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700 grams rib eye steak, or any other well-marbled, tender cut

• Slice the beef as thinly as you can, then set aside in a large bowl. Easy steak fajitas crock pot Having frozen or cold beef makes the slicing easier.

• In a blender or food processor, blend the onion chunks, garlic, pear, spring onion pieces, brown sugar, pepper, soy sauce, and sesame oil until smooth.

• Pour the marinade over the beef, add the onions, then mix evenly.

Easy recipe for steak fajitas Cover with cling film and marinate for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

• Being careful not to crowd the pan, sear the marinated beef and onions until browned, then sprinkle with the spring onions and sesame seeds.

I recently watched Chef John’s video and he says that the pear is in fact an asian pear which contains an enzyme that helps tenderize the meat in the marinade.

I’m not sure if the pears common in the western world are as comparable for this, but I did find out that a kiwi can be substituted.

Pineapple juice contains the same (or similar) enzyme, but Asian pears also aren’t very difficult to find in the US. Recipe for salmon steaks baked in oven They’re also sold under the name “apple pear”. Steak and cheese pie recipe nz Both my Kroger and Walmart sell them, and I live in a shitty town with 30,000 people.

Just imagine where you live, but housing is cheaper and there is nothing to do other than crippling alcoholism, pill dependency, or church. Steak and cheese pie recipe Plenty of people pick more than one of the above options.

Does your small town have this problem too? Our local rednecks used to hang out in the Walmart parking lot, but the police eventually made them move. Cooking steak kabobs on the grill They now post up in the Lowe’s parking lot every night revving their stupid trucks from around 9pm to 1 am. Recipe for pork steak in crock pot Also trying to start fights and intimidate anyone that drives past them.

Not the person you’ve asked, but I’d say the biggest downside is lack of convenience. Recipe for salisbury steak in crock pot Stores you want to go to will likely be further away and have more restricted operating hours. Recipe for round steak in crock pot But if you don’t mind that it’s nice because traffic is never bad, it’s quieter, and you’re closer to nature. Recipe for swiss steak in crock pot Depending on how small the town is, it can also be like an everybody knows everybody and their business kind of thing.

I grew up in a town of 600 (I guess it’s technically a village) along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Recipe for cube steak in crock pot It’s nice and quiet and you can see the sky at night, you can shoot your guns in your back yard and nobody gives a shit, and neighbors are generally more close knit. Recipe for flank steak in crock pot The downsides include limited options for work, so a lot of people commute, and stores are more spread out. Recipe for round steak and mushrooms You can’t just walk to the store typically. Recipe for steak and mushroom pie My town had a Texaco gas station and a single stop light.

I’m from a place of about 1k people. Recipe for steak and mushroom sauce Was literally referred to as a Village on legal documents. Recipe for steak and mushroom pie with puff pastry It’s grown a bit since I left, but that’s because it’s located neared a huge city in my state. Recipes for pork steaks cooked in the oven We had one stop light (now we have two!) on the one major road that went through town. Steak taco recipe crock pot We did however have about 3 bars and two churchs on that same street.

I guess I consider myself lucky, 6,000 people, rural community and we grow them fairly frequently, usually can find them throughout the fall at various farm markets. Recipes for baking steak in the oven During the off season though, not so much.

I made this! Asian pears are easy to find, tho expensive. Recipe ideas for steak pieces It was a lot more tender than I was expecting, but still a little too chewy for my taste, and boy, howdy, it smoked like mad. Recipe for steak and kidney pie with puff pastry Next time, I’ll slice thinner, marinade for 3 hours instead of two, and drain the marinade before placing them on a cast iron griddle on the BBQ, or use the giant cast-iron wok over the gas clam boiler outside.

You can’t marinate for as long with a kiwi, though, because it will cause the meat to get mushy. Recipe for scottish steak pie with puff pastry Kiwi is great for a quick marinade, like under 1-2 hours. Recipe for steak and guinness pie with puff pastry Don’t do it overnight.

thank you for posting the gifv link! i’m on mobile and the source gif doesn’t work for me and the video has super annoying music. Philly cheesesteak egg rolls bopngrill i know you’re getting downvoted for posting it but just wanted to say thanks as a mobile user!

Edit: Jesus, the way a lot of people in this subreddit downvote shit they know nothing about is really fucked up.

Look who wrote the def. Steak sandwich jamie oliver 30 minute meals That definition was written by a Japanese person (probably a racist) who obviously knew it is a derogatory term used by Japanese to insult Koreans but did not disclosed the key info.

When I lived in korea, you ordered bulgogi and you got what was shown in the post. Recipe for steak and kidney pie gordon ramsay Best bulgogi I remember having (it was a while ago) was at lotte world.

You ordered bipimbap and got something with an egg, I don’t actually remember.

A blender isn’t needed at all, there are many ways to make the sauce for it that don’t need pears.

The core of it is soy sauce, sesame oil, and brown sugar to which you can add in more but if you have at least this much you can make it. Recipe for pepper steak pie filling That and the thin sliced beef and onion are what make the dish.

You’re not wrong. Recipe for steak and ale pie jamie oliver People are just stupid. Recipes for steak pieces I made the spicy pork bulgogi version of this the other day using a cheese grater to mush up the onions and the pears into my marinade. Recipe for steak and kidney pie with shortcrust pastry I used apples instead of pears and it worked great.

I typically use a semi frozen bottom round so I can get some really thin slices. Recipe for steak and ale pie with shortcrust pastry Also, if you have one, cook it on an indoor Korean grill, otherwise you can end up boiling the meat in the marinade.

