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You took an Italian class, and now you are able to order an espresso, to ask for directions and to buy the new Prada shoes. Naples fl pizza restaurants But are you (linguistically speaking) also ready for an Italian romance? Check it with this quiz!

I will give you the idiom in English and you choose the correct Italian equivalent for the first five questions and then vice versa for the second five questions. Orlando fl pizza restaurants No accents are included.

Orlando florida pizza hut All questions are multiple choice. Pizza venice swansea Enjoy!

Ciao ragazzi! Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of some silly sentences in Italian. Miami fl pizza hut Don’t worry, they are all grammatical though. Naples fl pizza hut You never know when you might need to tell someone their kangaroo is boxing with the neighbor’s Rottweiller.

Ciao ragazzi, here’s another one of those Italian quizzes for those unexpected occasions in life, like the neighbor’s Yorkshire eating your underwear on the clothesline.In bocca al lupo!

Here are some questions of basic Italian. Orlando fl pizza hut I’ll give the name of something you could find in a bar or a restaurant and you’ll have to translate (English to Italian or vice versa).

Proverbs and sayings are quite often used in English and in Italian. Orlando florida pizza delivery Let’s see how some of them can be translated: it could come in handy…

Please choose the correct Italian translation of the proverbs given in English

Here are a few expressions you may need when you travel to beautiful and fascinating Italy.

This is a simple quiz to see how well you know your colors in Italian! All questions are multiple choice. Naples florida pizza restaurants Buona fortuna!

Or, “It says ‘cards’.” The incredibly casual Harry Vaderci was supposed to translate a book about leisure activities into Italian but he didn’t change all the words. Orlando florida pizza restaurants You have to finish translating the book by choosing the correct Italian word.

The next time you go to Italy to see some works of art, you might want to show a bit of word-wise connoisseurship. Orlando florida pizza places Get easy training here by choosing the correct Italian word among those given (without articles).

“How you eat, you talk”. Naples florida pizza places Enjoy this quiz about some tasty Italian idioms. Marco’s pizza venice fl Hopefully you’ll learn a bit of Italian and get some ideas about what to eat today.

Some Italian words look so similar to English ones, but they have, alas, very different meanings. Old venice pizza co memphis They are, indeed, false friends. Old venice pizza co starkville ms Discover some of them here!

Yes, we play baseball in Italy. Domino’s pizza venice ca At least, I do -on the beach.

Are you able to identify these baseball terms and names, in Italian?

Tongue-twisters, i.e. Naples florida pizza delivery scioglilingua (literally, tongue-melters) can be real fun. Miami beach pizza delivery According to the sound of the words given, try to insert the missing term; you’ll probably find yourself twisting your tongue!

Ciao, amici! Are you curious to know country names in Italian? This quiz is for you! Buon divertimento!

Italian is a romance language which is spoken in several countries besides Italy. Rome best pizza restaurant Enjoy the quiz!

I will give you the name of a relative in Italian or English and you guess the translation. Miami best pizza coupons All multiple choice. Miami best pizza Enjoy!

I’ll give you a musical instrument in Italian, you tell me what it is in English!

I will give you the idiom in English and you choose the correct Italian equivalent for the first five questions and then vice versa for the second five questions. Rome best pizza No accents are included. Venice pizza in ridgefield ct All questions are multiple choice. Venice beach pizza stoney creek Enjoy!

This is a quiz to introduce beginners to some basic Italian phrases.

A pretty simple quiz on some main Italian verbs. Mama maria’s pizza venice fl All questions are multiple choice, I give you a word in Italian and you tell me what it means in English. Domino’s pizza in venice florida 🙂

There are words in Italian that are spelled as English words, but have a completely different meaning. Tampa fl pizza hut I give you the word, you choose the correct meaning in Italian.

Do you know Italian? Test yourself with these verbs and sentences! Choose the right answer among the ones given.

Italy in the Six Nations Tournament! How strange in the Land where football rules.

Let’s give homage to the few braves who dare to fight the Mighty French and Britons with this quiz about Italian Rubgy Terms.

Che frutta c’e’? Italians often conclude their meal with a piece of fruit. Marco’s pizza in venice fl Would you know what to ask for?

The Bard is the Bard everywhere. Marco’s pizza venice fl coupons In Italy, a fair share of the works onstage are Shakespeare’s. Tampa florida pizza restaurants In the Italian translation, of course. Venice pizza & pasta coatesville pa Let’s see if you can name the play from these very famous lines in the Italian version.

How much do you know about Italian Schools? Take this quiz and see how the Italian public school system works.

Having learnt English from Beatles lyrics, I imagined someone could learn Italian the other way round: from literal translations of the first verses from these immortal tunes.

Many people’s names mean something: animals, plant, objects. Tampa florida pizza hut These names can be translated literally in another language. Tampa florida pizza delivery See how some famous English or American people would be called if they were Italians. Jacksonville florida pizza restaurants Some translations are stinkers, be warned.

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