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Carlson is the cream of the crop of next summer’s unrestricted class (32-year-old mike green is the only other pending UFA who currently has more than 21 points this season). Several teams will throw big money at the massachusetts native because right-shot defensemen who can score 60 points while running a power play and a penalty kill do not grow on trees.

It didn’t have to be this way in washington, but general manager brian maclellan spent much of february kicking tires on erik karlsson. By the time the trade deadline had come and gone, reports surfaced that the caps and carlson’s agent rick curran would shelve contract talks until after the season.

Reportedly, carlson was the piece that had to move to make a trade with the senators possible, and it’s likely that the american didn’t appreciate the carlson-for-karlsson rumors in the midst of a career year.

If there was a window for a hometown discount in D.C., that ship may have left port sometime around february 26.Washington capitals

Unfortunately for the capitals, not sailing away is the very delicate tangle of their current salary cap situation, which isn’t pretty and is here to stay. Washington has approximately 77 percent of its cap space committed to next season, and thanks to the long-term contracts of T.J. Oshie, evgeny kuznetsov and dmitry orlov, the caps don’t have much relief coming the season after.

Is there even any room for carlson in washington? It’ll be difficult for maclellan to give him an eight-year term at the type of salary he can command on the open market. If kevin shattenkirk was able to grab $6.665 million annually from the rangers last summer, what might carlson be able to extricate this summer, especially if the NHL raises its cap ceiling to $80 million?

Other factors working in carlson’s favor are his perfectly timed breakout season. With 12 goals and 53 points carlson has tied his career-best goal total and is two shy of his career-best point mark.Washington capitals with 16 games left in the season carlson is about to shatter his personal bests. Though talk has been muted, he’ll likely get some norris votes when it’s all said and done.

With his productivity peaking while he has shouldered the brunt of the capitals’ defensive burden, carlson has slowly but surely crept into the norris conversation, and he deserves to be in it. He is tied for second among NHL defensemen in points, tied for first in power play points, and tied for 11th in total ice time. Often award voters remember how you finish rather than how you start. If carlson finishes his season with 65-70 points and leads the capitals to first place in the metropolitan division, he could get some first-place votes. Who knows — maybe even enough to win.

Carlson isn’t exactly a possession guru, but much of that can be attributed to the fact that he has played a lot of minutes with brooks orpik, never a recipe for a high corsi percentage (the pair starts an extremely high amount of shifts in its own end, as is evidenced by a 39.07 zone start ratio).John carlson carlson’s 5-on-5 corsi percentage of 52.98 and 5-on-5 expected goals +/- of 4.35 with rookie christian djoos paint a more realistic picture of his ability to drive play on a top pairing.

All the dominoes have fallen in favor of carlson, who has become indispensable for the capitals after karl alzner, nate schmidt and kevin shattenkirk disappeared in the summer. He has taken on extra responsibility and guided djoos through his rookie season while logging a career-high 25:11 of ice time per game.

Carlson is an incredibly gifted offensive player who has a booming shot and an uncanny ability to join the rush or sneak in for a back-door look as though he were a forward.

His skill set is exactly the thing most NHL gms seek in a top-pair defenseman, and his versatility, size and ability to munch minutes add real value to his package.

He may not be erik karlsson or drew doughty, but carlson is hardly chopped liver.This season he ranks eighth in points per game by defensemen with 100 games or more over the last four seasons—nothing to sneeze at.

Carlson is an elite talent. If he chooses to test the market this summer, he’ll see his value inflated because he’s the only dynamic offensive defenseman under 30 who is hitting the market. The timing is perfect for john carlson to cash in, and if he’s smart, he’ll do just that.

“let’s make two things perfectly clear: no. 1) john carlson, all things being equal, absolutely loves it in washington and would love to be back with the washington capitals. No. 2) all things being equal, the washington capitals would love to have him back. What’s not to like about the year that john carlson has had. But right now, at this moment in time, all things are not equal.

“and what that simply means is during the season with the contracts that they’ve got right now, the washington capitals are not in the position to be able to give john carlson a contract commensurate with what he would get on the open market or even close to it right now.Washington capitals so if the washington capitals want to get john carlson re-signed once the season is over – they see how they fare in the playoffs and they make a lot of discretionary decisions on this player or that player – they’ve got to find out if there’s going to be enough room for john carlson or if they can make room for john carlson.

“what might john carlson get in unrestricted free agency. Well, the sense is he’s 28 years old, he’s coming off a deal where he’s been an absolute bargain at less than $4 million per year for the washington capitals. The expectation on the open market now is john carlson is going to expect to get and likely to get between $7 million and $8 million a year on a multi-year contract. Pick a number like six years, seven years – eight years conceivably if he re-signs with the washington capitals. Or if they couldn’t sign him, you could conceivably go with a notion of – which doesn’t happen in hockey at all, but maybe it will start – sign and trade, where he gets an eight-year deal and then is traded to somebody.John carlson

“but right now still the waters, see how the caps do in the playoffs, and then brian maclellan and john carlson will sit down and try to sort something out.”