The marinade plus the meat will crowd the pan, causing the temperature to drop but more importantly, with that much liquid in the pan the temperature will take far too long to get past the boiling point of the marinade. Recipe steak pie jamie oliver By simply cooking the beef in the pan in batches, the pan has a chance to cook off the water in the marinade quickly and the beef has a chance to brown.

It depends on the heat source. Recipe for steak and ale pie with puff pastry If you’re just doing this at home, no. Easy recipes with steak pieces the increased surface area is made of thin metal and the heat is just a run of the mill home burner, be it electric or gas (for Western homes, I should say). Chili recipe with steak pieces If you had a burner like an Asian restaurant (or Asian home/Eastern home) that’s purposely designed for a wok, yes, you could cook the whole recipe in one go — probably.

EDIT: I am not Korean, but this specific recipe for bulgogi is I think traditionally cooked on an indoor barbeque sort of grill, and not a wok. How to cut skirt steak for tacos End result is delicious either way, but you can see how the grill sort of takes care of the marinade issue in that you don’t really use it on the meat while cooking.

Oh! Just so I’m clear, your mom, and the wonderful Maangchi, would cook this all at once? That’s interesting, and I can see that they’d want a different outcome (no caramelization). Skirt steak tacos marinade I really need to strengthen my Korean food cookery background.

Yup. Recipe for braising steak in slow cooker My mother says it’s because browned/caramelized meat causes cancer. Recipe for chuck steak in slow cooker I also noticed that when I went to a Korean BBQ place with a Korean couple and their kid, they’d always snip off the browned bits with scissors before eating.

In terms of flavor, your way is right – bulgogi is a very traditional dish and the idea of caramelizing meat in small batches over high heat is a much more modern approach. Recipe for swiss steak in slow cooker It’s super tasty either way!

if you have one, cook it on an indoor Korean grill, otherwise you can end up boiling the meat in the marinade.

What I do is just throw the marinade and the beef in to the pan together, but continually drain off the marinade/juices as it cooks to keep the beef relatively dry in the pan.

Then, I take the marinade/juices that I’ve collected, and add it back in to the pan after I’ve removed the meat, reduce it a bit, and toss it with the cooked meat before serving.

One other thing is to make sure not to touch the meat too much, so that you get a nice char on the meat.

Yummmm FUCK this shit is so good. How to make steak pie gravy It makes for excellent tacos as well.

I bought a Lodge cast-iron griddle just to make bulgogi on the gas BBQ grill. How to make steak pie with puff pastry One side is smooth, the other has raised ridges. How to make steak pie in slow cooker My original plan was to use the ridged side, but I may just raise one edge by an inch or two with a rock on the grill.

Leave in the pear, it has an enzyme in it that acts as a tenderizer and is key to the dish. How to make steak pieces tender (Asian pears specifically, or alternatively I’ve heard of kiwi or pineapple, among others)

-Edit- oops the soda breaks down collagen too, so yes, sub out sugar and pear for soda!

Honestly any cheap cut of steak works great. How to make steak pie with sausage and puff pastry I would also suggest slicing against the grain for the most tenderness. How to cook steak pieces in a pan I was kind of confused by how they cut straight down.

You don’t have to. How to cook steak pieces I’ve used the marinade with ground beef for a quick weeknight dinner. How to cook steak pieces in the oven Just throw it in a bowl with some rice.

It’s best with ribeye, but you can use cheaper cuts too. How to cook steak pieces in slow cooker Slice them thin and marinate longer. How to cook steak pieces in gravy If you want to use something like chuck, go for 4 or more hours in the marinade.

I may try this with a 24 hour sous vide of chuck. Homemade steak pie with puff pastry I love the flavor of chuck, especially when I can get it to be tender.

I have a hard time doing anything with ribeyes other than grilling them to perfection over charcoal.

It seems like since you’re using a heavy marinade and adding a lot of flavors with sides, maybe you don’t need to go crazy with the meat. How to make steak and mushroom pie with puff pastry Obviously better is better, but if money is an object then I would probably use a cheaper cut?

You can also make a brothy version of bulgogi (named ddukbaegi bulgogi). How to make scottish steak pie with puff pastry Mix that marinade with equal parts anchovy broth (staple in any korean soup dish). How to make steak and kidney pie with puff pastry bring to a boil in a clay pot with vermicelli noodles added, makes a wonderful dish.

As a Korean, it’s actually true. How to make scottish steak pie in slow cooker The ingredients in America are cheaper and more readily available, which is why Koreatown has the best Korean food in the world. Recipe steak and kidney pie with puff pastry My cousins from Korea came and told me that is the general consensus in the motherland too, and after trying the food here they agree. Steak pie with puff pastry top and bottom Just so yall know.

My mom, who lives in rural Ohio, is obsessed with bulgogi beef and pork since Ive made it for her a few times when visiting. Steak pie with puff pastry The most ethnic thing in her grocery store is Tapatio, so she’ll be pleased with this.

I use kiwi instead of pear and it actually has enzymes in it that make the meat extra tender by breaking down the colagens. How to cook steak pieces tender That way I can just use a cheap cut like sirloin.

Get yourself a whetstone and sharpen at home. Meat and potatoes steakhouse I’ve turned cheap Farberware knives into razors with mine. Crab meat and steak recipes Also, freezing the meat a little before hand helps in making better cuts.

My two cents: I don’t think it needs to be turned into a paste in a food processor like that, and I think you’d be better off marinating it overnight or all day, if you really wanted it to taste authentic. Steak and shake meat Still this is a good recipe that miraculously manages to avoid adding cream cheese like everything else in this sub.

Yeah that’s a pretty important part of the marinade. Steak and shake meat quality I also like to grate the onion in, and avoid the peak – it improves the flavor absorption and I feel like it helps tenderise the meat more.

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