How to tailgate like a champion at auto racing events – thrillist what temp do u cook bacon in oven

You’re in it for the long haul, so think ahead. Since you have almost 100 different races and championships across the country to choose from, that means you can pick what races you care the most about and plan months in advance with your crew. Try and coincide any holiday weekends with races, so you get an extra play day off work, too (and stretch the value of your tailgate a little farther). Start with tracks like the daytona 500 on president’s day weekend or north carolina’s bojangles’ southern 500® at darlington raceway to close out the summer on labor day.

Showing up too early might be lame at other tailgating events, but for NASCAR superfans it’s everything. And for more significant events of the year, like the all-star race, dedicated viewers will show up almost 12 hours before the flag. If you’re coming with a big crew, get there hours before the race so you can get spots next to each other for effective tailgate hopping.

If you’re camping or bringing an RV, the most seasoned tailgaters know to get there a day, or even two, before.Your tailgate just remember: there’s nothing worse than coming back from watching your driver win it all only to discover you don’t remember where your tailgate spot and car reside. This is easy to do since it’s a sea of vehicles in behemoth lots, so always write down the row number and how far back you are or save your parked location directly into google maps, so your forgetfulness doesn’t rain on your day.

Whether you’re at paddock tailgate park at watkins glen international or you’re living it up with limited adult supervision in the parking lot of your choice at michigan speedway, each tailgate is going to go down a little differently based on what stadium. Always check individual guidelines on the stadium websites. You never want to show up and realize you had to buy a pass ahead of time, reserve a camping spot weeks in advance, or fit within mandatory dimensions for your tailgate that suddenly won’t accommodate all the grilling gear you lugged from home.Want show

Once you get your equipment and tent set up, it’s time for some interior decorating. Because it’s an all-day (or weekend) affair, NASCAR fans go to great lengths making their tailgate setups unique during this unspoken competition. That means if you want to go all out and show love for your favorite driver or city, it’s encouraged and you definitely won’t be alone doing it. Put stickers on your car, throw up some signs, get checkered tablecloths, hang string lights across your tent, and even put down an outdoor rug to spruce up the place. Anything that puts your personal stamp on it will earn you respect from the grillers around you.

Don’t mock the pot — it’s the little engine that could and will do all of the hard work for you. From slow-cooking chili to recreate the famous martinsville speedway dog topped with chili, onions, and slaw to making daytona’s prime rib sandwich, an electric pot will revolutionize your tailgate. Throw all the ingredients in a slow-cooker, set the timer, and three to four hours later you’ll be grubbing on the ultimate tailgate feast.Your tailgate need to get something out faster? Bring an electric pressure cooker, and produce similar results at pit-crew speed.