How to cook the perfect steak – simple tips on how to do it with oven at home

Cooking a perfect steak is an art that many people have not perfected regardless of the fact that steak is one of the most delicious foods that you can cook for your family or when you have a special occasion. Steak marinade recipes The truth is that you can cook a perfect steak using an oven at home and give your family a special meal without using many ingredients and equipment.

The first thing is to get a high-quality steak from your local butcher and not the grocery.

Marinade steak This is because the quality of the meat that you use has a big impact on how your steak is going to taste. Bbq steak marinade The secret is to make sure the animal slaughtered was well raised and the meat is of high quality. Best marinade for steak The steak should be at least an inch thick with some white fat near the edges and at the interior for better results. Grilled steak marinade Here are basic tips on how to cook the perfect steak in the oven for about 20 minutes. Beef steak marinade It is actually a very quick method and you can get your steak ready after cooking other meals that you want to serve with it.

• Return the Steak under the Broiler and Cook for about 5 Minutes

For the ingredients, you need a nice steak of about one to one and half inches thick, canola or vegetable oil, kosher salt and some newly grounded black pepper. Good steak marinade Note that the ingredients can vary depending on the amount of steak that you want to cook. Overnight steak marinade For the equipment, you need long tongs, oven mitt and a pastry brush.

Instructions and Procedure Get the Excess Water from the Steak

This is the first step when cooking a perfect steak if you want it to come out flawless. Marinade for flank steak It is worth noting that the steak that you get from the butcher is a bit watery and you cannot cook it like that without getting rid excess water. Pork steak marinade You need to dry the steak slightly by blotting it with paper towels. Ribeye steak marinade If you had stored your steak in a fridge, you need to let it stay out of the fridge for about 30 minutes so that it can come to room temperature. Skirt steak marinade This will help the steak cook evenly.

You need to get the skillet of your oven hot before putting in the steak. Sirloin steak marinade This can be achieved by turning on the oven’s broiler, place the oven rack about 7 inches below the broiler element and place the skillet on the rack. T bone steak marinade Allow the skillet to heat up as you get the steak ready. Steak marinade easy However, you need to be careful not to overheat the skillet because that could cause steak to burn and get a bad flavor.

It is important to rub the steak with some oil before putting it into the oven. Easy steak marinade You can use your fingers or a pastry brush to apply the oil on the steak evenly. Steak tip marinade You also need to sprinkle some salt and a freshly grounded pepper on all sides of the steak evenly. Simple steak marinade For the black pepper, you can easily buy it on Amazon for less than 10 dollars packed in large jars. Homemade steak marinade The reason for rubbing the steak with oil is to ensure it cooks evenly and to prevent it from burning. Tuna steak marinade Black pepper is for spicing the steak and to give it a good flavor.

Source back to menu ^ Place the Heated Skillet on the Stovetop Burner

Once your steak is well prepared, the next step is to carefully get the hot skillet from the oven and place it on the stovetop. Quick steak marinade Here you can use an oven mitt to avoid burning your hands. Steak marinade soy sauce Once you have the skillet well seated on the stovetop, turn the burner to high heat. Best way to marinate steak Make sure the skillet is very hot before placing the steak on it.

Here you use kitchen tongs to pick the steak and place it on the hot pan. Best flank steak marinade Make sure the steak sizzles immediately you place it on the hot pan. Bbq chicken marinade Sear the steak for 30-50 seconds until it turns golden brown and develops a hard surface.

Source back to menu ^ Repeat the Searing Process for the Other Side

Once one side of the steak is done, you need to flip the steak and sear the other side for another about 30-50 seconds. How to marinate chicken breast You need to make sure you have done the searing process evenly on all faces of the steak and be careful not to have it burnt.

Source back to menu ^ Return the Steak under the Broiler and Cook for about 5 Minutes

Once you are done with the searing process, the next step is to return the skillet together with the steak back to the broiler carefully. Simple chicken marinade Close the oven door and broil the steak for about five minutes.

Source back to menu ^ Repeat the Broiling Process for the Other Side

Once one side of the steak is cooked properly, flip it and broil it for another 5 minutes to make sure it is evenly cooked. Marinade for lamb chops Here you need to remove the skillet from the oven and turn the steak carefully. Beef jerky marinade recipes At this point, the steak should be ready for eating, but if you want yours cooked more you can add an additional 2 minutes.

Source back to menu ^ Remove the Steak from the Oven and Let it Rest

Once your steak is properly cooked, the next step is to remove it from the oven and place it on the cutting board. Best grilled pork chops Cover the steak with aluminum foil and allow it to rest for about five minutes before serving.

Source back to menu ^ Slice the Steak and Serve it with Your Favorite Dish

The last step is to slice the steak and serve it with your favorite meal. Pork chop marinade grill Serve hot and do not let he steak to cool and start to harden. Chicken marinade for bbq You can serve the steak with salad, a loaf of bread or chips and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

There are different ways of cooking steak at home, but the above is the simplest and the easiest if you do not want it exaggerated or cooked with a lot of spicing. Barbecue chicken marinade This method is quite quick and you can prepare your steak after you have other meals ready. Flank steak recipe oven The good thing with the above method is that it does not require many ingredients and therefore very convenient to use at home.

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