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Lanay lopez was always an active young lady who became involved in sports after moving from pennsylvania to secaucus when she was in second grade.

“I started to play travel basketball in secaucus because my mother [ sabrina] wanted me to make friends,” lopez said. “I also played softball and was pretty good at it, but I stopped playing to concentrate on basketball.”

When lopez arrived at secaucus high school, she joined the volleyball team as well. Needless to say, she was the picture perfect three-sport athlete at a small school that needs to have its athletes, especially the female athletes, participate in more than one sport.

When she was a freshman, trying out for the secaucus varsity, she severely injured her knee and required surgery to replace damaged ligaments.Lopez said

“I just banged knees with someone in our first scrimmage and I felt something pop,” lopez said.

“I had to have surgery. It seemed like something always happened during basketball season.”

“I thought she had potential,” sterling said. “she had good strength around the basket. She was a good post-up player, but she never had a chance to develop and show everyone what she had. She was snake bit from the beginning. It was the beginning of a real tough stretch for her.”

Lopez worked hard to rehabilitate the knee injury with the help of her father, rene, who is a highly respected youth AAU boys’ basketball coach with the new jersey gazelles program.

“they did little tests, but the allergies kept coming back,” lopez said.Rene lopez “my mom called the lab to see if anything came up and the doctor got on the phone.”

“they tried to treat it for about two or three months, but it only got worse,” lopez said. “amazingly, I thought I felt pretty good the whole time, but they did a biopsy.”

“I was actually really shocked,” lopez said. “I just sat there. I didn’t let the idea settle in. I never even knew what a kidney transplant was.”

“to be honest, I was first in denial for a while,” rene lopez said. “I didn’t believe it. We never had any family issues before. I thought that a doctor would have said something before this. Lanay was always healthy. This came out of the blue. At first, I thought it was minor, but when the doctors told us that both kidneys were failing, well, that was a shot to the heart.”

lanay lopez

“from that point on, I didn’t think twice,” rene lopez said. “I talked to my ex-wife and I said that if I’m compatible, I was willing to donate my kidney. It was pretty simple. I had to make sure that my daughter was okay and that I was healthy enough to do it.”

“I became a father at 18,” rene lopez said. “I was only 36 at that time. I took care of myself. I don’t smoke or drink. I’m lucky that I always took care of myself.”

“lanay recovered way faster than I did,” rene lopez said. “after the surgery, I didn’t see her for a while. But then I got to see her face and that was all I needed.”

“I wanted to be part of the team again, but the doctors were very strict about contact,” lanay lopez said.Rene lopez said “it was kind of weird not being able to play. But I had to be a normal teammate. I just shot around and helped the underclassmen with moves and their questions.”

“she was like another team member,” said sterling, who coached the patriots to the north jersey interscholastic conference tournament championship, as well as the finals of both the hudson county tournament and the NJSIAA north jersey section 2, group I playoffs. “I always kept her as a member of the team. She was always on the roster.”

“I wanted to see if we could get a chance to let her play senior night,” sterling said. “I needed doctor’s permission, but I wanted to get her in the game early.”

“at first, I was scared,” lanay lopez said.Lopez said “I asked coach sterling, ‘are you sure?’ the doctors were okay with it, but I was nervously scared. I was like really nervous. I hadn’t played in two years. I was saying, ‘oh no, do I even remember what to do?’ thank god, it was like muscle memory.”

“the other team was playing defense on me,” lopez said. “I was nervous and missed the layup, but I made sure what side I was on to get the rebound. I remembered my basics.”

“I was relieved,” lopez said. “I didn’t want to play defense. I made the shot and I said, ‘good, now I can get out of here.’ I knew that I would get subbed for if I scored.”

“I wouldn’t have been a starter, but I would have been a key sub,” lopez said. “but then life happened.Lanay lopez I just had to keep calm and truck on through.”

“it meant a lot to me,” lopez said. “it was really a rewarding feeling. It was a relief that I still had it in me. I was ready to leave it all on the court.”

“I couldn’t be happier for her,” sterling said. “she gained my respect for the rest of my life. Her dedication just boggles my mind. In this day and age, all she wanted to do was help us. It shows how much she cares. It could have been very easy for her to walk away. But she said if we needed someone to keep the scorebook or tape the games, she would do it. I can’t say enough about her. She’s a quality young lady.”

Lanay lopez will head to dominican college in the fall to major in criminal justice and psychology.Lanay lopez she hopes to become a new jersey state trooper some day. She’s going to get the chance to fulfill that dream, thanks to her father.

“I always think about that,” lanay lopez said. “I am always thankful to my father. He was the one who taught me how to see other people. I’m really thankful. Both of my parents are big role models in my life. They did a lot for me. I wouldn’t be here without him.”

“I don’t mind that,” lopez said. “I love to speak to other people about transplants. This was a very humbling experience. It made me realize how good I have it.”

“words can’t describe how happy I am,” rene lopez said with his voice choking with emotion. “when I saw her sitting up after her surgery, eating and watching TV, a big rush came to me.Rene lopez said I just broke down and cried. I realized that this was the best thing I ever did.”

“she was a fabulous leader and a tremendous role model,” sterling said. “I’ll never forget her. To have her there every single day, well, it’s something you don’t see anymore.”