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Dessert or breakfast, either way you are going to love these simple and easy Chocolate Chip Muffins.

When I serve chocolate chips for breakfast my kids NEVER put up a fight. Cinnamon roll frosting without powdered sugar These soft and light Chocolate Chip Muffins are a hit with the entire family.

I’ve openly admitted it before I never been a big breakfast person.

Cinnamon roll icing powdered sugar Okay I’ll take that back, it’s not so much breakfast as it is mornings. Make cinnamon roll icing without powdered sugar Waking up early to cook … [Read more…] Baked French Toast Sticks This post may contain affiliate links.

Homemade french toast sticks baked right in your oven. How to make cinnamon roll icing with powdered sugar These Baked French Toast Sticks and simple to make a breakfast that your entire family will love.

Weekends are for big breakfast, cartoons, and lots of family time. Cinnamon roll recipe pillsbury biscuits I’ve honestly never been a big breakfast person but lately that has changed. Healthy cinnamon rolls recipe I’ve even been serving breakfast for dinner! Nothing beats a Saturday morning breakfast with the family. Apple cinnamon rolls recipe no yeast My favorite … [Read more…] Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins This post may contain affiliate links.

This soft and fluffy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins can be served as breakfast but so yummy it could easily pass as dessert!

Can we talk about how awesome peanut butter and chocolate are together. Healthy cinnamon roll recipe without yeast I mean it’s the perfect food combination ever. Easy homemade cinnamon roll recipe without yeast Why not add it to muffins and call it breakfast. Cinnamon roll recipe no yeast I’ll let you in on a little secret, my kids, they did not put up a fight eating these for … [Read more…] Pancake Recipe This post may contain affiliate links.

Pancakes are my family’s favorite breakfast! I’ve been making Pancake Recipe for years and this Pancake Recipe is my favorite! I even keep a homemade pancake mix on hand which makes breakfast super easy!

I probably make pancakes for the family at least once a week. Quick and easy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe My boys love them, I think my oldest son could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Can you blame him though? Fluffy carbs covered in syrup! I’m … [Read more…] Strawberry Banana Smoothie This post may contain affiliate links.

An easy breakfast or a healthy snack this Strawberry Banana Smoothie is perfect for either. Quick and easy cinnamon bun recipe no yeast Two of my favorite fruits blended up in one.

My kids are big smoothie fans. Quick and easy cinnamon roll recipe Even though my youngest hides in his room because the blender is to loud he still loves it when the blender is off and he can drink one! This smoothie is really simple to make just 5 simple ingredients you have a simple breakfast or healthy snack. Quick cinnamon roll icing recipe … [Read more…] White Chocolate Valentine’s Day Popcorn This post may contain affiliate links.

This simple to make White Chocolate Valentine’s Day Popcorn makes the perfect treat for the one you love or a gift for a special friend.

Valentines is one of my favorite holidays! I know it’s hallmark holiday but involves pink, chocolate, and the ones I love. Best cinnamon roll recipe ever I love making it special for not just my husband but also my kids. Best cinnamon roll recipe no yeast A pancake breakfast, a special homemade gift, and lots of chocolate. Best cinnamon roll recipe cinnabon They … [Read more…] Pepperoni Pizza Braid This post may contain affiliate links.

My family loves Pizza night and this Pepperoni Pizza Braid is perfect for family game night or a fun gathering with friends!

Pizza night is a weekly event in our house. Best cinnamon roll recipe with yeast My entire family loves pizza, but really who doesn’t! Since we eat it so often I love trying to make something new and different with out pizza. Best cinnamon roll recipe without yeast This was a recipe that I made several years ago for a girls night at church. Best cinnamon roll recipe alton brown I did several different pizzas … [Read more…] Pizza Mac and Cheese This post may contain affiliate links.

The perfect combination of two classic comfort foods. Quick homemade cinnamon rolls without yeast This Pizza Mac and Cheese is simple to make and going to wow!

Mac and Cheese is my oldest Son’s all time favorite food. Cinnamon roll recipe gooey His face light up when I told him that I was making Mac and Cheese for dinner. Easy cinnamon roll icing recipe My youngest on the other hand likes Mac and Cheese but his favorite is Pizza. Homemade cinnamon rolls recipe As you can gather this dinner was a HIT with both kids which makes the best mom ever, right?

I made homemade … [Read more…] Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese This post may contain affiliate links.

Nothing better then comfort food in your slow cooker! I love this recipe for Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese it’s my favorite way to make mac and cheese and comes out perfect every time!

My kids LOVE mac and cheese. Simple homemade cinnamon rolls recipe It’s the one meal they would never turn down. Fast easy cinnamon rolls recipe Can you blame them though? Carbs covered in cheese, it’s kinda amazing! I’ve made Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese several times in the past and even have updated … [Read more…] Baked Chicken Nuggets This post may contain affiliate links.

Your kids favorite food homemade with love. Easy homemade cinnamon buns recipe I love making these easy Baked Chicken Nuggets.

My kids, like most, really love chicken nuggets! They are always my back up when I want to make something spicy or a little more adventures for dinner. Homemade cinnamon rolls recipe no yeast I love making these Baked Chicken Nuggets and freezing them! This way when I’m in a pitch and need a quick lunch or dinner I have something on hand that I homemade.

