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Since its humble start in the 1990’s, Traeger Wood Pellet Grills have been the outdoor cooking choice of food enthusiasts. Marinade for top sirloin steak As people began to taste the food cooked on a Traeger, word spread about the unique flavors only Traeger natural wood fired pellets can provide.

Backed by the same original principles and values along with advanced technology, Traeger is committed to providing:

• Natural and safe wood pellets, which provide amazing, rich flavors.

• One grill that has six uses: grill, bake, smoke, slow cook, braise, and BBQ. Steak marinade ideas Great taste, every time.

Trim any silverskin from the tenderloins with a sharp knife. Healthy steak marinade Place in a large resealable plastic bag.

Marinade: In a small mixing bowl or a resealable bag, combine the bourbon, soy sauce, brown sugar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper and whisk or mash to mix. Rump steak marinade Stir in the onion and garlic.

Pour over the tenderloins and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.

When ready to cook, start the Traeger grill on Smoke with the lid open until the fire is established (4 to 5 minutes). Soy sauce marinade for steak Set the temperature to 400 degrees F and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove the pork from the marinade and scrape off any solid ingredients (onions or bits of garlic). Best steak marinade for grilling Discard the marinade.

Arrange the tenderloins on the grill grate and grill for 6 to 8 minutes per side, rolling with tongs, or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F when read on an instant-read meat thermometer. Amazing steak marinade (The pork will still be slightly pink in the center. A1 steak sauce marinade If you prefer your pork well-done, cook it to 160 degrees F).

Transfer the tenderloins to a cutting board. Quick steak marinade recipes Let rest for several minutes before carving on a diagonal into 1/2-inch slices. 30 minute steak marinade Enjoy!

When you’re first and goal, make these St. Beef tenderloin steak marinade Louis-style ribs for a sure victory. Best steak marinade recipe Todd Fritz from The Dan Patrick Show loves a good rack, and these barbecue ribs rubbed down and sauced up are the best offense for hunger. Simple sirloin steak marinade View Recipe

The hogs on the offensive line will be protecting these pigs in a blanket, a favorite of Todd Fritz from The Dan Patrick Show. Fast marinade for steak When you need a quick and easy appetizer, start the grill and roll these lil’ smokies into their dough uniform. 1 hour steak marinade View Recipe

Seton O’Connor from The Dan Patrick Show knows these mini pulled pork sandwiches, cherry smoked and doused in sauce, are damn near irresistible. Best marinade for sirloin steak Snap one into your mouth for every point scored by your team – now that’s a win-win situation. Fast steak marinade View Recipe

Slow your roll. Thin steak marinade This Boston takes patience. Quick marinade steak Get ready to meet new friends, this recipe fills the neighborhood with the sweet smell of wood smoked hawg. Easy steak marinade soy sauce Shred this roast to use on tacos, sandwiches, pizza or anything that needs a little infusion of pig. 24 hour steak marinade View Recipe

Hit pot-luck baked beans out of the park with drunken, bacon loaded beans. Minute steak marinade This savory side is almost a chili but still a spicy side dish. Marinade for steak tips We give you permission to pour the beer on it, don’t spill because that’s beer abuse. Steak marinade soy sauce garlic View Recipe

We’ve taken a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas dinner & given it the Traeger twist. Marinade for tough steak This smoked pork shoulder is marinated in citrus and herbs, and has a warm tangy flavor that your family will melt for any time of year. Soy sauce marinade steak View Recipe

Pig is more than just bacon, this savory apple glazed pork tenderloin recipe is glazed and grilled in a flash. Sirloin tip steak marinade Serve it up at any sit-down gathering, and let people slice their own thick and juicy servings as large and in charge as they like. Steak marinade recipe easy View Recipe

Satisfy that warm bellied craving with a pork tornado. The best steak marinade Piled high to hog heaven, these crisp and smoky skins are loaded with thunderous flavor. Steak marinade simple Call up your crew and make these finger lickin,’ double pork starters. Tender steak marinade Keep grillin’ and pork out. How to make steak marinade View Recipe

Trade your traditional dressing for this sweet and spicy sausage stuffing, it’s stuffed with herbs, onions, and all things fall. Homemade marinade for steak A simple Traeger bake makes it epically delicious, this stuffing will be a new tradition for your Thanksgiving repertoire. Best steak marinade ever View Recipe

Pull out the gloves, the only way this sage and sausage stuffing could be any better is to bake it inside the turkey while it’s roasting on the Traeger. Top sirloin steak marinade Your guests will gobble up every last morsel of Traeger smoked flavor. Flank steak marinade recipe View Recipe

