as Peters Professional, or Miracle Grow) in a gallon of room temperature water at each watering during the summer months. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Water your plant thoroughly until water comes out the holes in the bottom of the pot, let stand a minute, then drain out all the excess water from the saucer. How to make the best banana bread Don’t ever let your plant sit in standing water, this will cause it to develop root rot and can actually kill your plant. Banana bread re In the winter time, use the fertilizer only once a month, or even once every two months as your plant will normally stop growing, or slow down drastically.

Allow your plant to dry out before watering it again. The best banana bread recipe ever The best way to tell if your plant needs water again is to put your finger into the soil and feel for wetness. Banana bread reteta If you stick your finger into the pot of soil and feel dampness when you put your finger in about an inch or two inches deep, don’t water your plant. How to make simple banana bread If you don’t feel any dampness, then your plant is ready for water again. Banana bread with Water thoroughly as before, then drain. Best moist banana bread recipe ever Most starter size interior banana plants in gallon size pots in typical indoor situations seem to only need watering about every week to ten days, sometimes as infrequently as 14 days or longer during the winter months. Bread machine banana bread recipe Be sure and feel for dampness before watering again. How long to bake banana bread Your plant will need water more frequently as it grows, but be sure and check for dampness every time, as this is your best indicator.

Interior plants often benefit from misting with water in the wintertime as moisture levels decrease with heating of your home’s air. Banana bread baking powder Another easy method to increase humidity levels around your plants is to purchase a large plant saucer, fill it with clean gravel (river rocks, pea gravel, lava rock, or decorative fish tank gravel) and pour water almost to the top of the gravel in the saucer. How to do banana bread Then place your plant (with or without it’s own drainage saucer) on top of that gravel filled saucer. Banana banana bread recipe As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity in the area around your plant. One banana banana bread You can use a very large saucer for a grouping of plants. Banana bread 3 bananas NOTE: If you choose not to have your plant sitting in it’s own saucer, make sure that the water level does NOT touch the bottom of the pot as that will cause your plant to stay too wet and encourage root rot!

One of the leading causes of interior plant death is over watering. Banana bread recipe with milk Often plants can bear less than optimum light levels just as long as they aren’t drowning at the same time! Of course your banana plant would appreciate bright light inside, so place it close to a sunny window. Banana bread recipe with butter A south window is ideal, but a west facing window is also a good choice where it will receive lots of afternoon light. Banana bread without brown sugar Turn your banana plant from time to time to make sure that it’s not growing one-sided towards the light.

Some people like to supplement the lighting with artificial light sources in the home to make their plants grow better. Banana bread with two bananas Many garden centers and home centers carry specialized spot lights for your houseplants. Banana bread with butter These are not necessary unless you have placed your plant in a suboptimal location. Best banana nut bread recipe ever So put it in as much light in the home as you can.

Check your plant from time to time to make sure it’s not developed any pest problems. How long to cook banana bread Frequent visitors to banana plants are spider mites. Awesome banana bread They make little webs on your plants in a severe infestation, in a light one, they will just look like little spots of dust usually on the underside of your plants’ leaves.They suck the sap from the plants’ leaves and eventually can cause leaf death and in severe cases, death of the plant. Banana bread przepis If you do see this occurring, take your plant to a safe location indoors such as a heated garage or out of the normal living area and spray your plant with a good indoor insecticide from a local garden center or home store. Banana bread 4 bananas Replace the plant when the spray has dried. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas There are also very good organically based soap sprays for these pest problems. Banana bread recipe baking powder One home made mix I like to use for spider mites is 1 Tablespoon of Suave shampoo (whatever scent you like) and 1 Tablespoon cooking oil (vegetable or canola) mixed in a gallon of warm water in a plastic jug. Banana cake bread Shake this up very well, and apply with a sprayer to the top and bottom sides of leaves until it’s dripping wet on all surfaces of the leaves and stem._If you can’t move your plant, some people use a soft cloth to apply this mix, or a sponge. Banana bread with 3 bananas Use whenever the symptoms recur. Best homemade banana bread Normally spider mites are not a problem in outdoor plantings unless your weather is unusually dry. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas Increasing the humidity indoors also helps, but will not cure a spider mite problem in itself.

If you desire, in the summertime, you can place your banana plant outdoors on a patio or porch or even plant it directly into the soil in your landscape. Banana bread plain flour See my other e-bay guide, “How to grow bananas in cold areas successfully” for detailed instructions. Banana bread resepti You do have to acclimate it to being outdoors before placing it in full sun or it will become sunburned after growing inside, just as you would be if you suddenly went to Hawaii in the middle of winter and stayed outdoors with no sunscreen!

New update! I’ve learned something very exciting about these plants, just when you think you know it all. Banana bread origin I had one that was getting much too tall to think about bringing it indoors for the winter, it had a trunk height of over eight feet, not counting the leaves. Rezept banana bread So I cut it off to a height of three feet tall. Banana bread with plain flour It was dramatic, let me tell you, to cut off the entire top part of the plant with a sharp knife! But now, one month later, it’s pushed new leaves out of the center and the only evidence that it was cut off at all is that one of the leaves is cut in half and it has a small step looking mark on the trunk. How long is banana bread good for So if you are growing a tropical banana in a pot to bring indoors and you think it’s getting just too large, that is a great option for you. Banana bread recipe with two bananas Just look up your first frost date for your area and six weeks to one month before that date, cut your plant off. 2 banana banana bread That will give it plenty of time to grow back and be pretty for you to bring it indoors. Banana and bread Remember that the top of the plant will take up a couple of feet, so cutting a plant at around three feet will result in roughly a five foot plant when it grows back. Banana bread recipe without nuts And the leaves that came out of mine were still very large like they were before cutting them back, too…There are cool recipes also on the internet that I’ve not tried yet, but they use banana leaves to cook with. What is banana bread You could try that with your leaves that are cut off if you’ve not used pesticides on them.

Most of all, remember, enjoy your potted banana plant! If this guide was helpful to you, please take a moment to post feedback about my guide, and feel free to use this guide for your personal use.

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