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Korean Spicy Dried Squid Recipe or Ojingeochae Muchim (???? ??) is one of the most popular banchan in Korean cuisine. Quick mexican vegetarian recipes Especially in dosiraks (Korean bento lunchbox). Authentic mexican vegetarian recipes It is also my daughter’s most favorite side dish. Healthy mexican vegetarian recipes Recently, my good friend and best blog follower Judith asked me to post this spicy dried squid recipe.

Easy mexican vegetarian recipes She told me that she wanted to make ojingeochae muchim but said if I was going to post a recipe soon, she was willing to WAIT even though she already bought the ojingeochae. Best mexican vegetarian recipes Well, Judith, although a bit late, this is for you. Traditional italian foods recipes Oh and this is also for my daughter for later, when she decides to make it. Authentic italian vegetarian recipes ??

Ojingeochae Muchim is sometimes also called Ojingeochae Bokkeum (???? ??). Simple italian vegetarian recipes For your reference, the difference between muchim and bokkeum is that muchim means to toss and coat with seasoning and bokkeum means sauteed or pan-fried. Everyday italian vegetarian recipes And I guess it is called by both names because this spicy dried squid recipe includes both cooking methods – it is first tossed in gochujang sauce (muchim) and then quickly pan-fried (bokkeum). Easy italian vegetarian recipes Ojingeochae (????) literally means ‘julienned squid’ but it somehow always refers to dried squid that is seasoned and cut into thin strips not fresh ones.

Note that these dried squid strips already come seasoned in packages which is great to eat straight from the bag as snacks or with beer! But it often contain MSG, so beware of that if you are allergic to MSG.

When I think back, I think about how, many years ago when I was in school, many of my American friends gave me puzzling looks and questions when I talked about Koreans eating squid. Best italian vegetarian recipes They would say things like –

“What??? You eat squid?? Those sea creatures that look slimy with many legs??? You really eat them??”

But now, thanks to the Italians (calamari) and Japanese (ika), most people seem to be quite comfortable with eating squid. German wedding cake recipes BTW, calamari and squid are actually different – see my post on Ojingeo Bokkeum for more info on nutrition and a recipe using fresh squid.

Still, dried squid is not as well known in the US. Easy mexican vegetable recipes It is kind of an acquired taste because the dried squid has a stronger and more concentrated flavor than fresh squids. Authentic mexican vegetable recipes But once you get over the stinky smell, they are sooo good. German food easy recipes The dried squid also goes great with beer so try that sometime!!

Because dried squid is quite hard and chewy, Korean moms (my generation) sometimes gave a strip of dried squid to their babies who were teething (just like you give rawhide to puppies to chew HAHAHA). Mexican breakfast recipes chilaquiles The salty umami flavor and the texture keeps them entertained for quite a while. Mexican breakfast recipes eggs Of course, you do have to make sure they don’t choke on it so they have to be constantly watched and it should be taken away once they start to look soft and they can actually bite it off. Mexican breakfast recipes I’m NOT recommending this at all for today’s ever-so-careful young parents but I’m just saying that’s what our moms did in the old days when they had 5+ kids…

Now, on to our recipe – Korean Spicy Dried Squid Recipe (Ojingeochae Muchim)

• Boil hot water (about 2 cups). Mexican breakfast recipes huevos rancheros Put squid in a metal colander or sieve. Free mexican recipes with pictures Gently pour hot water over the dried squid strips. Authentic mexican recipes with pictures This process softens the squid but also removes some of the seasoning, making it less salty. Easy mexican recipes with pictures Skip this step if you prefer chewy ojingeochae. Italian recipes cookies If you do skip, also remember to use less soy sauce.

• Mix in 1 tsp of mayonnaise. Indian recipes cookies Also, if you are using corn syrup, this time is when you will be adding it also. Japanese cuisine recipes with pictures Adding mayonnaise is optional. Best recipes cooks illustrated It does kind of round out the seasoning and also keeps everything more moist but flavor wise, it is really not that noticeable in my opinion.

Most popular Korean side dish for dosirak (lunchbox) and for everyday meals. Easy italian recipes with pictures The spicy and sweet gochujang sauce is quite addicting when paired with the salty, chewy dried squid. Authentic italian recipes with pictures Easy to prepare and keeps well up to weeks in fridge.

• Boil hot water (about 2 cups). Mexican recipes for cookies Put squid in a metal colander or sieve. The best mexican recipes cookbook Gently pour hot water over the dried squid strips. Authentic mexican recipes cookbook This process softens the squid but also removes some of the seasoning, making it less salty. Mexican themed dinner party recipes Skip this step if you prefer chewy ojingeochae. Best dinner recipes for two If you do skip, also remember to use less soy sauce.

• Mix gochujang, gochukaru, sake, soy sauce, sugar, garlic powder and maple syrup to make seasoning for dried squid recipe.

• Heat pan on medium low heat and simmer the seasoning sauce for 2 minutes. Chinese dinner recipes for two Stir a few times. Italian dinner recipes for two We don’t want to reduce the sauce, just cook the raw taste out of it.

• Turn heat to LOW. Best italian dinner party recipes Toss and mix dried squid strips with the sauce. Easy italian dinner party recipes Mix until squid strips are evenly coated. Best dinner recipes with ground beef Turn OFF heat.

• Most spicy Korean dried squid recipes and many Korean side dish recipes use corn syrup. Traditional peruvian christmas recipes Most recipes use it because that is what Koreans have used for many years. Easy mexican dessert recipes with pictures Also they say you need to use corn syrup because it adds a sheen to it. Authentic mexican food recipes with pictures It is also cheap. French recipes cookies But I stopped using it for health reasons and I find maple syrup does the job wonderfully. French cuisine recipes with pictures Corn syrup is also problematic because adding it at the wrong time can make everything become rock hard. Everyday italian recipes cooking channel So if you are going to use corn syrup in Korean side dishes, always add it at the very end and turn OFF heat right after or just add after heat is off. Best recipes for cookies in a jar On the other hand, maple syrup never hardens, no matter when you add it so that’s also a plus.

• You can store ojingeochae muchim in the fridge and it will store for many days, even weeks.

• Use ojingeochae muchim inside rice balls or kimbap. Italian recipes for cookies They make great stuffing for them.

Well, hope you get to make some – it will be a great banchan to have anytime!

PS – I have added ojingeochae to my store if you need to buy online. Easy italian cookie recipes with pictures It’s under Dried Foods category.

Having too much fun with your site today! My aunt always picks up squid for me when she and my grandmother visit the asian food store. Easy italian dessert recipes with pictures I like eating it straight out of the bag, but now I want to try this!

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