Pickle brine is high in vinegar, which perfectly pickles pork, pepper it with black pepper for a shade of spice. Barbecue steak marinade Let in the aromatic Traeger smoke get to work, these pork chops are anything but ordinary. How to make marinade for steak View Recipe

Porchetta is Italian for pulled pork. How to make a marinade for steak You’ll find this hearty pork roast rolled up and served by street vendors in Rome. Marinade a steak A tasty porchetta is packed with savory Italian spices, it’s sure to blow your Italian mustache back. Soy sauce steak marinade View Recipe

This recipe will razzle your berries. Sirloin steak marinade recipe Pork loin is a delicious cut from the back of the hog. Steak marinade recipe for grilling Forget store bought pork loin, it’s loaded with preservatives. What is a good marinade for steak Grab a fresh, tender slab from the butcher so you can give it a rub down with the most savory of Traeger rubs. How to make a steak marinade View Recipe

This isn’t your usual pig hunt amongst the beans. Grilled sirloin steak marinade We go whole hawg loading this hefty pot of pork n’ beans with plump beans, applesauce, savory smoked bacon, and Traeger BBQ sauce. Best sirloin steak marinade It wouldn’t be true ‘cue without getting sauced, up the ante with a shot of bourbon on top. Best ever steak marinade View Recipe

Celebrate Oktoberfest by Traegering a meal inspired by Germany’s Bavaria. Perfect steak marinade Serve this succulent pork roast with potato cakes and roasted, cinnamon dusted apple wedges. What is a good steak marinade Just add Apple Cider, Hef or a bock on the side. Steak marinade with worcestershire sauce View Recipe

Ask the butcher to have the pork chop bones “frenched” and formed into a crown. Worcestershire steak marinade It looks like a delicacy, but it’s simple when Traeger roasted. Worcestershire sauce steak marinade Amp up traditional stuffing and try couscous or garlic mashed potatoes with rosemary inside. Best steak marinade in existence View Recipe

Barbacoa cooking originated with cavemen when they began cooking over a wood fire. Steak marinade with soy sauce Caution: Traegering this pulled pork recipe will be utterly delicious–which may result in primal behaviors. Homemade steak marinade easy View Recipe

Make your house the Rib Crib with thse Smoky Sweet BBQ Ribs. Denver steak marinade These babies are soaked in apple juice, slathered in spices, and sopped with BBQ sauce for a caramelized tang with heated undertones of spice. Awesome steak marinade Traeger ribs may cause extreme satisfaction. Best steak tip marinade View Recipe

“Hatch” a plan to smoke this pork and green chili meal for your next summer BBQ. Steak marinade olive oil Smoked chilies have a heady deep spice that will add bad ass flavor to smoked pork. Marinade steak bbq You’re friends will fight for tongue-tingling seconds. Olive oil steak marinade View Recipe

Our wood-fired sausage hash recipe uses Jacobsen Salt Co.’s world famous Pure Kosher Sea Salt. Tenderloin steak marinade Serve this high-protein dish for breakfast, or dish it out for a side dish at the next potluck. Easy steak tip marinade View Recipe

Cheese enveloped in jalapenos, wrapped in bacon, encased in biscuits, that’s one hell of a snack food to fire-grill while the wife is out of town. Delicious steak marinade Invite the boys over, pop open some brews, and let these firecrackers light up your night. Steak marinade worcestershire View Recipe

Grillin’ up some goodies for the game? Make these South Carolina double wrapped pork twists for your fans. Quick easy steak marinade They’ll be gobbled up faster than a one-legged man can win a butt-kicking competition. Lemon steak marinade If the game’s on, it’s time to get your meat on. Steak marinade worcestershire sauce View Recipe

Life is not complete without a savory “Fatty” grilled on your Traeger. Steak tip marinade recipe It’s double sausage, jalapeno cream cheese, and roasted red peppers rolled up and topped with a weave of bacon. Allrecipes steak marinade Check out our Tips from the Pros on how to make a bacon weave. Best homemade steak marinade View Recipe

Make your neighbors wonder what you’re smokin’ over there that smells so good. Best quick steak marinade Just a little Traeger Salmon shake and a heap of baby back ribs and you can sit back all day grillin’ and chillin’. Steak recipe marinade They’re simple yet full of flavor, let Traeger do all the hard work. Steak marinade without worcestershire sauce View Recipe