Since the start of the 2014-15 season evgeny kuznetsov has been a staple of the washington capitals’ lineup. Not only has he become one of their most important core pieces, he has also been a rock of durability, appearing in all but two games until a recent upper body injury sidelined him for a yet-to-be-determined period of time.

The capitals are being fairly tight-lipped on his status, only referring to him as “day-to-day” and seeming confident that he will be back before the start of the stanley cup playoffs less than a month from now.

Kuznetsov’s importance to the capitals can not be overstated. Among players they can not afford to lose if they are going to have any chance of breaking through the glass ceiling that is the second round of the playoffs, he is on the short list.John carlson

With 71 points in 71 games this season, he is one of just 23 players in the league (minimum 50 games played) to average at least a point per game this season.

His absence also becomes a problem because of what it does to the capitals’ depth, particularly at center. A significant part of the capitals’ depth was ripped apart this summer by the salary cap and free agency when they had to say goodbye to justin williams, marcus johansson, kevin shattenkirk and karl alzner. Losing forwards williams and johansson (and a regression from T.J. Oshie) has played a big role in the team dropping from third in the league down to 11th, even though ovechkin and kuznetsov have experienced significant increases in their production.

When kuznetsov and nicklas backstrom are healthy, only a handful of teams can match a duo like that offensively (unfortunately for the capitals, one of the only teams that is better happens to reside in their division).John carlson since the start of the 2015-16 season they are both among the top 25 players in the league in points per game, and both among the top 12 among centers. Pittsburgh, again, is the only other team that has two centers in those groups.

But when you take one of the top two guys out of that mix (in this case kuznetsov) and have to bump eller up to the second line and jay beagle from the fourth line up to the third line, it makes everything a little bit weaker.

At this point their place in the postseason is secure, especially since there is only one team in the eastern conference (the florida panthers) on the outside of the playoff picture that is a serious threat to anyone in the top eight. But it could still be costly, governing where the capitals finish in the standings and which first-round matchup they will get.

The capitals are still clinging to the top spot in the metropolitan division, trying to win it for the third year in a row where they would get a first-round matchup with the top wild card team (philadelphia, new jersey, columbus or florida) and get home-ice advantage in the second round should they advance.Washington capitals but if they fall out of that into the second or third spot in the metropolitan they run the risk of losing home-ice advantage in a possible second-round matchup to a team like, say, pittsburgh.

The capitals have been a strange team to watch this season. Their record is fine, but they have a lot of underlying flaws that are not showing up in the standings. They lost some depth and were unable to replace it due to the salary cap. They are not always great defensively and rely a little too much on braden holtby and their goaltending. They are also not a great possession team. They get by because they have a lot of high-end talent at the top of the roster that can take over a game at any time.

Alex ovechkin. Nicklas backstrom. Evgeny kuznetsov. When all three are in the lineup and playing at their best they are going to have a chance on any night.

With the third-highest cap hit in the NHL according to capfriendly.Com, the washington capitals don’t have much wiggle room for errors.John carlson T.J. Oshie is starting to look like a big error. We cautioned ahead of his re-signing that it might not be the best move for the organization. We wrote that the capitals were voluntarily pushing themselves into cap hell after the extension — an eight-year, $46 million deal — was announced:

“make no mistake about it: this is the kind of contract that can quickly go from market value to albatross, and it won’t be too long before washington regrets inking oshie to this deal.”

Oshie has been a massive disappointment in 2018-19. The team has remained at or near the top of the metropolitan division all season, but the 31-year-old isn’t even coming close to the expectations that come with a $5.75 million cap hit.

Capital general manager brian maclellan made two critical errors in re-signing oshie to this eight-year contract. The first is that he shelled out that kind of money and term to a player who converted on a whopping 23.1 percent of his shots the year prior.John carlson

This is an absolutely bonkers shooting percentage, and there was no way the career 12.2 percent shooter was going to match what he did in 2016-17, which resulted in a career high of 33 goals. Oshie had been a good scorer before that, but even a quick glance at a few numbers should have told maclellan that he was paying for an aberration and not a new norm.

The second reason oshie had no real shot at living up to his cap hit over time is his age. Players don’t start getting better at age 30. They begin an inevitable decline. Research on this subject has been exhaustive and the conclusions have all been similar: forwards can maintain most of their scoring power in their very early 30s, but start to significantly decay as they approach 35.

It’s an eight-year extension to keep the cap hit down — oshie won’t be playing in 2025 — but even if the intent was to get three or four good years out of him before he retired, the cap hit was still too high.This season now shooting much closer to his career average and converting on 11.2 percent of his shots, oshie has been exposed for what he is at this stage of his career: a solid but now overpaid goal scorer in decline.

Even the best players in the world hit rough patches, but he’s in the midst of a 42-game stretch with just two goals. Overall, in 62 games this year, oshie has just four goals at 5-on-5. Ten of his 14 assists have been primary, which means the forward has 14 points at 5-on-5 this year.

He’s shooting at 5.8 percent during evens, so puck luck may have prevented him from scoring a few more times. But would we be viewing this season any differently if he had 13 total goals instead of 12? The oshie contract was a problem the moment it was signed, and it’s going to loom large as a miscalculation by the capitals as long as the player remains an active part of their roster.