La table de nana_ remembering paris~

I have wanted to stop into this local bakery to try their croissants..Jacques said:”Not flaky like in Paris”.True.

We had a patisserie just below our accomodations..that was right above a went from peace and boisterous and street partying a couple of nights during Euro-2016.. Quick lasagna recipe without cottage cheese pas du tout “funny”~;)

A tiny walk to rue Cler..we were the next street.I loved that area..if ever we went back it would be there or Montmartre..¦

I am here to tell you that this is much more like a MOIST delicious cake w/ a memorable sauce.

Jacques loves Pouding Chomeur..which is again more like a cake..cooked in syrup..but I think he loves this one even more.

And me? believe it or not..I could eat a whole piece.DECADENT deliciousness.

How did I find it ? 2006..I have kept almost all my LCBO Food and Drink magazines..time to let little by little..I am going through them..quite quickly..and whatever catches my eye..knowing someone in my family will love it..I tear the recipes out and keep..this was in one of them..

I used a 7×7 square springform pan and it was just the right line w/ parchment as the batter can seep out.I think I had to bake mine a tad the toothpick test..keep the extra sauce in the fridge and warm up for every piece.Micro will do it.

I remember that place in Montmarte. Lasagna cottage cheese or ricotta Hasn’t changed.

Lasagna recipe cottage cheese and ricotta Nice old part of Paris. Easy slow cooker lasagna with cottage cheese I lovvvve croissants but have never made them. Crockpot lasagna with cottage cheese Nor have I ever tasted sticky toffee pudding, but I know I would love it too. Simple lasagna recipe no cottage cheese And, I just love that impasto. Simple lasagna recipe cottage cheese Isn’t it fun to do? Reply Delete

Soon to depart and take dear little Bo who stayed with us last night and exchange him for his two big brothers who will stay with us tonight while Lindsay and Bob are in Minneapolis celebrating his birthday 🙂 I would love to taste a croissant in Paris but the sticky toffee pudding will have to do. Easy lasagna recipe without cottage or ricotta cheese Love a great reco! Also love your impasta – LOL. Easy lasagna recipe without ricotta or cottage cheese Did you use oils to make it? Both paintings are lovely. Healthy turkey lasagna with cottage cheese Brrr here too – warmer this week. Vegetable lasagna recipe with cottage cheese I’ll be ready for another vacay after this weekend 🙂 Reply Delete

Paris has so many wonderful memories, there’s so many wonderful places to stay and wander! Love those markets, brought back delightful memories. Spaghetti squash lasagna cottage cheese There are no croissants like the ones in Paris, well anywhere in France actually! Now you have me wanting to go back! Reply Delete

I guess a visit back to Paris is a must! I remember their rich desserts and wonderful croissants. How to make lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese Sticky Toffee Pudding is a lovely dessert and pretty easy to make. Lasagna recipe no boil noodles cottage cheese So glad to hear you are loving your paints and brushes. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese spinach Happy weekend. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese ricotta Reply Delete

And a lovely lovely Sunday to you..I thought of you yesterday..I must have touched the control key on my PC while using the blog was MINUSCULE..I was concerned to say the least..kept dawned on me to almost got a pleading email:) Delete

Monique, the croissants in France are the best. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese I always treat myself to one on the ferry going over and it is heaven. How to make lasagna with ricotta and cottage cheese Todd and I keep saying we must go to Paris for the weekend and it is on our bucket list. Lasagna ricotta and cottage cheese What to do with the dog though . . . Lasagna ricotta and cottage cheese mixture that holds us back. Meat lasagna recipe cottage cheese Your pudding looks tres delicieux! Mr T would really enjoy! Also on my bucket list! lol Your brushes, your paintings, all wow. Can you make lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese I wish I thought of photographing my brushes, but then you would all see my messy desk. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese oven ready noodles no can do, lol again. Traditional lasagna recipe with cottage cheese Love and hugs and Bon Weekend! xoxo Reply Delete

Your paintings are filled with springtime! So lovely. Slow cooker lasagna with cottage cheese The Sticky Toffe Pudding looks like it would be good on a chilly day. Can you make lasagna without cottage cheese Stay warm – spring isn’t so far away?? Reply Delete

I’m sure I would love both the Parisian croissants and your sticky pudding! And, I love your painting and PHOTOS, as always. Lasagna cottage cheese ricotta recipe So beautiful! Brushes. Lasagna without cottage cheese or ricotta Yes, there are definitely favorites. Crockpot lasagna with cottage cheese and spinach 😉 The fireplace, glass of wine and good book sound perfect. Lasagna recipe ricotta and cottage cheese blessings and hugs ~ tanna Reply Delete

Dearest Nanaa I’ll test that fabulous receip of sticky toffe pudding which seems to be ease to bake. Easy lasagna no ricotta or cottage cheese Thank you for sharing.

When in Paris I always stay at Le Marais, one of the most tipycal quartier in Paris. Can i make lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese Have you ever been there? If not, you should try!

Unfortunately it was on our itinerary that Jacques did for us for the 7 days..but unfortunately we had a couple of mishaps and had to take things off..:(

I love your impasta as it reminds me of Monet’s garden when we were there in early spring years back. Meat lasagna cottage cheese There is nothing better than a flaky croissant but would you believe the best one I ever had was in Munich. Slow cooker lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese It was from a little bakery across the street from a small hotel we were staying at. Quick lasagna recipe cottage cheese I’ve pinned your sticky toffee pudding, it looks so good. Lasagna cottage cheese ricotta Reply Delete

A journey into a mother/daughter realtionship and getting a 23 room home in order after her passing..

beautiful beautiful paintings that you did, love that you did two different techniques. Can i use cottage cheese instead of ricotta in lasagna and those croissants sure do look pretty too.

Hope you have warmer weather heading your way, but it sure does sound really nice to read a book by the warm fire 🙂

Kind of funny—-Bill and I were talking at the breakfast table this morning about the delicious croissants with butter and orange marmalade we had lots of mornings in Paris and around the rest of France. Lasagna without cottage or ricotta cheese They were the best and I’ve never had one as good as them since. Mexican lasagna with cottage cheese Your painting is very nice! Reply Delete

Everything in this post makes my heart sing! The Paris photos, lovely treats, paints and brushes. Meatless lasagna with cottage cheese Biggest sigh! If I get back to Paris I need to check with you on that hotel! My kind of neighborhood!

How I’ve missed your blog! I am finally back home, oh how I missed it too. Eggplant lasagna with cottage cheese I love your impasta, hahaha! Love the juicy watercolor with the paint tube treasures. Lasagna recipe without ricotta or cottage cheese I think of Paris and France every March because that was the month during which I usually went there. Chicken lasagna with cottage cheese It’s like it’s in my blood…I love the portrait of the brushes, love the Montmarte scene…Weather here changeable too, but it always is in March…Rain today… Mexican lasagna with noodles and cottage cheese Reply Delete

Ah ! l’atmosphere de Montmartre ne peut que m’emouvoir !… Skillet lasagna recipe with cottage cheese Je suis certaine que vous avez ressenti ce petit je ne sais quoi de si particulier ici ! Une sorte d’ecrin pour artistes !

J’aime beaucoup votre petite aquarelle pleine de fraicheur et de couleurs acidulees semblables a des bonbons.

Si un jour nous pouvions nous rencontrer a Montmartre, je vous ferai decouvrir une patisserie ou l’on peut deguster des petits pains framboise/chocolat ou pistache/chocolat… Homemade lasagna with ricotta and cottage cheese Hum fabuleux !

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