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kanda batata poha recipe with step by step photos – kanda batata poha is one of the staple breakfast recipe from maharashtra made with onions ( kanda), potato ( batata) and flattened rice. Banana bread with pecans poha is a easy, quick and healthy option for breakfast or brunch or as a snack .

there are many recipes for making poha and each family has their own way of making poha. Low sugar banana bread recipe but in most variations, either we add potatoes or onions or both.

 i have already shared the recipe of kanda poha and batata poha. Icing for banana bread in this recipe like the way we usually do at home… i have sauteed the potatoes in oil but you can also boil them and then add to the poha.

usually, i love to add roasted peanuts and top the poha with grated coconut… which adds a lot of flavor and makes it more healthy… and a cup of hot tea with it and i have my satisfied morning breakfast meal.

the best thing which i like about poha is that it is light on stomach and easy to digest and yet nutritious. Banana and walnut bread recipe other recipes which you can make from poha are poha dosa, poha ladoo, poha idli and poha chivda.

if you are looking for more breakfast recipes then do check poha upma, cheese dosa, idli and south indian upma recipe.

alternatively, you could also do this method. Banana bread bread maker once the poha is done, sprinkle approx 1 to 2 tsp lime juice on the kanda batata poha. No baking soda banana bread mix it with the poha and then garnish it with coconut and cilantro leaves.

adding sugar is optional. Famous banana bread recipe you can skip it completely if you don’t prefer a slightly sweet taste in the kanda batata poha.

1. pick the poha first. Resep banana cake breadtalk rinse the poha in clean running water in a strainer or colander. make sure that you do not rinse it too much or else it breaks and gets mushy. Banana bread in bundt pan while rinsing, the poha absorbs enough water and it becomes soft. the poha must become soft but remain intact, whole and separate. Jamaican banana bread recipe if the poha does not become soft, sprinkle few drops of water on the poha in the strainer till they get softened.

4. roast the peanuts in a small pan till they become crunchy. Is banana bread good for you keep aside.

5. also peel the potatoes and chop them into small cubes. in a kadai or pan, heat oil. One egg banana bread saute the potatoes in medium hot oil.

7. Is banana bread healthy once the potatoes become light golden and crisp then remove them and keep aside with the roasted peanuts.

8. in the same kadai, add the mustard seeds/rai to the hot oil.

10. Is banana bread bad for you when the cumin seeds sizzle, add the onions. Bread maker banana bread saute the onions till they become translucent and soften.

11. now add the curry leaves, green chili and roasted peanuts. Banana bread whole wheat flour saute for a minute.

14. Banana loaf cake recipe add the potatoes. Banana and walnut loaf recipe saute the entire poha mixture for 2-3 minutes on a low flame, stirring gently in between. Banana and walnut cake recipe taste the poha and if required add more salt and sugar. switch off the flame and cover the pan tightly with a lid for the poha to get steamed for a few minutes.

15. remove the lid and garnish the poha with chopped coriander/cilantro leaves and grated fresh coconut.

17. Banana bread with bread flour serve kanda batata poha hot with chopped lemon pieces. Homemade banana nut bread the lemon juice has to be squeezed on to the poha before eating it. Banana muffins with coconut flour alternatively, you could also do this method. Banana cake with plain flour once the poha is done, sprinkle approx 1 to 2 tsp lime juice on the kanda batata poha. Banana bread with coconut milk mix it with the poha and then garnish it with coconut and cilantro leaves.

I am defeating my wife in cooking step by step by using your step by step guides.

As my wife is out of town I am making poha every alternate day and taking it as breakfast, lunch and dinner as it’s easy to cook and it’s my favorite. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk Your method has added more flavors and taste to it.

I would definitely b trying ur style of cooking poha too… I actually searched for ur recipe coz I always hav a complaint that poha turns a lil dry if eaten aft some hours.. Banana poke cake with condensed milk like in tiffin. . Banana pudding recipe with condensed milk and cream cheese So was searching out for the same… will try ur style and check how it remains.. Healthy banana bread applesauce as I do not add the spices before putting it in pan… mayb that wud help… or if anything else can be done pls suggest

after some hours poha does turn dry. Bread machine banana nut bread what i would suggest is to add the hot poha in a the tiffin and then close the lid. Recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins due to the steam condensation the poha would remain soft for some hours. Starbucks banana nut bread calories you can try this recipe too.

