Knoebel’s adding its 64th ride this year business perfect temp to cook bacon in oven

ELYSBURG — the 64th ride at knoebels amusement resort is expected to debut for the parks 92nd season after an unexpected delay last year due to technical difficulties with the technology.

“over the top,” an orange and blue thrill ride, will reach more than 21 feet in height and provide riders with an over the top motion while standing and will send riders both clockwise and counterclockwise. It was originally set to debut in may 2017, but the programming wasn’t working, and the ride had to be sent back to the ride manufacturer, SBF-VISA based out of italy.

“we are cautiously optimistic for opening day. We are very optimistic for this year,” brian knoebel said. “are we a little bit embarrassed that it didn’t open in 2017? Of course we are. We want it right. That’s why we sent it back.”

Longtime visitors who ride over the top might recognize some characteristics of a former ride called the flying cages, parts of which can be seen in the knoebels history museum.Laser beams

that ride operated at knoebels from 1964 until the park’s handstamp building was constructed in 1986. A rider was challenged to shift their weight back and forth inside the cage, while standing, in an attempt to make the cage go ‘over the top.’

Though riders will not be tasked with propelling the new ride, the ‘over the top’ motion will be part of the rider experience, as will the fact that riders will be standing.

It is only the second ride of its kind ever created; the floor model at the industry expo in orlando is the only other one, according to stacy ososkie, the park’s public relations director.

“the brains, or software, is entirely different than the version with which it was created (allen-bradley versus siemens PLC),” said ososkie. “following installation and testing, we discovered that the program wasn’t what we had hoped for ride cycle length and consistency in the cycle.”

The reprogramming was taking place based on availability of the technicians, and remote programming was challenging based on the italy time difference, ososkie said.Laser beams

“we wanted to ensure that when the ride opens, it was not subject to being shut down to continue adjustments,” ososkie said. “we opted to not open it until it would provide our visitors with the same sensation as the flying cages. In the fall, it was shipped back to italy so that the manufacturer could work on it with ease throughout our entire off-season.”

Other new things to knoebels this year is new food: funnel cake toppings, fresh roasted corn on the cob, bacon on a stick with chocolate, pork with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes on a stick, beef brisket outlaw sandwich, craft soda, espresso and lattes, texas sized blts, fish tacos and loaded tri-taters.

Also, the off season always includes maintaining buildings, rides and infrastructure. This has included a complete cosmotron overhaul, extensive restoration for both the twister and phoenix roller coasters, cub cars recoating, new motor boats, fresh paint, new panels on the kiddie himalaya and a new bull wheel on the whipper.64th ride

“we are currently replacing the ceiling, and possibly going back to our roots,” brian knoebel said. “years ago, cosmotron had a planetarium-type show, and we got away from that. There have been discussions of bringing back that show.”

On opening day, the lazer maze at the lazer command building is being unveiled. The 225-square-foot room features laser beams from the walls with multiple missions, one of which is avoiding those laser beams, another breaking the laser beams and a third two-person mode.

Opening weekend is april 28-29, which will feature a BOGO ride-all-day pass special. Knoebels and the dark attraction and funhouse enthusiasts (DAFE) are kicking off the season with fundraisers for give kids the world, a non-profit resort in florida that provides weeklong, cost-free vacations to children with terminal illnesses and their families.

From 9:30 to 10:30 a.M. April 28, a waffles and ice cream breakfast fundraiser at the international food court will be held.Laser beams at 9:30 a.M. April 29, knoebels is auctioning off 12 walkthrough tours of the haunted mansion with the lights on. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the haunted mansion.