How to make your own yogurt recipe from nourishing traditions

I have almost always been a yogurt lover. Banana nut bread recipe with sour cream Even in my 20’s, I would eat yogurt almost every single day. Easy healthy banana bread recipe When I used to think of making my own yogurt, I was mystified. Best ever gluten free banana bread Why would people do this when you can just buy it at the store? This was at the same time that I’d buy the low fat artificially sweetened yogurt in the small containers.

Best banana bread recipe in the world Now I realize that those little containers that are advertised to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet, aren’t healthy at all.

I was just giving myself a dose of powdered milk and artificial sweeteners. Easy banana bread recipe for kids I may not have even received any good ‘live cultures’ because they would pasteurize the milk AFTER they add the cultures, which reduces the good bacteria in the yogurt because they are heating the milk up to pasteurize it.

This is when I switched to buying organic whole yogurt that says on the label that it’s cultured after pasteurization. Best healthy banana bread recipe I also made sure that no powdered milk was in the ingredient list (some organic yogurt still has powdered milk in it, including Nancy’s brand).

Why is powdered milk so bad, you ask? Well, I was surprised too. Healthy banana bread recipe applesauce And I was even more surprised to learn that the dairy industry regularly adds powdered milk to nonfat skim, 1% and 2% milk, but they don’t have to list it on the label (I’m not sure why). Simple banana bread muffins Powdered milk contains oxidized cholesterol, which can cause heart disease, not whole, real milk. Easy gluten free banana bread recipe For more information on this subject, please go here. Better homes and gardens banana bread recipe Using a Yogurt Maker

If you have a yogurt culture starter powder, you can make yogurt on your countertop with a yogurt maker. Best ever moist banana bread This is super handy but you do have to buy the yogurt maker. Moist banana bread with sour cream recipe I also have made many many successful batches of yogurt in my Instant Pot DUO060. Best gluten free banana bread recipe Here are some alternatives to eating yogurt in the small containers :

• I now mix my yogurt as I eat it. Calories in homemade banana bread If I’m packing a lunch I have 8 ounce containers with lids to use.

• Sometimes I mix yogurt with homemade applesauce. Healthy moist banana bread recipe The applesauce that I made during the summer is so sweet (naturally from the fruit) that I don’t need to add any more sweetener at all.

• I like a dollop of homemade strawberry jam in my yogurt. Healthy moist banana bread Other jams or jellies would be good too. Best ever banana bread recipe This makes it easy to control the sweetness of your own yogurt, depending on what you want that day.

• A good breakfast: soaked granola over yogurt with just a drizzle (teaspoon or so) of grade B maple syrup.

• Use yogurt where you’d use sour cream. How to make moist banana bread I like a dollop of plain yogurt on my curried lentils, it cuts the heat in the curry and the sourness goes well with the lentils.

• My girls love smoothies, which are a great way to get yogurt into kids. Banana bread cake mix They blend frozen berries, plain yogurt, a raw egg or two, some vanilla and Rapadura or maple syrup as sweetener. Best healthy banana bread If I’m there I will also drizzle in some cold pressed flax oil to give them some additional omega 3 fatty acids. Banana bread bread machine This is their most favorite after school snack.

• 1/4 – 1/2 cup good quality commercial whole milk plain yogurt, or yogurt from a previous batch

• 1 quart whole milk, can be pasteurized, but preferably non-homogenized

If you’re using raw milk please see alternative directions below…

The final product will be thinner than commercial yogurt, but is easy to make.

• VERY IMPORTANT – Cool yogurt to about 110 degrees (use your candy thermometer). Extreme banana nut bread Any hotter and it will kill your live culture in the next step.

• Stir in the yogurt and place in a shallow glass, enamel or stainless steel container.

• Cover the container and place in a warm oven (about 150 degrees, or a gas oven with pilot light) overnight.

• In the morning, transfer to the refrigerator. Eggless banana bread recipes moist Throughout the day you may want to drain some of the excess whey off the yogurt.

• place the quart of milk in double boiler and heat to 110 degrees.