The recipe explained by you is so nice and simple that even a person does not know cooking will be tempted to take up cooking and prepare kanda batata poha by himself/ herself and tell all that he/ she knows cooking and will also tell all that cooking is very simple. National banana bread day It helped me too.

21st Oct 2015: Felt like making a quick dish of poha today, kanda bata poha is a tasty dish I like, followed your steps and the dish was ready in no time. Banana oatmeal bread recipe Family enjoyed having…Thanks for sharing the recipie ! ! !

Hey Dassana,the Kanda batata poha was awesome.! You have become my go-to for veg recipes.!! When I want to make something, I just go vegrecipesofIndia and search of the dish in ur recipes than go anywhr else.

I’m so thankful to you for posting such wonderful recipes. Difference between banana bread and banana cake The recipes are superb because you have a unique way of explaining the step by step method of cooking. Banana recetas No other website is so helpful. 1 banana banana bread All the best and keep it up.

So my mom has been bugging me to learn cooking since I’m moving to a new city to join work. Banana comic I just didn’t feel like it. Banana pictures funny And then one day I had a craving for batata poha and landed up at your website looking for the recipe. Banana pictures Now I’m hooked. Banana chiquita I go through your recipes all day long. Healthy banana and blueberry bread And since you explain the procedure step by step it helps newbies like me, a lot. Calories in starbucks banana bread Your website has a very homely feel about it and I love that you add your own personal experiences with your recipe. Calories in banana nut bread I’m a Malayali and I was so proud to find all the recipies of thoran and what not on the site. Banana bread recipe You and your husband are doing a fine job, Dassana. Recipe for banana bread It’s very inspiring. Easy banana bread recipe Thank you ??

nd wid d screen shots its too ezy for me to prepare ny dish by your way. Easy banana bread .

nd a req also dat u hv mentioned dry manchurian receipe in uo blog. . Best banana bread recipe Plz provide gravy manchurian receipe

Providing step by step and pics of each ingredient treated IS A GREAT boost for learners and novice to Art of Cooking …

1-Please provide Weights and Measures of Ingredients … When you mention that Poha Is One Cup = 250 ml , please also indicate How much Weight… and also viceversa …. Banana nut bread This helps us to prepare for Right amount of ingredients…

2-Some recipes may need water to be added before during and after cooking. How to make banana bread If you could add “Water’ too as one ingredient, and also mention Qty/Measure

3- Please meniton Heating time with High Medium and Low flame for each ingreadient / stage of the recipe,

4- Please also indicate Utensils Used / Recommended to prepare the recipe… e.g. Moist banana bread recipe “nonstick’, etc.

I should tell you that I am inspired to learn cooking with this site of yours. Moist banana bread And I immensely thank you for the Easy to Learn and Practice the cooking…

welcome kishor. Banana nut bread recipe thanks for sharing your suggestion. Healthy banana bread we appreciate your concern. Best banana bread for last 2-3 months we have started giving the measurement in weight also.

wherever possible i mention, the intensity of flame as well as what type of utensil to be used. Recipe banana bread but in some old recipes this info might be missing. Simple banana bread will keep this suggestions in mind.

Though i love eating Poha, never tried making it at home, thinking I will try it someday. Banana bread recipe easy But here is Veg recipes of India teaching me how to make it step by step so i gave it a shot last week and as usual excellent result.

I tried this recipe and this poha was a superhit for breakfast. Healthy banana bread recipe Very nice, easy and healthy recipe. Recipe for banana nut bread The way you put pictures of every step of the recipe is too gud. Banana bread recipe moist Thanks Dassana. Simple banana bread recipe Keep posting. Banana bread recipe best Love ur website.

Thank you for this (and your other recipes). Easy recipe for banana bread The poha is delicious and always welcome. Quick banana bread My wife used make kanda batata poha but she suffered a stroke some time back and can no longer cook, so being able to make dishes that she used to make has made life much better for both of us. The best banana bread recipe Bless you!

Thanks for the great recipe.Basically we r south Indians and my husband had been bought up in Raichur (Karnataka) and used to tell me that he was missing the traditional food.Ur recipe was very easy to do and my husband was happy too.Thank u for the great recipe

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