And … [Read more…] Fruit Pizza Bagels This post may contain affiliate links.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. Fluffy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe and its advertiser. Best fluffy cinnamon rolls recipe All opinions are mine alone. Easy cinnamon roll recipe without milk #BetterBreakfast #CollectiveBias

These Fruit Pizza Bagels are my kids favorites. Homemade cinnamon rolls without milk We know everything is better on a bagel. Cinnamon roll recipe without milk I’ve been spending more time on Building a Better Breakfast; and with bagels, fruits, milk, and even a sneaky way to add some veggies to breakfast so I feel good about what I serve to my family. Light fluffy cinnamon rolls recipe … [Read more…] Creamy Mac and Cheese Casserole This post may contain affiliate links.

Today I want to share with you my son’s all time favorite! This Creamy Mac and Cheese Casserole is sure to please everyone in the family.

If I’m sure about one thing in life it’s my oldest son’s love for mac and cheese. Easy cinnamon bun recipe for kids It’s the one food that he will never turn down. Honey bun recipe from scratch This creamy mac and cheese casserole has to be my favorite way to do it!

Step by Step Directions Next: … [Read more…] Potato Chip Chicken Tenders This post may contain affiliate links.

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite ways to make homemade chicken tenders. Pillsbury cinnamon bun icing recipe These easy Potato Chip Chicken Tenders are sure to please the entire family!

I have two toddlers in the house which means we consume a lot of chicken tenders. Honey bun cake recipe from scratch I knew these Potato Chip Chicken Tenders would be a hit in my house. World’s best cinnamon bun recipe Don’t worry though that the chips may be to crunchy! I actually first put sour cream on … [Read more…] Baked Mac and Cheese Cups This post may contain affiliate links.

this post contains affiliate links, learn more about that here

Today I wanted to share with you a fun and new way to do mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese is my oldest sons all time favorite recipe. Honey bun glaze recipe I know most kids love mac and cheese so at his last birthday party we made these Baked Mac and Cheese Cups. Cinnamon bun cream cheese frosting recipe You can eat it with your hands and they taste so yummy!

Step by Step … [Read more…] S’mores Muddy Buddies This post may contain affiliate links.

Muddy buddies are my favorite. Large cinnamon bun recipe Could you think of any better then melted peanut butter, and chocolate! How about adding some marshmallows for S’mores Muddy Buddies.

My kids love marshmallow also know as mart-mellos. Chocolate bun recipe uk I have to hide them anytime I buy them for a dessert I plan on making. Cinnamon bun cake mix recipes Otherwise it’s constant “me mart-mellos peas” translated “Could I have some marshmallows please”. Pillsbury cinnamon bun cake mix recipes =)

Muddy buddies have always been a favorite of … [Read more…] Lemon Pepper Chicken Tenders This post may contain affiliate links.

Everyone loves a good chicken tender. Easy cinnamon bun recipe It was my favorite as a kid and my kids love them. Best cinnamon bun recipe I like to make mine homemade so I know what’s going into them and last week I made these yummy Lemon Pepper Chicken Tenders for dinner.

My in-laws came into town and I needed an easy recipe for dinner. Simple cinnamon bun recipe When I have out of town guests I want to cook them a great dinner, but I also want to visit with them and not spend all my time in the kitchen. Cinnamon bun dough recipe … [Read more…] Sloppy Joe Casserole This post may contain affiliate links.

I’m so glad you stopped by today, I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes. Quick cinnamon bun recipe My Sloppy Joe Casserole. Best cinnamon bun recipe in the world This really is go to recipe for guest and everyone enjoys it and ask for the recipe.

I’ve made this so many time for friends and family and every time someone ask me for the recipe. Cinnamon bun recipe from scratch It’s really so simple to make but something so many people love. Sticky cinnamon bun recipe It’s also the perfect meal for the freezer or to pass on to a friend in … [Read more…] Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza This post may contain affiliate links.

Sloppy Joe’s are a favorite in my house. Homemade cinnamon bun recipe We have ate it in many different forms, and today I want to share with you are Sloppy Joe French Bread Pizza.

Sloppy Joe’s was always one of my favorites as a kid. Quick and easy cinnamon bun recipe It never failed every time we ate Sloppy Joe’s growing up my dad had to tell his childhood story. The best cinnamon bun recipe His young friend Joe asked his mom what was for dinner, she replied with Sloppy Joe’s. Cinnamon bun filling recipe Joe’s brother … [Read more…] Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apple Sauce This post may contain affiliate links.

Today I want to share with you this simple snack that is good enough to be dessert! This yummy Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apple Sauce was such a treat.

I really LOVE my slow cooker. Cinnamon bun rolls recipe Just a few months ago it stopped working. Cinnabon cinnamon bun recipe Yep, dead. Quick easy cinnamon bun recipe I went on a long search for a great slow cooker. Fluffy cinnamon bun recipe I had just a basic one with just a high and low settings, but then finally found one that I love. Cinnamon bun recipe cinnabon Different settings, timer, even a thermometer (you can … [Read more…] Easter Peep Pudding Cup This post may contain affiliate links.

These Easter Peep Pudding Cup are Super simple snack but my kids LOVED it!

If you need a super easy, really fun, Easter dessert idea these peep pudding cups are going to be it! They where so easy to make and they turned out so cute. Healthy cinnamon bun recipe If you need a cute treat for an Easter party, school gathering, or Easter sunday school these would be a hit. Soft cinnamon bun recipe I grabbed a 4 pack pudding, some sprinkles, and bunny marshmallow peeps! Take the top off … [Read more…]

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