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A new Soho House, a delicious olive bread, the irresistible madness of David Lynch and villages to pack up and move to- all in today’s food for thought.

This past week in our beautiful, strong, hurt, generous, defiant London was- well, you know what it was. Banana date bread I think I am going to take cue from Mike and avoid talking about it, as there really isn’t much to say. Organic banana bread The last couple of days I’ve been waking up with a slightly bruised heart, but still filled with energy and anticipation for what’s to come. Banana bread pudding recipe The weekend will be spend at friends’ birthdays and gatherings with (possibly) lots of beer and (definitely) delicious food. Best banana walnut bread recipe Stay safe and strong and keep your hearts and minds open.

What if society was mostly influenced by sociologists rather than economists?

11 historic villages you can still live in (my mom, sister and I are game for literally any of them).

There’s a new Soho House in Barcelona and it perfectly matches the city (aka, it is perfectly dreamy).

These four common food ingredients are surprisingly (or maybe not) declining.

Oliveology, one of my favourite London delis, has a recipe for the best olive bread.

Fridays are for pasta- and this porcini and sausage bolognese is for today.

* The best lunches are pretty damn simple and pretty damn pretty too.

Food for thought: truths about women, recipes for the 60s, ordering wine & throwing a party like a boss and the simplest, most delicious breakfast toast.

After last night’s almost impromptu, utterly delicious and inspiring supper hosted by Georgina Hayden, I can officially declare this week one of my favourites in a long time. Banana bread recipe with oil The unexpectedly, irresistibly sunny weather had me (and others, I’m sure) feeling light as a feather and in a constant kinda half-dreamy disposition. Perfect banana bread recipe I have equally dreamy plans for the weekend too, which will be spent without my favourite man, but with most of my favourite women. Fat free banana bread There’s something delicious planned for this Sunday, which I will hopefully be sharing in the next few days, along with an interview with one hell of a lady. Bisquick banana bread recipe Stay tuned, stay cool.

Kids’ lack of sleep, feminism & nudity, super foods, seasonal eating and a spring cake- all in this week’s food for thought.

I loved this past week, albeit for no specific reason; it was not exciting, nor particularly easy, but it seemed to go down a treat, leaving me pleasantly tired at night and filled with energy every morning. Bread machine banana bread There are no weekend plans, for which I am absolutely grateful; I may finish a couple books I’ve been holding on to and don’t really want to let go of and catch up with a couple of friends. In the cooking department, this killer cocoa & yogurt muffin has bee calling my name for a while now and is begging to be made into a proper cake; and my good friend’s Zoe’s new blog is now up and running, filled with delicious seasonal Greek recipes and tons of ideas to steal. One banana bread recipe Whatever you do, have a good one! [READ MORE]

This Food for thought is both thoughtful & light: from staying alive in Syria and healthy relationships, to celebrating flowers and the mighty cheese.

Gee, am I glad to see this week go! It was fairly quiet and bland and I was fairly sick and a little buried with work. Banana bread easy moist Our plans for the weekend are not grand, but they are exactly what’s needed: a good catch up with my favourite ladies and a birthday celebration at St John; also, a Sunday hopefully spent watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid after many many years and playing with a few strawberry recipes- since I have somehow convinced myself that spring is unequivocally here. Banana bread recipe best moist Have a good one, y’all! [READ MORE]

This Food for thought is about home and refugees; a beloved Stutterer and a stellar Moonlight; easy mornings and easy lunches.

After spending a week in Athens, after only a few irresistibly sunny days which were all at once clamorous and intimately tranquil, nonchalant and deeply moving, I am back in London. Bisquick banana bread Back in this mad beehive, back to my usual ways. Banana bread ingredients I come bearing the signs of parents growing older and wiser and further away, the memories of a perfectly blinding sun and the remains of time passing by appropriately slow. Best banana bread recipe ever I’ve returned home from home and there’s so much to be inspired by and think about:

An abandoned hotel in downtown Athens houses refugees and the philosophy behind it is truly inspiring.

“I doubt that I will see a better film than Moonlightthis year.” (My thoughts exactly.)

The Oscars are on this Sunday and I can’t help but think back to last year’s ceremony, when Stutterer, my favourite little film, killed it. Banana bread recipe with sour cream Love always.

The Brixton memorial for Bowie is a little ugly, a little bold and almost inexplicably makes perfect sense. Moist and delicious banana bread (And you can contribute to it here.)

The prettiest dish I’ve seen in a while, courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen.

* Lunch as it often is around here: farro, green & black beans, sliced raw beetroot, baby kale, grilled haloumi and a drizzle of lemony kefir.

Today’s food for thought is all about pretty eggs, floral ice cubes, the future of Hollywood and the charm of college radio.

I’ve been at home for the last few days and I could not be happier; things are both relaxed and very stressed, loving and intense, and all around overwhelming. Sugar free banana bread I’ve been spending my time mostly with my sister, over intense workout sessions and even more intense food and cooking sessions. Banana bread recipe sour cream The weekend will be spent over freshly baked pastries, homemade fish and chips, prep for a masquerade ball and lots of time out in the sun. Sour cream banana bread Have a sunny weekend y’all! [READ MORE]

Food for thought: the power of books and the complexities of gender, the best (cheesy) news and how to cook that steak just right.

This past week was very cold, very intense and quite surprisingly satisfying. How to make a banana bread Between lunch and dinner with friends, making plans for the blog and prepping for a quick trip back home, the days flew past me with almost enchanted speed. Banana bread with sour cream The weekend will hopefully be similarly exciting, spent with my special ladies (I made them these) and in the kitchen, cooking up a few delicious things for y’all here. Buttermilk banana bread [READ MORE]

This week’s Food for Thought is all about the very simple secret behind a healthy diet, a terrific old fashioned new film, supporting refugees and surviving London.

Happy Friday y’all! I’ve enjoyed this past week quite a bit, with all its hustle and bustle. Betty crocker banana bread There was a lot of work to be done for the blog, which was both painful at times (one part of me is a giant sloth), and super inspiring (another part of me is a Marvel character). Banana bread with buttermilk In the midst of it all, I managed to watch the 13th (which kinda kept me up for the better part of a couple nights), spent roughly two hours in Whole Foods looking at herbs and chocolate bars and trying to come up with a plan to try said chocolates without paying (no luck) and played around with V-Day recipe ideas (those damn chocolates!). How to make homemade banana bread The weekend ahead will be spend mostly in East London, mostly with friends and will also, probably, include some healthy food (at the Fare Healthy Festival). Betty crocker banana bread recipe Have a great one! [READ MORE]

On today’s food for thought: coffee’s necessity, Mary Poppin’s charms, the absurdity of clean eating and the beauty of Dutch babies for breakfast.

The week has passed by quickly, but was neither very easily nor exciting. Best ever banana bread It’s super cold outside, both Mike and I are very busy and not in the best of moods and the days seem to quickly go by, but also kinda drag. Banana bread 1 banana On the plus side, I’ve played around with a couple hearty dishes (a chickpea curry may be coming your way soon), lots of quick plates full of fresh veggies and delicious grains and now have a new favourite banana bread. Banana bread muffin recipe We are both looking forward to the weekend, which will include a much needed date night, a friend’s birthday and, hopefully, lots of lounging in bed. Chocolate chip banana nut bread Have a great weekend, y’all! [READ MORE]

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