• Remove 2 tablespoons of the warm milk and add it to 1 tablespoon yogurt (commercial or from the previous batch).

• Stir well and pour into a quart sized wide-mouth mason jar.

• Add a further 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons yogurt to the jar and stir well.

• Cover tightly and place in a dehydrator set at 95 degrees for 8-12 hours (in your turned off oven with the oven light on may also work).

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I’ve found that my regular electric oven with the light on (it’s an appliance bulb, also the kind used in lava lamps) is enough to make a nice yogurt if left for about 18-24 hours.

I tried using the cooler method, but I’ve got a kitten with a thing for my styrofoam coolers and he invariably gets inside, knocks the whole thing over, and I end up with warm water and milk all over accompanied by happy cats licking up the bounty.

Question: I have been making my own yogurt using a crockpot… cooking 1/2 gallon raw milk on low for 2 hours, turning it off for 3-1/2 and then mixing in a 1/2 cup of starter yogurt and letting it sit overnight. Eggless banana bread with yogurt After that I’ll strain it to make the yogurt thicker and make use of the whey.

My 5 year old son likes the yogurt in small containers. Can i make banana bread without baking soda So when I make yogurt at home put some in half pint canning jars especially for him. Can you make banana bread without baking soda Maybe the appeal is that it is convenient, or it could be that the small jars look cute. How to make banana bread without baking soda We mix in homemade jam like you suggest.

I love using yogurt in place of sour cream too… I stir a big dollop into chili and definitely use it in a lot of curry dishes!

Another thing I’ve been doing is blending it with fresh flax oil using a hand blender. Recipe for banana bread with chocolate chips Then I blend in organic berries, chopped nuts, pumpkin seeds, or whatever else I have on hand. Banana bread bread machine recipe It’s a great cancer-fighting breakfast dish and so delicious too!

I ordered Greek yogurt cultures from a week ago and it’s supposed to arrive today… sooo excited to finally try making my own!!

I use the cooler method when I make yogurt but I don’t use nearly as much starter as 1/2 cup. Banana bread recipe hawaii 1/4 cup would be the most I’d use for a quart of milk. Banana bread recipe with chocolate chips It also really helps to cool the milk after it’s heated to 180 (I can only get pasteurized, non-homogenized milk right now). Banana bread made with coconut flour If I stir in the starter while it’s that hot it seems to end up much runnier. Banana bread made with sour cream I have also found my yogurt ends up thicker (without extra straining) if I culture it in 2 pint jars instead of 1 quart jar. Banana bread in cake pan I’m not sure why but it works for me ??

Thanks to your post on crackers, I am going to haul up the dehydrator this week and make them again. Blueberry banana bread recipe I LOVED those crackers and have no idea why I stopped making them, except maybe that I loved them too much ??

I found a website Chocolate chip banana bread recipe moist They sell a “yogotherm” a simple insulated container for making 2 quarts of yogurt at a time. Banana bread healthy recipe I ordered one off their website, so we will see how good it works. 3 ingredient banana bread recipe I can’t wait to try it out! I looked at the cultures they sell and most appear to contain dry milk. Banana bread with cake mix and pudding I know you can use yogurt you already have as a starter, but do you ever use culture you bought?

Yes, I actually just bought a yogurt culture from Cultures for Health that you can culture on the countertop. Banana bread recipes healthy I just started using it and it is a lot easier than the heating method, but they all have their pros and cons. Banana bread recipe with cake mix I am going to try out a few more of their products and then do a future post on the cultures. Banana bread recipe with yellow cake mix that yogotherm sounds cool, let us know how you like it!

In NZ, we have an ‘Eziyo Maker’ which looks as if it might operate like the yogotherm. Egg free banana bread recipe We fill the ‘maker’ with boiling water, then pop the container of yogurt to be processed into it. Banana bread buttermilk I’ve not been using my Eziyo maker as the packets you use to make the yoghurt contains dry culture and…milk powder ?? You ‘just add water’ to the mix. Banana bread recipe gluten free I get raw milk, so I’ll heat to 110 degrees. Bananabread recipes I’ve just drained a store bought organic plain yogurt of its whey…I’ll sneak some ‘cheese’ and blend the whey back in to get the consistency, ha ha!

