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• the U.S.-china rivalry is increasingly focused on technology, and at the center of that dispute is 5G, shorthand for fifth-generation wireless technology. Here’s a look at why c ompanies and countries are fighting for 5G dominance.

Huawei was a bit player in shaping today’s cellular networks. Now, as 5G approaches, the chinese telecom giant, is determined to lead the pack, worrying washington.

“it’s a commercial advantage which parlays itself into a security advantage,” one expert said. “whoever controls the technology knows, intimately, how it was built and where all the doors and buttons are.”

• samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the galaxy S9, arrives with a new feature, AR emoji, that uses a selfie to create an animated avatar. ( our reviewer called it a bit creepy. His avatar is above.) base price: $720.

• china dominated a list of self-made female billionaires, taking the top four spots and five of the top 10.Best-seller list

zhou qunfei, founder of lens technology, is the world’s richest self-made woman, with $9.8 billion.

• how foreign is broadcom? About 54 percent of its revenue comes from china, but 55 percent of its employees are in north america. Our dealbook column explores that and other issues of the day.

• A flag dispute will keep the two koreas from marching together at today’s opening ceremony of the winter paralympics in pyeongchang. [ BBC]

• two senior south korean officials arrived in washington to brief U.S. Officials on their meeting with the north korean leader kim jong-un and the prospect of nuclear talks. [ reuters]

• A former russian spy, sergei skripal, and his daughter are in stable condition after what britain’s home secretary called a “brazen and reckless” attack involving a nerve agent. Officials suspect russian involvement. [ the new york times]

• A danish inventor goes on trial in the murder of the swedish journalist kim wall.Best-seller list the inventor, peter madsen, is said to have killed and dismembered ms. Wall on his submarine. [ the new york times]

• the trump administration’s plan to move the american embassy to jerusalem has a hitch: the proposed site lies partly in disputed territory. [ the new york times]

• in a study of mice, scientists learned that a type of immune cell is key to making tattoos permanent, knowledge that might help improve methods for removing them. [ the new york times] smarter living

• women may be the answer to a severe labor shortage in japan’s construction industry. But workplace problems aren’t being helped by a tone-deaf government recruiting campaign. (to attract female welders, for example, a cartoon depicts a woman wearing a pink uniform with a heart-shaped welding mask.)

• “pachinko,” min jin lee’s epic novel set in korea and japan returns to our paperback trade fiction best-seller list, and peter frankopan’s “the silk roads” is on the paperback nonfiction best-seller list.Best-seller list you can find all of the lists here.

• and from K road to indigenous drive. Our 36 hours travel series explored auckland, new zealand, a city that is laid-back, but also sophisticated. If you go, here’s what to pack. Back story photo

Some of the dozens of questions that mr. Carter answered were distinctively of the late 1970s: about the gas tax, mr. Carter’s pardoning of draft dodgers in vietnam and the early days of the U.S. Space shuttle program.

One caller asked why members of congress were getting a $12,000 raise while mr. Carter was proposing that taxpayers receive a rebate of only $50.

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