How to make an easter treat without sugar_ 7 steps (with pictures)

Focus on fruit. Easter desserts for diabetics While fruit contains fructose, it is healthier than processed sugar products because fruit contains the roughage, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in combinations that provide our body with what it needs for energy and good health. Apple desserts for diabetics There are many fruit snacks and desserts that can be used at Easter time, including chocolate dipped fruit if you use low-sugar or sugar-free chocolate. Great desserts for diabetics Fruit can be turned into interesting creations, including:

• Fruit kebabs––try drizzling dark sugar-free chocolate over the skewers for an Easter special

• Fruit pops – either use fresh fruit on the end of a stick or make sugar-free dried fruit balls (rolled in coconut or dark cocoa) for a tasty treat

• A watermelon basket fruit salad (where watermelon is available, such as some southern hemisphere countries)

Use sugar-free chocolate for making chocolate eggs and molded figures.

Safe desserts for diabetics There are two main types of sugar-free chocolate––one is very dark chocolate without sugar and the other is diabetic chocolate, which has a substitute sweetener. Jello desserts for diabetics Very dark chocolate is quite bitter, so it’s an acquired taste but it can be mellowed with the addition of fruit or other flavorings when baking or cooking with it. Desserts good for diabetics If you’re okay with less sugar rather than no sugar, try dark chocolate around the 60 to 75 percent ranges which still has small amounts of sugar added but isn’t too sugary or with added fats. Strawberry desserts for diabetics If the chocolate is of high quality, a little bit will go a very long way.

Use gel or jelly to make Easter treats. Birthday desserts for diabetics Gel or jelly formed into large or small animal shapes (using molds such as a rabbit), can be an excellent means for making a sugar-free sweet for the Easter table. Desserts for diabetics uk Instead of using sugary commercial Jello packages though, make the gel or jelly from scratch, adding in berries or fruit pieces and sweetening with either apple juice or apple juice concentrate in place of sugar.

• You can use either gelatin or agar agar to make gel or jelly. Indian desserts for diabetics Only the latter is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

• Fruits to add include diced pear, chopped banana, raspberries or other berries (use frozen berries if you can’t find any fresh at this time of year), etc.

• Junket can be used for milky flavored gel desserts. Desserts for diabetics recipes with splenda Add fruit pieces as above if wished.

• Make homemade marshmallow treats in the shapes of bunnies, chicks and eggs (peeps substitutes). Recipes for diabetic desserts Avoid adding sugar. What desserts are good for diabetics Such treats can be coated in dark, sugar-free chocolate or cocoa, or coated in desiccated or shredded coconut.

Find sugar-free or sugar-reduced baking recipes for cupcakes, cakes, muffins and cookies. Recipes for sugar free desserts for diabetics Use substitutes such as applesauce, apple juice, grape juice, spices, stevia, mashed fruit, etc. Quick and easy desserts for diabetics in place of sugar. What are good desserts for diabetics Provided you’re prepared to experiment with the recipe, you can make many of your traditional baking recipes reduced in sugar or sugar-free.

• Look for sugar-free baking recipes. Christmas dessert recipes for diabetics This is easier than having to guess changes in measurement yourself.

• As a general rule, sugar can be reduced by half or even to a third of the amount suggested in a cake, flan or cookie recipe and still taste fine. Good dessert recipes for diabetics However, the flavor will be less sweet, so you might need to find substitutes to make up for it.

Make cute things from real eggs. Best recipes for diabetic desserts Boil an egg and transform it into many different cute and delicious things. Thanksgiving dessert recipes for diabetics Make bento style egg animals, turn peeled boiled eggs into animals, flowers, monsters, etc., or try carving boiled eggs in interesting ways. Fresh fruit desserts for diabetics Dyed boiled eggs (using edible dyes) can be interesting meal additions.

• Eggs and carrots are a great combination––eggs for the chicken symbol of Easter and carrots for the Easter bunny.

Make savory treats. Fruit dessert recipes for diabetics Buy or make small crackers, pretzels and savory cookies and fill up small cellophane bags shaped to look like carrots. Easy dessert recipes for diabetics Tie the end with a green ribbon to look like a carrot top. Chocolate dessert recipes for diabetics Fill a basket with these bags for an Easter treat that both looks good (a bunch of “carrots”) and tastes great.

Fill Easter egg containers and Easter baskets with healthy treats. Recipes for desserts for diabetics Think of different foods for adding to Easter baskets than the usual high sugar treats on sale. Easter dessert for diabetics Some items that you could use instead include nuts, small amounts of dried fruit, trail mix, popcorn, homemade low-sugar cookies and homemade low- or no-sugar chocolate eggs.

• Make up a basket of sugar-free commercial treats. Healthy dessert ideas for diabetics There are candies and chocolates made with reduced or no sugar. Healthy dessert recipes for diabetics If you find these, you can make up a basket with these, as well as some nuts, dried fruit and non-edible treats. Apple dessert recipes for diabetics Look for such candies as sugar-free jellybeans, sugar-free chocolates, sugar-free Easter eggs, etc.

• It might be kinder to add just a few small, quality chocolate commercial eggs to a totally healthy, homemade mix for kids who would otherwise feel left out. Sugar free indian desserts recipes for diabetics However, for adults, especially for those watching their food intake or who cannot eat sugar for health reasons, changing the treats to healthier ones will often be appreciated, especially your thoughtful input into finding things they can eat.

• Search for diabetic Easter treats for ideas of what you can buy commercially by way of sugar-free Easter treats.

• Avoid purchasing Easter treats unless they specifically state that they’re low in sugar or are made without sugar. Healthy thanksgiving desserts for diabetics Also be wary of the many guises sugar comes in––for a list of the possible sugar types in food, see How to eat less sugar.

• Add lots of non-edible treats to Easter baskets to oust the need for too much candy or chocolate.

• While artificial sweeteners can be used to make Easter treats, not everyone likes to use them and some of them are the subject of ongoing debate as to their healthiness. Recipes desserts for diabetics Be sure to do your research first before relying on them as substitutes.

• Going for less but choosing higher quality chocolate eggs ( not the dollar store ones!) is a good way to balance having too much sugar with the treat occasion. Splenda recipes desserts for diabetics Teach children to savor small amounts of sweet treats rather than depriving your child of all Easter treats once a year. 8 simple holiday desserts for diabetics However, bear in mind that there are plenty of sugary treat occasions throughout a year––Valentine’s Day, July the Fourth, Halloween and Christmas being just a few, so use any sugary treats in moderation.

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