I find that adding in more yougurt (as the starter-usually 6-8 oz to 1/4 gallon milk) makes the over-all product thicker and reduces the need to strain it.

Also, I use raw milk and put the yogurt into mason jars in a cooler for 7 hours with about 4 cups almost boiling water). Banana bread recipe food network It works well. Banana bread recipe allrecipes Do I need to be concerned about the temperature being maintained in the cooler for health safety reasons?

What size dehydrator are you using to make your yogurt in? (the excaliber brand) I found the 5 tray model at a great price, but wasn’t sure if it would accomodate the quarts jars I would use to make yogurt. Banana bread crumble I live in NH where in the winter the temperature in the house can be as low as 58 degrees at night–I have had successes and failures making yogurt. Banana bread crumb cake Would like to have more consistent successes and I think the dehydrator way could be the ticket.

I believe it was the 9 tray model. Banana bread recipe without butter But it may fit in the 5 not sure. Banana bread recipe coconut oil One thing I’ve done at night is put the jars in the oven with it turned off but the oven light on. Banana bread streusel It can get pretty warm in there just with that light on.

I am excited to try making yogurt for the first time – I just got NT for Christmas so I can’t wait to get started. Banana bread recipe with coconut oil My sister-in-law lives in Arizona so she just sticks it outside at night during the summer since it stays so warm there. Crumb topping for banana bread Living in Minnesota I don’t have that option. Banana bread with crumb topping ??

150 degrees F is too hot for yogurt bacteria. Flours banana bread recipe They prefer 105 to 110 degrees F. Banana bread recipe coconut flour I try to keep mine culturing for 24 hours or more in this temperature range. Banana bread made with buttermilk The longer you let it culture at the right temperature, the more beneficial bacteria you end up with and the thicker the resulting yogurt will be, even when I use skim milk.

I did the instructions to a tee using raw milk and my yogurt is pretty thin. Banana bread with streusel topping I cultured it for almost 24hours and still thin. Cinnamon crumb banana bread Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it thick like greek yogurt? When i took mine out of the oven it was thick for the first 2 to 3 inches then the rest was liquid on the bottom. Banana bread recipe martha stewart I stired it to see if it would thicken up but it is still very thin. Banana bread recipe no butter Also any suggestions on how to infuse with vanilla or fruit? I dont like the taste of plain yogurt.

I did the instructions to a tee using raw milk and my yogurt is pretty thin. Banana bread recipe with coconut flour I cultured it for almost 24hours and still thin. Flour banana bread recipe Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it thick like greek yogurt? When i took mine out of the oven it was thick for the first 2 to 3 inches then the rest was liquid on the bottom. Banana bread pudding paula deen I stired it to see if it would thicken up but it is still very thin. Martha stewart banana bread recipe Also any suggestions on how to infuse with vanilla or fruit? I dont like the taste of plain yogurt.

I did the instructions to a tee using raw milk and my yogurt is pretty thin. Banana bread cooking light I cultured it for almost 24hours and still thin. Ingredients for banana nut bread Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it thick like greek yogurt? When i took mine out of the oven it was thick for the first 2 to 3 inches then the rest was liquid on the bottom. Paleo banana bread recipe with coconut flour I stired it to see if it would thicken up but it is still very thin. Banana bread two bananas Also any suggestions on how to infuse with vanilla or fruit? I dont like the taste of plain yogurt. Organic banana bread recipe My kids love yogurt so hope i can get it to work im tired of wasting raw milk gets expensive in the city.

Yes, to thicken it just pour it into some cheesecloth (I used 3 layers of a pretty tight weaved cheesecloth) and let the whey drain out of it for a few hours, maybe overnight.

Thank you for bringing out the fact about powdered milk. Banana bread recipe with applesauce I read about it a few years ago and stopped using skim or nonfat milk.

Recipe given above for yogurt will fail if followed as written. Almond flour banana bread recipe After heating milk to 180, the milk MUST COOL down to below 110 before adding starter or starter yogurt culture or it will kill starter bacteria!

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