How to keep your apps up-to-date for ios 11 nutrition of an apple

Apple’s latest mobile update, ios 11, goes way beyond the normal slate of improvements and optimizations. Specifically, it allows ios developers to take full advantage of two of the biggest trends in development today: augmented reality and machine learning. In this post, we’ll take a look at both, as well as do a quick roundup of some of the other features mobile developers should take note of. Build an immersive experience with arkit

Augmented reality has the potential to dramatically re-shape everything from consumer entertainment to industrial manufacturing. Now, with the arkit platform included in ios 11, apple has brought the current bleeding edge of AR capabilities to consumer app developers. Where previous AR experiences largely consisted of 2D overlays, arkit gives apps a sophisticated understanding of the scenes they’re in.

It can detect horizontal and vertical planes, allowing apps to accurately place and rotate objects relative to the user’s position, and detect ambient light levels in order to apply lighting or shadow effects.Your apps

To illustrate the kind of advancements we’re talking about, check out the more recent updates to pokémon go. In the original game, the various critters players chased remained in a fixed position no matter how the user moved their phone around. Since integrating the game with arkit, however, the game is able to understand the player’s position relative to their pokémon. This feature, called positional tracking, allows the game to automatically adjust a pokémon’s size and orientation depending on how a player approaches it.

From a gameplay perspective, this allows players to sneak up on pokémon from behind. More than that, however, positional tracking represents a major advance in mobile AR capabilities that other developers can apply to any number of non-pokémon-related uses. Bring machine learning to your app with coreml

Up to now, app developers who’ve wanted to take advantage of machine learning algorithms have needed to perform the calculations on the server-side, which can result in performance delays and obviously requires a stable connection.Machine learning with coreml, however, ios 11 has made it possible for developers to implement any number of machine learning frameworks inside the apps themselves, taking advantage of the iphone’s hardware.

We’ve written quite a bit about various machine learning frameworks, and it should be exciting for app developers to see many of those frameworks supported by coreml, including artificial neural networks up to 30 layers deep. Beyond that, coreml adds specific support for two of the most important subfields of machine learning: computer vision and natural language processing.

From a developer’s standpoint, what matters is that apps can now create apps that can track and recognize faces, text, objects, and barcodes while also automatically recognizing different languages and parsing parts of speech.

Note: apps that take advantage of AR and machine learning require a lot of processing power. The latest iphone processor (the A11) features what apple calls a “neural engine,” essentially a mini processor optimized for certain kinds of machine learning methods and handling the kind of calculations needed to analyze and respond to movements in the physical world.Your apps both coreml and arkit can work on older iphone models, but they’re likely to place much greater demands on the GPU and CPU, which could result in significant performance hits. Take advantage of more ios 11 features

• A totally redesigned app store that gives app developers a lot more control over the product page. Apps can now have a brief descriptive subtitle, up to three autoplaying previews, and a brief field for timely promotional text. Developers can also promote up to 20 in-app purchases, which can appear in search results and editorial selections, potentially driving more exposure to your apps.

• taking advantage of the iphone multi touch feature, drag and drop lets users move images, text, and files between apps. Support for drag and drop comes from a simple API. You can also integrate with apple’s files app to give your apps access to users’ third-party files stored locally or in icloud.Your apps

• with musickit, developers can integrate their apps with apple music, allowing users to listen to their favorite songs, albums, and playlists from inside your app.

• similarly, sirikit lets developers integrate their apps with apple’s personal assistant, allowing developers to specify what domains and intents they want to support. Lists, QR codes, and ride booking are supported by default, so users can ask siri to book a ride to the train station with their preferred ride-hailing app, or add a grocery list to whatever they use for task management. Your app doesn’t even have to be open for siri to communicate with it.

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