Ask your butcher to “french” the bones (clean them of meat and gristle) and remove the chine bone for easier carving. Diy steak marinade A bone-in pork loin roast can be fall-off-the-bone tender when brined and roasted with sweet brown sugar and apple cider. Steak marinade with worcestershire View Recipe

Our homemade smoked bacon is cured for 8 days then saturated with flavorful apple hardwood smoke. Skirt steak marinade lime Devour by the strip, layer it on a BLT, or crumble it over ice cream. Pork steak marinade for grilling Any way you slice it, it tastes divine. Marinade for rump steak View Recipe

Pork loin, chicken, and bacon — it’s a finger lickin,’ triple threat for carnivores far and wide Load up your Traeger skewers and slide onto the bacon train, this pile of protein will start your week off right. Ribeye steak marinade for grilling View Recipe

Pork shank may be tricky to find but head to a true butcher shop and you’ll think you’re in hog heaven. Flank steak marinade soy sauce Mix dark beer with the braising liquid to add a rich, stout flavor. Best flank steak marinade ever With this recipe you’re safe from bitter beer face. Flank steak marinade honey View Recipe

Danny Venerus’ deliciously smoky pork tenderloin recipe dominated the bracketology to win the Hostmasters championship. Flank steak marinade lime There’s no better way to enjoy watching March Madness than serving up an award winning meat. T bone steak marinade recipe for grilling View Recipe

Pretty simple concept. Steak marinade soy sauce brown sugar Buffalo wings are delicious. Grilled flank steak marinade Pork Tenderloin is delicious. Grilled skirt steak marinade So, buffalo flavored pork tenderloin must be twice as nice. Ribeye steak marinade recipe This tenderloin could be the star of the show at your next tailgate. Tuna steak marinade without soy sauce View Recipe

These BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs taste ridiculously good – no wonder it’s our most downloaded recipe. Marinated steak tips Make these bad boys for your next get together, pair with your favorite beer, and watch them get devoured. Flank steak marinade for fajitas View Recipe

Diva Q’s pig candy is what you get when you cross a pig with some sweet confections. Marinate steak in coke This treat, which comes from Diva Q’s Barbecue cookbook, is great to keep in the refrigerator for snack time but will be hard keeping around for long. Simple steak marinades View Recipe

Traeger Cocoa-Encrusted Pork Tenderloin is your new wood-fired weakness, marinated in the bold taste of cocoa, and seared to juicy perfection. Marinade for steak kabobs They say, “go big or go home”, but we are going big and staying home, with a heaping helping of this on the Traeger tonight. Marinade for steak tacos View Recipe

When you sample spare ribs at a BBQ competition, take a page from the Pro’s and try to one-up your last backyard ribfest. Marinade for steak fajitas Every time you take to the Traeger it’s an enjoyable challenge to try to win the blue ribbon from friends and family. Flank steak marinade for tacos Make your house, the rib crib. Marinade for pork steaks View Recipe

Get your armor on, you’re going to have to stand guard over this coveted holiday ham. Best way to marinate a steak Apple Cider glaze makes it impossible to keep grubby little paws off of the Traeger-baked ham. Marinade for ribeye steaks on the grill Try to squirrel away some left-overs, sandwiches are sweet hogtastic the next day. Italian dressing steak marinade View Recipe

The more time you spend applying the glaze, the more time you’ll have to sip some Bourbon on the sly. Best marinade for flank steak Its not your fault that this ham is so big that it takes half a bottle of booze to glaze. Best way to marinate ribeye steak View Recipe

Smokin’ 101 is over, this recipe cures homemade bacon in true Master Chef style. Garlic butter steak marinade That cold smoker on the side of your Traeger allows you choose what wood pellet flavor you cure your bacon with. Marinating steak in beer Next time you need to wrap something in savory bacon, you’ve got it on hand. Marinated steak recipe View Recipe

Bursting with flavor and cherry wood-fired smoke, this sandwich is complemented by an apple mustard slaw worthy of the German sausage.?

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South American spices develop through a long marinade, giving the bird a rich color, before the chicken is smoked to poultry perfection on the Traeger.?

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This white fish from under the sea is seasoned with Jacobsen Sea Salt and lemon, then served with homemade tartar sauce.

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Smoked hamburger is stirred into a rich, flavorful tomato sauce on the grill. Ahi tuna steak marinade recipe You’ll never think of the Lunch Lady again after devouring these Traegered Sloppy Joes.?

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This is not your grandma’s Shepherd’s Pie — it’s been given an upgrade with Guinness beer and Traeger smoke.?

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